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I have a GRAB BUTTON!!!

Well, I finally broke down and tried to do a Grab Button!! Still working on it....but WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO GRAB ME!!   Blessings, Deborah


Can any other bloggers tell me whether they use Ad-Sense. Is it worth it? Does it help? I was considering signing up for it, but thought I should check with some others. Thanks and Blessings, Deborah

Great Place for CRAFTERS and ARTIST

Wanted to share this link with everyone. This is a great place for crafters and artists to display their wares....I've sold some of my jewelry there before. Palm Coast Coffee is a wonderful place....use to live on St. Simons Island and miss this place greatly. So, check them out.
I will be going this weekend....would love to see ya there!. Blessings, Deborah

Hand painting or Spray Painting????

All of you experts out there, I need advice. I have a couple pieces I want to paint. One will be a night stand, there other my dresser. There are you out there that have done much more of this than I have.....what is your preference? What do you have better results with? Does it matter the size. Advice, Please. Blessings, Deborah

Old Wooden Window Re-Do!!

I just love old wooden windows. There are so many things you can do with them. I've seen some beautiful designs from some great artists. As I've said before, I'm not an artist, but I do try to have fun. So, with one of my old windows, I painted one of my favorite beach/summertime sayings. I hope you enjoy it. The saying is..."May you always have a shell in your pocket, and sand in your shoes". Blessings, Deborah

My Winner's Wine Glass!

Recently I did a Give A Way on my Facebook page to help me reach a 100 Likes!! And the winner was Vala Fisher from Alabama. Here is her winning wine glass...

I hope you like it. Tell me what you think of it! I will be posting a pic of Vala with the glass very soon. I would love to do a Give A Way here on the blog to get more Followers. Blessings, Deborah

PINTEREST???? Help Me Folks!

Okay, fellow crafters, junkers, EVERYONE, someone please  explain to me about Pinterest. I went to the site....and maybe my blond is showing through the red...but what is this place? Do you buy and sell on this site? Do you just post original ideas that  you have? I asked for an I figured I  would ask from all you other brilliant folks out there to give me a lesson in Pinterest 101.  Help a "newbie please". Blessings, Deborah

New Tropical Signs & HAPPY SUNDAY!!

I hope everyone woke this morning thankful for the day they had been given, and feeling Blessed!! Ok, so I have told ya'll before, I'm not an artist, but I LOVE TRYING!!! So, I have some pieces of old paneling around the house and decided to give a try at painting something tropical and fun! So, the first one is for my sisters and mother and myself....because WE THINK WE ARE DIVAS!!
And the second on is just something fun I did.
Like I said....not an artist.....but kinda wishing I could be sitting right there on the beach. The sign on the little house says: Deb's Shak!! Love it!!  Blessings, Deborah

Tried My Hand At Coloring Mason Jars

Well, I have done a few colored mason isn't as easy as I thought!! But so far so good. I want to try some different colors this weekend. What do you think of these.....

South Georgia Pinecone Easter Tree!!!

Yes, we grow them HUGE down here in rural South Georgia. Huge Pinecones!!!  So, here is the deal...budget kinda tight right now....couldn't really go "junkin" but needed my crafting I was looking at the pinecones and thought...well, you have made them into table toppers for Christmas, why not Easter. So, I made a blue one for my adopted grandson, and one for my Mom's birthday this week. So here they are.... Blessings, Deborah

It is Tuesday, and I'm working on a wine glass

for the winner of my Facebook page contest. I LOVE doing the wine glasses with my cute women faces on them. I have also started doing some with phrases on them also. I also spent most of the morning cleaning and getting everything in my craft room straight!! Whew!!! Also, have a couple wooden windows I'm working on, and have a couple necklaces to finish!! OMG!!!! Tooooo many projects. I hope to post some new pics soon. I hope everyone has a great day!. Blessings, Deborah

VALA first contest winner

Vala Fisher from Eufaula Alabama is the winner of my Facebook page contest. I will be doing a custom painted wine glass of her from my DIVA collection. I will be posing pics of it when through. And LOTS of other things I'm working on. I hope everyone has a great Sunday and BRIGHT BLESSINGS today.....Deborah

Give a Way Ends at 6AM EST in the morning

My give a way ends at 6 am est in the morning on my Facebook page.  If you haven't entered still have time. Go to my Facebook page which you can get to using the FB badge on the right. Like the page and leave me a comment . And tomorrow at noon I will announce the winner. Have a great Saturday night. Blessings, Deborah

WOW!!! My first give a way started!!

