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Thursday, April 14, 2016

No Soliciting!

Happy Thursday!

It is raining cats and dogs here in south Georgia, but, oh so peaceful also....and relaxing! So, today was my youngest sister, Rebecca's, birthday...I can't believe she turned 47! I was 13 when she was born and she instantly became my best friend.....and has continued to do so all these years. I tell people all the time that I'm so lucky that my two sisters are the BEST ever!

Our family has a great time when we are all together.....laughing out loud and even some crying, but, one of the main themes throughout most of our conversations is humor! One of our favorites comedic shows ever is Saturday Night Live and one of the best skits ever was Land Shark! People coming to the door soliciting.....from Jehovah Witness to Land Shark(an actual shark)....

so, taking that theme, I painted my sister a new sign for her door:

Needless to say, Rebecca loved it! I've been asked to make several more for friends which excites me. I hope you enjoy and like the painting....



Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lady in Top Hat #1

Happy Sunday everyone,

I've been painting again and it has been making me feel so good! My other favorite past time is my love of books...reading, reading, reading! I love to read!  My sister, Kathy, gave me a Nook for Christmas and I have been a "reading fool". Also, what I love about my Nook is through Barnes and Noble, I can download ton's of FREE NOOK BOOKS....and, Who doesn't LOVE FREE!

Now, usually my favorite genre of books is thrillers....mysteries.....an occasional Nora Roberts romance thrown in for good measure. So, when I started downloading tons of free Nook books, I discovered an author by the name of Alex Albrink. Alex writes predominately Sci-Fi novels, but, the 1st one was Free, so, I thought what the Heck! The name of the 1st book of his I read is A Question of Will....which is the 1st book in his Alomenti Saga. I, have now finished all 6 of the books in this series, and I loved them! 

In the books, there is a character called Athos and he wears a top hat.....and, that got me thinking of my love of hats! Then, I remembered the Queen of Rock....Stevie Nicks, and how at one time she use to wear top hats when she performed......and, thus, my idea for this next of what I hope to be several paintings of women in top hats:

I have so many ideas of colors of hats....hair....moods.....and, I so hope to begin working on them soon, and I so hope you enjoy Lady in Top Hat #1.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Serenity.....Newest Whimsical Folk Art!

Good Sunday Morning....

I love being close to the ocean...I find myself being more mellow.....centered and grounded...and, yes, serene.

So, the 1st of the week I saw a picture of a woman in a boat on a television ad, and I thought, how I wished I was out there with her, and, hence, the idea for Serenity came about. I hope you enjoy it:

I used acrylic paint and also my new paint markers, which I had been wanting to incorporate into my paintings. I love the use of the gold to accentuate the waves and the signs in the boat. I also loved using the different shades of blue and pink to make the look of the sea and the setting Sun.

So, with that, I hope that each of you have a beautiful and serene Sunday.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sprucing Up My Desk!

Good Morning from a dreary and rainy South Georgia....

It has been raining since last night....although, my poor doggy doesn't like to get his feet wet and acts like he is a purebred....we really need the rain.....so, I can not really complain.

As, I have shared many times....my small, one bedroom apartment doesn't give me that much room to have a craft room anymore like my house did....so, I work and create at my desk. But, this week, while I was cleaning out my huge storage closet, I ran across my box of empty coffee cans and mason jars. I have been wanting to decorate some of the cans and jars to hold all my paint markers and paint brushes. So, guess what I did?

Simple and painted cans and jars, can certainly add a little bit of color and happiness to a dull spot......

I just love them and they did exactly what i wanted and that is when I sit down at my desk...I smile!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mom's Mugs!

Happy Tuesday!

Well, it is Spring here in south Georgia with all the flowers in bloom....which means pollen! Allergy season is upon us! So, have I told you how much I love coffee? I think I have mentioned that in many posts....I love my java.....so, do my children.....both of my sisters....and, of course, my Mom! When, you open the cabinet over her coffee pot, you can see many types of coffee mugs and plenty of them! It seems they coffee mugs are always a standard gift for Mom on special occasion's, which makes sense, since every time our family is gathered, there is always a pot of coffee brewing. Guess what I made and gave Mom for her birthday on the 14th? You got it...hand painted coffee mugs!

