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Music In Our Home!

Happy Tuesday...
Wow, yesterday was my 59th birthday! I can't believe how blessed I have been in these 59 years and how sometimes, something in our life happens, and a whole new life opens up, and that is what happened when i became disabled. As, I've shared before, I had to have a way to supplement my income, and this whole new life of jewelry making and becoming a self-taught whimsical folk artist happened....and I love it!
I love music and it has played an important part of my life....from going with my Grandmother Minchew to a primitive church way out in the country and listening to those folks lift their voices to the Heavens......or when I fell in love with Davy Jones of the Monkeys and discovered Rock n' Roll!!!!!! But, the most precious memories of are my Daddy playing, or as we called it, "plunking a few chords on the geetar"! He knew how to play "pretty darn good for a lawyer", and he taught my brother, Dickie, to play also. We would travel far …

My Version of:Lydia Bastianich Eggplant and Turkey meatballs

Happy Saturday Morning Everyone,
Way down here in South Georgia it is already very hot at 4am! Yes, up very early this the "old folks" use to say, "I am down in the back"! Now, I don't know if that is just a southern slang or if that phrase is used everywhere, but my back is out! From a bad wreck years ago, to several falls, I have suffered from herniated disc in the cervical and lumbar region of my back.....okay, enough of that....let me tell you about this awesome and easy recipe. 
I love watching Lydia on her cooking show....she seems so down home in an "Italian way" and watching her the other day she cooked this great recipe. So, my version is prepared this way...I put about 1/4 cup of olive oil in bottom of frying pan and then diced up a large onions....salt and pepper added and then covered the pan. I peeled a medium to large eggplant and diced it and added to pan. I then put a spoonful of fresh garlic, and added oregano, and other s…

DIY Iced Coffee Concentrate! Yummy!

Happy Saturday morning Y'all!

Now you know I love my of the Gods! I swear, I know when i go to the lab for blood work, that my blood has to be brown! I have shared before that way back in the 90's, I use to have several coffee shops and I miss them, and we served all the coffee drinks that are so popular right now. From Caramel Macchiato's to plain old coffee!

Of course, during the summer months our frozen drinks and iced beverages were the most popular. We would brew a batch of regular coffee in our big urns and then after cooling transfer them to pitchers and they would be refrigerated. The other day while sitting on the porch I got a "bad hankering" for some iced coffee! Now, I don't have those big brewers not big pitchers, so, I started thinking and this is what I came up with:
1 large Mason jar
1/2 cup of ground coffee
1/2 cup of cold water....
place these into Mason jar and stir to make sure the grounds are all wet. Then I added cold t…

Embrace Your Inner Gypsy!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Gypsy...bohemian....wild.....eclectic.....yes, that side we all have where we want to put on a long skirt and colorful gauze blouse and layer with a fringe shawl and lots of necklaces and go out side and twirl! Well, okay, maybe that is stretching it and we do not have to put on the necklaces, because while twirling they might hit us in the face! lol

I'm talking about that side of us where we can put feathers in our hair and even add some beads.....I know for me, my gypsy side is that person who wants to explore new new people.....just Stand in Awe of Life!

 So, sometime soon, take a moment for yourself and step outside and still your heart and soul, and let your gypsy soar!