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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Biscuit Pull-a-part Surprise! YUMMY!

Wow, I'm on a roll.....two post in two days! I'm bacccck....and I'm a cooking! 

First, I have to give a a Shout Out to Amy over at www.ohbiteit.com......while I was scrolling through blog post I had missed over the past couple weeks of my "down time", I discovered her blog....she has some wonderfully sounding recipes, and one caught my eye....

It is a very easy recipe using canned biscuits, cheese, and a little butter! I don't know about ya'll...but, down south, anything with butter is great!

Basically, you can use a cake pan, or as I used today, a small, glass, square dish....I pre-heated the oven to 350. I melted a half a stick of butter in the dish....just cut that stick of butter in half, drop it in the dish, slide it in the over, and let it melt.

I then took 2 cans of canned biscuits and opened them and set all the dough on my counter.  I cut a big chunk of cheese from my sharp cheddar block I had in fridge....and cut it into small pieces.

I then took each biscuit and folded it around a chunk of the cheese.....and yes, of course I ate some of the cheese!

So, after I had stuffed each biscuit and the butter had melted...I placed the cute little stuffed biscuits in the dish. I then placed in the pre-heated oven and cooked them until the tops were slightly brown. I then poured a little more melted butter on top....and then, just to take it up a notch, I sprinkled some Parmesan-Romano cheese on top....gosh, doesn't that sound wonderful?
I let the cheese get a little crunchy-toasty, and then took it out of the oven.

Can you see the steam wafting up out of the oven.....and the smell of the two cheeses.....and the butter is still sizzling around the bottom of the pan!! YUMMY.....I then fixed me a fresh cup of coffee.....cut me a couple pieces of this biscuit surprise.....and, Oh My, was it good....

I know that this will become another recipe when my children are home that will be requested!!! 



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whew!!!! The Great Pumpkin is Almost Here!


Wow, it has been over 3 weeks since I blogged, and, wow, what a 3 weeks it has been! First, I had my MRI on my neck I told you I was going to have. So, after sitting on pins and needles for a day, I found out that my C2and3, and C6and7, are still bulging(which I already knew), that my neck is showing extreme signs of Degenerative Bone Disease, and that my neck is FULL of arthritis!!

As, I have shared before, I have been having horrible pain and swelling in my hands, which has hindered my crafts....so, now I know why.....soooooo, my doctors are coming up with a treatment plan to take care of me. THEN, I was in a wedding for a very dear friend of mine...and the wedding and reception was held on  historic Jekyll Island, which is part of the Golden Isles of Georgia, and I had a wonderful and relaxing time. I also during this time got to spend some much needed time with my son and grand daughter.....

So, finally back home and trying to work on some holiday signs for a craft show coming up in November....I haven't done a lot this year for Halloween, but, I took a cute, cloth, country witch I had and adhered her to my front door....and bought a cute little broom sign from the dollar store and put over here.

I painted a wooden sign with one of my FAV sayings....I hope to share with you some more ideas over the next couple weeks....until then, I hope all is fine with you....

I just love her!

Broom Parking!

That's Right!!!!

Blessings to you,


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Happy Hump Day,

Well, the day has stared off horrible...

It seems that my email....Facebook......blog....everything.....has been hacked!!! I so PROFUSELY apologize for any horrible or trash correspondence you may have received from me. I have changed passwords....updated....everything I can do.

Please accept my humble apology again.