Good Friday morning....well, my first give a way started on my Facebook page. You still have time to go to my fb the page and leave me a comment.  Rules are posted on my fb page to win a custom painted "DIVA" wine glass just for you. Ive been working on several things this week and hope to post pics over the weekend. And, please, I need more followers on my blog.....share me please. Blessings, Deborah

Rules for my Give A Way on Facebook!!

Okay, folks, I finally reached a 100 Likes on my Facebook Page, and I said when I did I would give a way a custom painted "Diva" wine glass. Okay, here are the rules. If you haven't already checked out my Facebook page, go to the right and check it out. Starting at 6AM EST tomorrow...Friday morning...all you have to do is leave a comment. It can be anything....that you really want one of my can be my friend would love can be just a Hello...ANYTHING. The contest will end Sunday morning at 6 AM EST. I have my wonderful sisters that will be helping me pick the winner and I will announce the winner at NOON Sunday. So, please check out my hand painted glasses in the archive section and enter to win!!! Blessings, Deborah

YEA!!! 100+3 LIKES ON FACEBOOK...Give a way coming!!

Yea....I made it to my goal of 100 likes plus 3 on my Facebook page. I will be posting the rules for the give a way later on today. If you have never visited my facebook page, please go to the right and click on the page. I will be giving a way a custom painted "DIVA" wine glass especially for the winner. Will be posting the rules later today.....and soon will be doing a give a way on the blog.  Blessings, Deborah

I made chalk paint yesterday!!!

I made chalk paint yesterday......and mixed up a small batch....used some beautiful blue color and mixed in....and painted a small wooden crate to see how it would do. LOVE IT!!!!! So easy to work with...and I love the look to it. I hope to post pics this weekend. And a big Thank you to Staci....     Check her out....She is great!!!!    Blessings, Deborah

Chalk Paint????

Hello Monday!!! I had a pretty good to see my beautiful grand baby, Kenzley. She is my heart!! Well, crafter buddies out there, I really want to try and make my own chalk paint and give it a try. I've read so much about it, and people seem to happy with....not having to sand...etc. So, do any of you have any advice, or have you made  your own?  Any advice will do. Thanks so much.  Blessings, Deborah

Good Sunday Morning!!

Finally, the Sun is shinning again in South Georgia. Yesterday was horrible with all the tornado warnings....winds.....and RAIN. But luckily, as far as I one in our area was hurt. So, today the sun is shinning and I'm surrounded by family and so thankful for today. Think I'm going to take it easy and get ready for my Give A Way.....if you haven't liked my Facebook page, go and do that and as soon as I'm to 100 Likes....we will do it!
I hope each of you have a wonderful and blessed day.  Blessings, Deborah

Help Me Do A Give A Way!!!

Good Saturday bad weather here "in my neck of the woods" here in rural South Georgia. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been in harms way the past couple days with all this bad weather.
BUT, I need every ones help so I can start my contest. Please go to my Facebook Page, which you can access to the right ad click on my facebook tab. Then Like my page. As soon as I reach 100 Likes, I will start my give a way!! It is that simple.
And of course I would love for you to follow my blog. Everyone be careful out there today and take care. Blessings, Deborah

Mrs. Tina Judah....a custom painted wine glass

Hello Friday.....I hope everyone has had a great day so far. As I posted yesterday, our bulldog gave birth to 7 beautiful I was "birthing babies" all day. But, I did find time to put the finishing touches on a custom painted wine glass. Mrs. Judah, work at The Heritage Bank, downtown Waycross, Georgia. She has handled my banking for years and is a beautiful woman with a great heart. So, to thank her for something she helped me with recently, I did her a special gift.

Birthing Puppies......and almost Give A Way Time!!!!!

This will probably be my only bog of the day...or maybe not....our bulldog, Sapphire, who is one of Three Dawg Lady Designs is giving birth today!!! We have 3 so far.....think about 6....from her size.

And, I'm almost to 100 Likes on my Facebook hopefully will be able to start my Give A Way contest tomorrow. Blessings, Deborah