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Biscuit Pull-a-part Surprise! YUMMY!

Wow, I'm on a roll.....two post in two days! I'm bacccck....and I'm a cooking! 
First, I have to give a a Shout Out to Amy over at I was scrolling through blog post I had missed over the past couple weeks of my "down time", I discovered her blog....she has some wonderfully sounding recipes, and one caught my eye....
It is a very easy recipe using canned biscuits, cheese, and a little butter! I don't know about ya'll...but, down south, anything with butter is great!
Basically, you can use a cake pan, or as I used today, a small, glass, square dish....I pre-heated the oven to 350. I melted a half a stick of butter in the dish....just cut that stick of butter in half, drop it in the dish, slide it in the over, and let it melt.
I then took 2 cans of canned biscuits and opened them and set all the dough on my counter.  I cut a big chunk of cheese from my sharp cheddar block I had in fridge....and cut it into small pieces.

I then took eac…

Whew!!!! The Great Pumpkin is Almost Here!


Wow, it has been over 3 weeks since I blogged, and, wow, what a 3 weeks it has been! First, I had my MRI on my neck I told you I was going to have. So, after sitting on pins and needles for a day, I found out that my C2and3, and C6and7, are still bulging(which I already knew), that my neck is showing extreme signs of Degenerative Bone Disease, and that my neck is FULL of arthritis!!

As, I have shared before, I have been having horrible pain and swelling in my hands, which has hindered my, now I know why.....soooooo, my doctors are coming up with a treatment plan to take care of me. THEN, I was in a wedding for a very dear friend of mine...and the wedding and reception was held on  historic Jekyll Island, which is part of the Golden Isles of Georgia, and I had a wonderful and relaxing time. I also during this time got to spend some much needed time with my son and grand daughter.....

So, finally back home and trying to work on some holiday signs for a craft show co…


Happy Hump Day,

Well, the day has stared off horrible...

It seems that my been hacked!!! I so PROFUSELY apologize for any horrible or trash correspondence you may have received from me. I have changed passwords....updated....everything I can do.

Please accept my humble apology again.