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OMG!! I love duct RULES THE WORLD. You can fix anything with it.....make anything with it, right? So, I had some left over from a project I had done, and decided to make a purse. My oldest daughter(33) just loved it. Wants me to make many more...just for her.

Are not these the cutest things for a Halloween Party, or just to have during the Season??? I have pink. blue, zebra, gold, silver.....and much more. I think they are so cute, and can't wait to make more. Blessings, Deborah

Computer Problems

Hi everyone....I'm having puter probs and will be without one for about a week, unless a miracle happens. So, I will miss everyone while I'm gone. See everyone when I get back. Blessings, Deborah

Hand Painted Pillow: Ms. Shelly!

Meet Ms. newest hand painted pillow. She is dressed to kill! She knows she looks GREAT! Her hair is perfectly "coiffed" , jewels in all the right places, and with a look on her face....that says....hummmmmmm! What can I get into? As the back of her pillow says....Well behaved women rarely make history! I hope you enjoy this newest creation of mine as much as I did making her come to Life.
Blessings to everyone today. Deborah

Table and Chair Re-do

So, I had this old white wicker chair sitting on my back porch getting rained on.....the wicker around the bottom was coming undone. The lady table sitting in my hallway just was I decided to give them a face lift. Painted the chair a really bright fuchsia I had.....put leopard duck tape around the legs......and then painted the little table alot of bright colors in stripes, dots, and flowers.

Really like the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy....Blessings, Deborah

Spotlight of the Week: DOODLE CRAFT

Wow, is it Sunday already?? I sent yesterday with my sister Kathy, having a great time designing a new line of burp cloths, bibs, etc......can't wait to share all that with you. But, today is when I recommend a blog that I follow. I found Doodle Craft and Nat  not to long after I started my blog. She is amazing. She host parties, she has great crafts.....her blog is easy to navigate. Amazing finds on there, so if you have never checked it out, please take the time to do so very soon. You can find Nat at or click on her button on my blog. Tell her Deborah and Three Dawg Lady Designs sent you over. Blessings, Deborah

Do you Dream Big?

Good Saturday Morning everyone.  I guess this morning I'm feeling a little down...maybe even feeling alittle sorry for myself. DO you ever dream that you were meant to do something BIG? Like start a business....I've had several of those....or write a book...yes, I have several of those in the works. Several years ago I had a freak accident, fell down some steps helping a friend have a yard sale, and broke all the bones in my left leg...had pins, plates, screws put in. Lot's of pain. In the process, found that from an accident many years ago and then the fall, I had herniated, bulging disc in my neck and back.....lost my home on the island where I was living, and had to move back home to my hometown.
Then was declared "disabled" to work full time...and had to find a way to "make ends meet", and well, found all you guys and started crafting, painting, etc. Became a blogger and learned what I could from all the more talented folks out there. I struggle eve…

Funny Self Portrait...Folk Art

Happy Friday everyone, I hope the day has started right for you. I wanted to share with ya'll my new paiting which is kinda, a self portrait of myself. It really says it all.
Don't mean to offend anyone.....but that is me! Blessings to everyone, Deborah

Happy Hump Day with new Jewelry Line

Happy Hump Day everyone.... wow , it is going to be a GREAT day in the Blogosphere!! I can just feel it. So, I wanted to show everyone my new line of necklaces I'm making. I'm also setting up my Etsy store, so all my designs will be For Sale, including my new line of Batik Fabric Necklaces.

Let me know what you think! Blessings and have a great day, Deborah

SPOTLIGHT of the WEEK: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Wow, have you ever thought you had dome something...just knew you had, and well, you actually had not done the thing in question? Well, I did that last week. I thought I had published my Spotlight of the week and I didn't. So, without further adieu here is this week's and last weeks Spotlight. Good morning "folks"...well it is Sunday and for me that means Spotlight of the Week! And this week it is A Girl & her Glue Gun. Have you met Kimbo yet? Well, she is one talented  woman..let me tell you. I love a glue gun as good as anybody, but I never knew there were so many delightful crafts to do with one. I found her blog right after I started mine and was just amazed! Her ideas are amazing. So, please check her out at  Drop by and see all the things you can do with a glue gun and tell her Three Dawg Lady Designs sent ya. You can also grab her button from my page and go to her site that way. Enjoy! Blessings, Deborah

Ms. Fari! Folk Art Handpainted Pillow

Well Hello, Darlings...I have another hand painted pillow for everyone. I just LOVE doing these. And now let me introduce Ms. Fari! Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she regal? Yes, she is! I've been told that her name...Fari...means Queen. And look at that face. Looks like a Queen to me. She is decked out in her royal purple gown and , WOW, that hat is magnificent! Set with pink rhinestones....just what a Queen would wear...don't you think.

