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Back from St. Augustine

visiting with my oldest daughter and celebrating her 33rd birthday!! Wow, I'm getting Hope to get back to crafting soon. Hope everyone is well. Blessings, Deborah

"Breathing" newest painting

So, I'm still teaching myself how to paint. I love crafts but I started seeing whimsical painting that I liked and wanted to try it my self. I had a piece of hardwood flooring that my son had given me to do crafts, and I cam up with this.

She is in a quite moment of solitude....surrounded my tall stalks of bamboo...and somehow when I took the pic it chopped off the sun.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Blessings, Deborah

Happy Mothers Day

I wanted to take this time to tell all my blogging friends and crafters out there....Happy Mothers Day. I have the BEST weekend so far. My fibromyalgia has held off, and I feel pretty good. Working on painting projects. My daughter Katelyn and her girlfriend Christy cooked a marvelous meal for both Christy's mom and myself last night. My daughter presented me with a gorgeous necklace from The Hallmark Collection that has a tree on the front and inscribed on the back it says: Family is Nature's Masterpiece! And then this morning, she gave me Adelle's CD 21, which I had so been wanting. And tonight we are celebrating Mothers Day and my father's 81st birthday at my parents home with all family gathers. I feel so blessed. I hope each of you take a moment today for yourselves and just breathe in the Love around you. Blessings, Deborah

Fibromyalgia.....has been a rough week

This week had been rough. Not only do I have metal in my body from a previous injury, I also have Chronic Fibromyalgia. Herniated discs in my neck and lumbar region of my back cause alot of pain and tingling in my hands, which prevents me from crafting. Then when the fibro flairs up, well, it can make things ...not pleasant. But, today has been better. Today is my Daddy's 81st birthday, and I plan on helping him celebrate. I hope to have some new crafts to post next week. Blessings, Deborah

Fun for my Front Yard

Well, I have had this old welcome sign and little gnome in my yard, but they BOTH needed face lifts. So, I painted them, and made them happy again. And, while I was doing that I thought, Wow, I love bright directions signs like you see at the beach. So, I had some small pieces of woods from a project, and well, look for yourself. I had a lot of fun doing this today. Blessings, Deborah

Networked Blog Button

Hi Folks, I now have a Networked Blog Button, and I need all my followers to Network Me!! Trying to get more followers. Thanks everyone. Blessings, Deborah