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Friday, August 29, 2014

It Was Just a Little Stick!

As I was walking Odawg the other morning, I noticed this little twig laying in the grass. I could tell it was scared and wanted me to take it home. LOL....no, not really, but, I thought it sounded good!

I did find this little twig laying in the grass and I picked it up. I have seen on several sites that I visit, artists painting on sticks. They are just beautiful! I have made my own walking sticks before, but, have never painted on sticks, so, I thought I would take it home and give it a try.  I got my sharp little knife out and whittled off the bark and using a light-weight sanding paper I had, sanded it down to a smooth finish. 

I then gave my hand at painting designs on it, and I have to say it was harder than I thought it would be, as being so tiny and trying to hold on to it. I then took wire that I use to string necklaces with and attached different colors of turquoise and attached it to the string. After finishing I tied a piece of leather I had and attached to both ends, and I just love it:


I think it turned out lovely and I'm very pleased with it. Enjoy! Blessings, Deborah

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stuffed Manicotti, My Way!

Good Monday Evening,

So, today I decided to make stuffed Manicotti tubes because, well, I just wanted them. Being single and cooking for one person is still hard for me to do, but, I have the most wonderful neighbors who I can share with....

after checking to make sure I had everything, I boiled my tubes and lhen drained and cooled them as, I wasn't cooking them til tonight. I had made sauce using a half of jar of spaghetti sauce in the fridge and then added a can of tomatoes and some Parmesan cheese in the sauce.

To make my stuffing, I mixed a 16ounce container of Ricotta cheese with Parmesan cheese and some fresh oregano from the garden. Then let that chill in the fridge until I was ready to put it all together.  When I had everything together I realized I didn't have enough Mozzarella to put over the top, so, I sprinkled some Feta cheese to add that extra kick:


It turned out wonderful if I say so myself! The Feta cheese on the top added just the little kick I had hoped for and of course, I had to have garlic bread!


Santa In August!

Good Monday Morning to ya!

It has been a very hot week this past week here in rural southern Georgia, and that started me thinking for for cool Fall air blowing through and that started me thinking of Christmas! See how that all came about....I know...it is 100degrees outside and I start thinking of Christmas...lol.

But, I did, and then I had a flashback to when my children were little and I would take them to see Santa at the mall, or as we called him in our house...HoHo! Right...how original! My oldest daughter, AnnaBrooke, loved and still loves all things magical! I remember the look on her face while holding my hand and standing in line.....all the decorations hung everywhere we could see. "Elves", you know Santa's Helpers were so cute in their outfits chatting with all the children.

AnnaBrooke's little hands would gently squeeze mine in anticipation as we got closer to that big red chair, and then we would be there, the look upon her face was priceless! She was never afraid and she gazed in wonder looking up at him......and all this started me thinking about what a child sees when they gaze up in Santa's face, and well, what do you think....

I just love him and so does AnnaBrooke! I plan on selling the original, but, making prints and selling them at the local craft shows. I think this would be a great gift for any family that has small children.....framing this and having it displayed in anticipation for Santa coming to their home!

Blessings to each of you and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Working On A Peace Pole Design!

Woodstock 69 Man! Wow! This weekend marks the 45th Anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, or as some of "ole hippies" call it...THE SUMMER OF LOVE! So much great music came out of that weekend, so, what better project for "an ole hippie" to be working on, than a Peace Pole Designs!! Right!

Peace signs have been around for years...on everything from flags, signs, clothes, glasses, well, on everything if you look you can find a Peace Sign. But, let's talk about the Peace Pole Project, which started back in 2008. The goal of the project was to have a Peace Pole in every city and town across the country, and really, across the world.

On the People Poles from the Peace Pole Project, each pole had the words..May Peace Prevail on Earth written on one side and have the same words written in other languages on the other sides. Over the years, there have many artists who have designed and sold their designs of the Peace Poles. While on vacation several weeks ago, my sister and I saw some of these in a little shop, and well, I feel in love! My brain started working overtime on how I could make my own. As you know, I'm disabled and live in a small apartment, but, hey I love it! But, I have one rather large corner that is dedicated as my crafting space, so, no drills, saws, or other large tools, so, I'm limited on what I can really do.

So, wanting to at least give it a try on coming up with a design, I purchased a piece of poster board....cut into 4 equal parts.....then hot glued them all together.....and then painted designs. I envision them having a little top with wire and hook, where they could be hung from a ceiling or eave outside or even in trees. I took the design to my crafty sister, Rebecca, and we put our heads together and came up with some ideas. So, this first one is a prototype, and hope to be soon be making them. But, here is what I have sop far:


When the final design come into fruition, they will have a sealant on them so they can be outside....some may have chimes in them......but, so far, I'm excited to see what ends being the final design.

Peace Out Man.....Blessings,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Charms, Charms, Everywhere Charms!

Okay, I'm an old hippie, I've told ya'll that before....did you pick up on that...a "southern hippie" ya'll....so, when I was deciding on a title for this post all I could hear in my head was a great song from 1974...Signs, Signs, everywhere Signs! Anyone remember that oldie but goodie?

Yes, I know, some of you were not even born then....so, to get onto this bracelet. A charm bracelet to be specific. I so remember when I was a young girl, my Aunt Vida had a beautiful gold charm bracelet with charms of her grand-children's names, and I loved it! I would sneak to her jewelry box when I was visiting with her and put it on. I loved the way it sparkled and the songs it would make when you had it on.

I so wanted it and still think of it often, but, I don't think I will ever be able to afford a gold charm bracelet.....so, thinking of that bracelet and being all of canvas and wood to paint on, I pulled out all my jewelry making stuff. Finding that sometime I had bought a pack of brass jump rings, I thought why not hook them together and make a brass charm bracelet. After hooking them together where it would fit perfectly and adding a huge lobster claw clasp, I then had to find charms for it.

