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Good Bye Google Reader....LUV ME SUM BLOGLOVIN!!

Well, the time is finally here.....we have to say good bye to a good friend....Google Reader is going, even though I was upset at first.....I have to say....

I LOVE BLOGLOVIN!!! It has been easy.....I love the lay out.....

so.....please Follow Me on Bloglovin.....

See ya there....



Showcase of Whimsical Folk Art!

Greetings Everyone,

Wow, it has been a difficult few days for me with bulging disc at L4 and L5.....painful, but, am doing better this morning after several days of Predisone. I have been asked about possibly showcasing my whimsical folk art....since I'm self taught....and thought I would share some of them with you again....

those of you that have followed me from the beginning, this will be second hand....for the new followers, well, I hope you enjoy them....

Hope you enjoy them as much as I love painting them!



I've Been a Bad, Bad, Blogger!

Greetings Friends,

Yes, I have not BLOGGED all week! No painting, no crafting, no blogging....nothing! This week has been full of up's and down's emotionally......a few family dilemma's .....a couple really bad days of fibromylagia.....I haven't even been to Pinterest....OH MY!!!!

Today, is a little better.....not completely feeling 100% better.....but better.....I hope to catch up on all the wonderful posts from blogs I follow.....maybe get a few ideas to work on this week.....and to just say Hello.

I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday and I send many Blessings your way,



3 More Weeks! Til Saying Good Bye to Google Reader!

Well,if you did not know the 3 weeks we have to say good bye to Google Reader! Have you switched to another blog reader? I switched to Blog Lovin, and I Love it! It is easy to switch to.....if you haven't already set up an account....just go to up account....and you can bring all your blogs that you follow on Google Reader with you.When you set up the account, it will ask you if you want to import all your blogs from Google Reader, and click yes...and Voila' it is done!
So, if you have not done this...hurry up and decide what reader you are going to use and get it done!
Have a great day.....

NEW!!!! Purses from Place Mats!

Greetings everyone.....I hope that every one's week has started off good. I couldn't sleep last night so as I rolled over again at 4:15am, I knew I might as well get on out of bed....

so, I walked the dog, fed him and the cat, sat outside and drank some coffee, then back inside and read all my on-line news sites......and realized I needed something to

I had washed some clothes and towels, and yes, the folded pile was still sitting there in my chair where I left them. I had purchased 2 beautiful, woven, turquoise colored place mats this weekend at a yard sale. They were thick.....well made.....and all of a sudden, the idea of using them to make a couple clutch purses just struck me....

so, I've used one of them so far....very easy.....measure where I wanted a fold over flap....sewed the sides together....adhered Velcro tabs on the inside of the flap......then added cute metal studs in the flap to add a little bling......and then added three handmade fabric rosettes o…

Suave Rosemary Shampoo and Condiitoner.....Just my Opinion

Greeting Everyone,

Okay, first let me say company asked me to give my opinion....thoughts are all my own.

So, I remember when I use to go to the beauty shop/salon at least once a month. Especially, when I owned my own business or when I was working in the medical field and could afford to go all the time. I was always so excited when it came time, and they called me back.....cause I knew it was  time to relax. Right? You lay your head back in the bowl.....and the warm water is applied....and then shampoo.....and I don't care what anyone says...getting your hair shampooed at the salon feels better than when you do it yourself!

And then, they rinse and applied a great conditioner and your hair always felt so good,,,right? It felt clean....refreshed.....just great! But, what I remember the most about those times is how clean my hair always felt and how wonderful it smelled. Well, this week, with a coupon in hand, I was at my local Kroger and bought the new Suave Professional…

Grab Your Dream and Fly....New Folk Art!

Greetings Everyone,

So, as I mentioned several weeks ago, not only am I working on new craft projects everyweek...
but, I'm back to working on new folk art paintings.

If you have ever visited my Pinterest page, one of my boards is I Love Bohemian! I do....I really do. I think it goes back to the fact that I'm a child of the 70' caught up in the end of the "flower power" movement...and, really, a big part of me is still that "wandering hippie" who loves nothing more than wearing big flouncy skirts....a straw hat plopped on my head....bangleson my arms...surrounded by family and friends and good food and music.

So, as I was searching for more pics for the Bohemian board...I got an idea for a "bohemian style"painting....I finished it yesterday and one of my neighbors already wants to  buy, I made pics of it today and delivered it to her....although telling her I would be coming back to make prints of it.....I hope you like her....I ca…

I Received my Invite to Influenster!

OMG....I was so excited when I opened my email yesterday and had an invite to Influenster! I had been seen the badges on other blogs....and hearing about the Vox Box.....and I so wanted to be apart of this.

So, now I can say I'm a Proud member of on to learn all about it and do everything I can to be a good member of the community!

If anyone has advice....comments on what to do.....please feel free to share with me.

Blessings to you all,