And on the back of the pillow is one of Ms. Fari's FAVORITE quotes.....Coffe, Chocolate, Men....the richer the better!!!!

Enjoy.  Blessings, Deborah


I should have made a tutorial about how easy it was to make this, but hind sight is 20/20...right? But I got this idea from Erica the creator of P.S. I made this. I had seen her on Rachel Ray last week and this was one of the crafts she made and I just fell in love with this.

First, I went and bought a pack of shelf paper from the Dollar Tree here in Waycross and yes, it was a dollar!! Love that place. I already had several rolls of duct tape from another project. I went to and got the dimensions of an I Pad. I don't have one but my sister does and that is who I made this for.

I measure the size of the IPad width size and then folded it in half. The I measured enough for the  fold-over flap for the top. I then took my duct tape and started wrapping it around. Then did the flap on top. Adhered Velcro for the closure, and WHAM an IPAD cover that is very snazzy!! Tell me what you think. My sister loved it when I gave it to her today. Next time I will try and make more pics.…

"Island Blessing" Something to make you Smile!

Just wanted to give everyone something to smile and laugh at today. Blessings, Deborah

NEW! Faux Stained Glass Painted Window

I love old windows! I love stained glass! So, after a friend GAVE me several old wooden windows after she had installed new windows....I was ECSTATIC !! I have painted several old windows before and they have turned out pretty well. So, the other day as I was flipping channels trying to find something to watch, there was a house with a stained glass window over the kitchen sink. Well, that got me thinking.
So, I took one of the old windows and used Tulip Slick Black paint to draw outlines of the designs of the "stained glass" on the back of the window. I also knew that the Tulip Paint would be raised and give me and great outline to "stay between the lines".  I let the black paint dry over night and then the next morning I started applying the different colors for the "stained glass". I really like the way it turned out. I hope you think so also. If someone has also done some thing like this I would love any input or tips. Blessings, Deborah
There is stil…

Hand Painted Folk Art Pillow: Ms. Staci

Good Monday afternoon folks. I just finished another painted pillow this weekend. I just love doing these. So, meet Ms. Staci. She is all dressed up with her fur top coat, her fancy Parisian Hat with her "green diamonds" affixed to it. She knows she looks good but is waiting on her best friend to come so they can "chat the night away". Enjoy! Blessings, Deborah

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Do you FEEL the RAIN? Folk Art Painting

I have a secret......yes, I do. I LOVE, LOVE, playing in the rain!! Do you hear me? I can hear the rain start to fall and something pulls me that way. I guess it comes from being a little girl and we didn't have a pool. So, mom and dad would hook up the water sprinkler and away we would go. Running with our arms up in the air and yelling and squealing, thinking that it was the best thing in the world. So, when a typical "south Georgia rain shower" would come along...and of course no thunder and started to let us play in the rain. A couple months ago, my daughter who is 23 lost one of her very best friends. It was so tragic and affected these young people in such a hard way. And he was a precious young man, so I went to the funeral with all of them. At the grave side, it started to rain. I had gone back to the van and watched as it started raining harder. All of a sudden I heard one of the young men that were there yell..." Ok Justin make it rain&qu…

WOW...only ONE more needed for 20!!!

Wow, I'm so excited, I just need one more person to follow my blog and I will have 20 Followers!!! That just makes me proud. I've been trying to hard to get more people to drop by and read about what I've been doing. So, Thanks to my new "peeps" and Blessings to you all. Deborah

Have you checked out MY SPOTLIGHT? Tip Junkie!

I have started each week choosing a blog that I really like or have learned something from. I just love Tip Junkie. Have tried several of their ideas....just love them. So much to chose from, so check them out today. You can find them at or use their button on my blog......Blessings, Deborah

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