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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Funny and Silly Painted Rocks!

Happy Hump Day....

Well I don't know about how the weather is where you live but down here deep in rural Southern Georgia.....it is HOT!!! Staying inside and just "puttering" around the house.....I had plans with one of my daughters but those plans fell through, and thought, what can I work on today?

My neighbor and I had recently added a small rock garden in our mutual flower bed. I need to take some pics of that and will later on, but while standing outside this morning and gazing at all the pretty white rocks.....I said to myself...Self.....we have never painted on rocks why don't we give it a try.

So I picked 5 rocks and brought them inside and started painting....now, that is of course after I washed them off very well. I wasn't sure what I was going to paint, but they all got painted.....let them set in the hot sun and they dried quickly....sprayed them with some sealant I had on hand, and now I have some funny painted rocks:

Now these are my first ones, and I really need bigger rocks like river rocks....flat and smooth. If I was still living up in North Georgia i could find them everywhere....and all Lowe's has is bags of this size.....but I'm going to keep trying......who knows what I will paint next?



Monday, June 23, 2014

Dreaming of Coffee!!

Happy Monday Everyone....

I had a glorious weekend celebrating my beautiful granddaughter's 3rd birthday! My what a huge time we all had.....and so Blessed that my sweet Daddy....GDaddy for great granddaddy was again able to be with us and witness such a special day.

Over the weekend I also finished another one of my funny whimsical, folksy paintings. I have a friend who still lives down on the coast of South Georgia on one of our beautiful Golden Isles and she loves coffee as much as I do. Every morning she post to my Facebook page a funny coffee picture and I know sometimes my other friends say...what is it with Deborah and her coffee.

Well you see I'm addicted to coffee....plain and simple.....as I've shared before....I've been clean and sober from my drugs of choice for years...but I do smoke occasionally...yes I know I need to stop...but hey I'm being honest with you my friends.....but don't ever ask me to give up my JAVA. I sometimes lay in bed at night thinking how nice it will be to awake the next morning and smell the coffee. As I've mentioned before...I use to own a coffee shop down on St. Simon's Island and grew to love it even more. But my love of coffee goes way back....i can so remember my Granddaddy Minchew who lived on a farm...pouring his coffee into a huge saucer and slurping it down....or on those special times when my Daddy would take me to the local news stand with all the men sat and discussed business before they went to work....and seeing all of them sitting around with big white mugs in their hands....or my Mom, who loves coffee as much as I do wrapping her hands around that cup of "blessed brew" to help give her that kick start to get herself going again for another day of taking care of my Daddy....

Anyway, I was watching TV the other night and saw a coffee commercial and thought of a cute idea for a painting. So here she is......The Coffee Dreamer.....

Yes all my family and close friends....even my precious Odawg knows....do not talk to Mom before that first cup!

Blessings to you all,


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Girls With Junk in Their Trunk!!

Greetings everyone on this drizzly Wednesday evening,

Wow, I think I have been gone forever....but, took some much needed time off for myself and for family. So, I have not painted anything whimsical, funny, colorful for a while, and thought I would start off with something near and dear to my heart! Well, not really, because my but is a long ways from my heart....lol...but, after years of thinking I know I can fit into that white bikini I had the year I graduated from high school, and finally realizing that after 3 children and many moons later, that wasn't going to happen...I embraced my figure.

I've shared Ms. Lucy with you before...she is my alter ego who can get into trouble and I do not have too and "lawd does Ms. Lucy have junk in her trunk"! It is also beach time and although I do not wear a two piece anymore, I love the beach! I can head to St. Simon's Island, which is just a beautiful island on the coast of Georgia, and I get to the causeway that crosses the intra-coastal waterway and that first smell of the salt marsh sends me over the edge....

so, with us "big bottom" girls and the beach in mind......

These are not the best I done, but, I'm just getting started back in the swing of painting, so we, will see what else I can come up with.....and, yes, that feeling of finally sitting on the beach is wonderful!

So, Ms. Lucy and I say Goodnight.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hi, I'm Deborah and I'm a Addict!

Hi Everybody, 

You might think that this post will be about my addiction's to crafts and such things, but, no, this post is truly about addiction. I've had things happen in this past couple months that have knocked me for loops! So, as I've been doing for about 27 years, let me start this meeting as I've done many times:

Hi, I'm Deborah and I'm an addict. 27 years ago after being in a marriage with an abusive spouse, I thought that the only way to handle my crying.....my black moods.....my general unhappiness with life was to go to the doctor and get something. So, it was easy the first time to go and get a script for Valium. That made me feel better, but, I' was eating all the day....fueling my depression. Then, I went to the doctor to help me get something to curb my eating. Then before I knew it I was walking around with a purse full of prescriptions from and taking pills 24 hours a day! I didn't think anything was wrong with what I was doing because it wasn't like I was riding around with cocaine....or pounds of pot.....no, these were pills from the doctor, although I had gone to many doctors by this time.

Then, one day, I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and did not like what i saw or how I felt, and I went and through every pill in my purse in the trash. Now, did all my problems go away when I stopped abusing my medication? NO!! I went through two marriages....my children being abused.....losing my business.....and being involved for 10 years with a man that was a drug addict and I tried to save him! Yea, that didn't work out either. It took a accident which disabled me and me and my children moving back to my sleepy little hometown. I had to humble myself and loose everything I had....but, I didn't loose my life. I still had my family,  but, through it all I never went back to my pill addiction.

Just this past week, I found out that my life long friend of 36 was in an assisted living facility due to brain diminished capacity because of lesions on her brain due to years of drug addiction. Her drug of choice was pills. She is not the same loving, caring, giggly, funny person that she use to be. I was heartbroken that this woman had followed down the same path as me, but for some reason she wasn't strong enough to stop the insanity in her life.

My heart was broken! This friend and I have known each other so long....she is my oldest daughter's God Mother. Oh, the good times we have had. I remember the last time that I had seen her which was almost 2 years ago.....the signs were there.....and I think that deep down in my heart I knew she had a problem, but, I ignored it. 

I felt I had to share this with you.....one of the things that  I have learned in recovery is there is help out there...you just have to ask. It can be as simple as calling a hot line.....most towns have  number's listed for Alcoholic and Narcotic Anonymous hot lines, or some groups advertise small ads in the local newspapers for those that still read a printed paper, and, of course, you can find numbers and information online. There is always someone in recovery that are willing to help you take that first step. Please do not believe it can't happen to you, as I know my dear friend never believed it would happen to her....and seeing and knowing that the spark is gone from her life and she is just existing....well, again I say my heart is broken. 

So, with all this said....

Thanks for letting me share,