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Are Ya "Ready for Sum Football"!! In Honor of KATY B!!

Happy Friday Everyone,

Yes, I'm a Woman who Loves College Football!!! When I was growing up, it was my Mom, Katy, who started me on the path of loving football. My Daddy, Dick, was a lawyer, and when Friday's rolled around, he left the house and went to his "river house"...where he could hunt, fish, and relax. Little did he know that back at home....we were "throwing down".....eating red-velvet cake...who my Mom made for "puppy love boyfriend" who would come to the house every Saturday and watch football with us!

I grew up watching the greats of college football....Mike Singletary, John Hannah, Roger Staubach,  Johnny Muso, and of course....Herschel Walker from GEORGIA!!! Give the BALL TO HERSCHEL!!! I still yell that at the tv when my DAWGS are playing!!

So, every year when Football Season starts I deck out....signs, shirts, jewelry, and of course, my UGA by the, I wanted to deck out my blog in Bulldog colors and share my love of footbal…

SQUARED exclusively by ME!!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

So, as some of you know, as I have posted pics before, I'm making purses out of burlap! I love the stuff! I can't help myself....I think it comes from when I used to own my coffee shops and coffee companies would send me some of their left-over huge burlap coffee bags. I would hang them all around the walls in the shop, and it gave the place a very unique feel.

And, being the Purse Queen in my family.....I mean I literally run to the purse section of any store I enter! Being that I can not afford a new purse every time the urge hits, I decided to combine my title of Purse Queen with my love of burlap.

With that in mind, I got my hands on every piece of burlap I could the glue gun, yes, I said glue I have no sewing machine....but do have a heavy duty glue gun.....very strong glue....and well, SQUARED was born! I hope to continue making these unique, burlap, square purse/totes which are wonderful for using as a purse or a tote bag for t…

Re-Working The Past!

Happy Hump Day Evening to Everyone,

Wow, again it has been a while since I posted....but, spending time with my family and dealing with my horrible Fibromyalgia.....and Peripheral Neuropathy in my hands, arms, and feet has also been a New Big Thingy added to the "pool of life"....BUT, that is okay....I'm glad to be back!

So, cleaning out my craft closet and cabinet, I found two necklaces I had made a while back and decided to re-work them. I added a crystal heart toggle clasp to both of them. I added more beautiful, sumptuous clumps of red coral on the white turquoise necklace....which just sets it off GRANDLY!

And, then, on the the square chunk turquoise necklace I added more silver beads....and I think they are both beautiful!

I wish I could have had my sister take the pics, as her camera is so much better than mine....but, I hope you can see the details.....

Hope you enjoy...

Gosh, I've Missed Everybody!

Happy Monday Everybody,
Gosh, I feel like I have not posted in FOREVER! But, I have been trying to rein in my Fibromyaglia......spending time with my family......working in my garden......and basically taking care of me for awhile. I haven't painted......have made no purses....nor any jewelry.....just reading some great books.....watching some tv....enjoying my grandson......taking it easy.
My new doctor has me on a new regime of meds for the fibro and so far so good.....but, still have alot of residual break-through pain and numbness in my arms, but slowly getting better.
BUT, while taking this time to myself, I have been thinking of more ideas I want to pursue, so I hope to start on a few things tomorrow and hope to be back to my smiling self.....
AND, as you can see from the shirt I have on in the is almost time for some GEORGIA BULLDOG FOOTBALL!!