Two of the things you need to know about our family is we all love animals, and, most of us have wicked senses of humor....including Mom. I had seen these two mugs on a craft site and just knew Mom would love them. I had purchased new porcelain paint markers from a local craft store and picked up two mugs from the dollar store. I painted the two mugs and let them set for several days. The next step involved me baking them....which included me placing both mugs upside down on a baking sheet in a cold oven and let it heat up to 350 and bake 30 minutes. 

Mom, LOVED the mugs, and I hope you do also:

Mom loves Frenchie bulldogs, so, this is my version which a special I Wuff You!

I just love this one....a funny without the profanity!

So, until the next project...grab your favorite mug and fill it with that wonderful brew and enjoy your day!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Painted Garden Shells!

Happy Tuesday!

Wow, it has been so long since I posted a new project, but, here I am! So, it seems Spring may be coming here in rural southern Georgia, even though I know there will still be cold days ahead. While these warm days are upon us, my neighbor, Ms. Flo and I have started working in our garden planting veggies and herbs and I thought I would paint us some cute garden art.

I had three huge shells, and decided to paint them bright, vibrant colors......

I have trouble with my hands shaking when I have to hold an object to paint, so, the shells are not my best.....but, I just love them and they have just brightened up the garden so much! I hope you enjoy them also!

Blessings, Deborah

Friday, February 5, 2016

My Brother's Special Gift!

Good Friday Morning Everyone,

I have taken some time off from crafting and painting to take care of some health issues I've been having and still have some ahead of me, but I took the time to make a special gift for my "only" brother's 55th birthday January 13th.

At, almost 5 years of age, I was blessed with my only brother...Jacob Richard Minchew...or as our Daddy called him "The Pattern" because he was One of a Kind....or as my sisters and I called him, Dickie. Even though our Dad was a lawyer, he was also a consummate outdoors man! He had been raised on a rural family farm in south Georgia, so, he instilled in each of us a love of the outdoors, and none of us took to that more than Dickie. By the time he was a young man, his knowledge of hunting, tracking, plants, woods was just amazing! Dickie could tell you almost anything you needed to know about the outdoors and this knowledge only grew into his adult life even more.

Also, like our Daddy, he has never liked the attention drawn to himself with birthday parties or gifts, but, when they were given, it was always appreciated in his own way. With his 55th birthday approaching, or as Dickie said at Christmas..."the double nickel"....I knew I wanted to make him something special but had know idea, until walking my dog just a few days after Christmas. I saw this stick laying in the edge of the woods and just stopped and look at it but didn't pick it up, until later that afternoon when Odawg and I passed by it again, and then I knew! I would make him my version of a Indian Spirit Stick and since it would be all about our family, I call it The Minchew Spirit Stick....lol!

I brought it back home and started work right then. I whittled all the bark off the stick and then just let my emotions take over. I painted both ends of the stick a beautiful blue which was our fathers favorite color. One end is wrapped in brown and red leather representing the colors of the woods. On one piece of the brown leather is tied a turquoise pendant which I had and loved and since my sister Kathy and I love turquoise, that represent us. On the red leather is tied a owl feather from my sister Rebecca which represent wisdom, which Dickie has for nature. In the middle on the knot of the branch I made a spiral from clay and painted it green with a red dot in the middle representing our Mother who gave us life. Both sides of the know are painted with spiraling black lines representing the Satilla River which has made an important part in our families lives. There are also white dots which represent the lives of our ancestors that have gone before us. At the bottom right of the branch is painted yellow dots which represent Dickie and his wife and two daughters......with red lines drawn from the daughters with green leaves which represents the life that will come from them. And, finally, there is gold wire with amber and rose quartz beads for peace. I know that my brother will find some place special to place this and know of the love we all have for him:

This gift may not be the fanciest or the brightest, but to me, for my brother, it is perfect!