Again, I went digging again in the "magic jewelry making stuff box"and found two bracelets I had picked up from Big Lots make at the first of Spring. They had cute little charms on them, but the bangles were to small to fit over my wrist.....so, taking them off and adding them to charm bracelet worked perfectly. I went next door and grabbed my neighbor, Lyn, who has a small wrist, if she wanted to model her wrist for me...lol

I really like the way it turned out and a BIG THANK YOU to Lyn for lending her pretty slender wrist for photos!



Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shhhhhhhhh, It is Coffee Time!

Good Thursday Morning Everyone,

Anyone who knows me, friends and family alike, know do not speak to me until that first cup of coffee is down! 

No noise, no opening your mouth.....nothing! Lol....okay, maybe that is a little too serious, but, maybe not! I love that first cup of java....wrapping my hands around that warm cup of brew is the only way I can get the day started.  So, I have painted coffee mugs and wine glasses, but, I have been seeing for years all the cute Sharpie painted coffee mugs. I had read and researched all the types of ways to do them. Some say you can use a regular Sharpie...others say you have to use an oil based Sharpie......some say cure over night, then bake in oven for 30 to 45 minutes......so many different ways.

I had bought 2 pretty rustic orange mugs the other day at Dollar General Market, and they were on sale for a "buck a piece", but when they rang them up they were only .75cents!!! I had a fine point Sharpie....just a regular one...not oil based. I cleaned them with alcohol....and then wrote my sayings on them. My fibro and nerve pain in arms and hands made my writing larger than I wanted. I then let them set for about 4 hours......then placed them in cool oven, turned up to 350.....after temp of 350 was reached, I let me them for 40 minutes.

 I let them cool overnight. I would suggest that these be hand washed only, but am still going to explore ways to do them. My handwriting is way to large and will have to do the next ones in the morning when my hands and arms are much better:

As I said my handwriting is way to large and I will have to work on that....1st one.....Shhhhh, almost, now you may speak and 2nd one....don't even think about it, one or two words, conversation is now possible.

Enjoy and Blessings,


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Southern Mermaid FRAMED! Oh No!

What could that precious and sweet Southern Mermaid of mine have done to be FRAMED for something? Nothing Silly.....she is still precious and sweet and still looks like Paula Deen.....lol.

I had purchased an ole wooden frame months ago at a yard sale.....shhhh.....I'm the Yard Sale Queen, and the frame had been sitting in my storage closet and I had really forgotten about it. So, the other day while going through some of my canvases, I realized that the Southern Mermaid needed jazzing up. I suddenly remembered that old frame and decided it needed sprucing up....so, with a little paint to match the painting and some sanding and a pair of pliers,  it all came together:

I think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself, and yes, I still love this particular painting. Enjoy!



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mermaid Rules! Oh My!

Yes, yes, I know, something else about mermaids....but, I can't help it....I love Mermaids and all things beachy and tropical! While on the Internet yesterday morning and looking for inspiration for something new to paint, I saw something like these mermaid rules, but, wanted to make it my own with words that meant something to me, just like I did with my Southern Mermaid and the words that I wrote on that painting.

So, the largest canvas I had at the time was 11x14 and I thought that would be big enough to write a few sayings. 

Play Happy......anybody can play, but, play with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. Dive Deep and Soar High......Life sometimes throws us for a loop and we feel like we are at the bottom of the pit, so we have to dive deep, but, then we push off from the bottom and burst out and soar high letting nothing get us down!

Sing Under the Moon.....when was the last time you walked out in your yard or porch or patio late at night and just gazed up at that beautiful Moon? Just  stand there and let that light flow over you, and maybe you will begin to hear a song coming forth.  Love A lot........let love flow through you and your life will be much better.

AND, Be the Goddess you are......us women have so many trials and we go through every day from being a parent, a wife, a daughter, sister, girlfriend, lover, what ever role or hat we take or put on...remember, we are all special....never forget!



Friday, August 1, 2014

It's a Southern Mermaid, Ya'll!

Well, Howdy Do on this Fine Friday Night!

Wow, I feel like I have been gone forever! I got back from my wonderful vacation in Sandestin, Florida all rejuvenated from seeing awesome fun, tropical arts and crafts, and went to work on painting one of my FAV subjects....Mermaids! Yes, ya'll know I just love those elusive "ladies of the ocean". Then, I finished one painting and BAM, as Emril says, the laptop crashed and burned again.

Well, it, the laptop, was really beginning to make me mad! Can an inanimate object make you mad? Well, this darn laptop did.....so, off it went to my brother in law....Oh, Great Computer Guy, that he is....and he worked and worked and worked....and well, for some reason, it had finally reached to point of no return and had to be sent off the "laptop heaven or hell", which ever one wanted it....lol. AND, then a marvelous thing happened....my sweet, precious Mom called me yesterday and told me she had bought me a new one....and as we say down here in rural Southern Georgia...."Bless her Heart".....all, I can say, is that for the past 58 years this past Sunday, I've been more than Blessed with her as my Mom.....love you Mom!

So, after exploring all day on this new fangled thingy, I just had to share with you my newest mermaid creation. When I had the idea to paint her, I envisioned her as an older, white haired mermaid, and well, when my sister pointed out that she "kinda looked like Ms. Paula Deen", well, I was tickled, because she does and I just love Paula and I love my new mermaid.....and the words on the painting, well, those are me.....and, well, I hope you enjoy her:

Isn't she great? I just love her, and one of my neighbors has already made an offer for her, but, I think I might have to hold on to her for awhile.....so, from my paint brushes to your computer, "ya'll have a great weekend"!