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Halloween Is In The Air!

I Love Halloween! My whole family does and we all get involved.....from building fantastic displays which takes having over 500 people come to our annual yard haunt and having police direct traffic, because it got so clustered!

So, this week, while having to take it easy with darn head cold I had....I decided to stop working on signs and crafts for the Christmas show, and make a few fun signs in anticipation of one of my FAVORITE holidays!

 I've already sold one! So excited and I love how cute these turned out! AND, I can't wait to share with you all the spectacular display our family is building this year!

Frankenstein Mason Jar Lumminary!

Happy Thursday Everyone,

The cool air and nice breezes have finally come to southern Georgia! Makes me think of cook-outs with the family, enjoying a good cup of java on the porch, and my favorite time of the year....Halloween! Our family goes all out on decorations and we have so much fun. But, the last week I have been battling an early head cold! I usually don't get these until further in the season, but, alas, it is here. So, I have been inside, taking meds, and going crazy because, other than just opening my front door, I haven't been able to enjoy this awesome weather.

To keep from going crazy, I have been working on easy crafts to keep me occupied. I have tons of jars....Mason and all other types. I have been wanting to make a Frankenstein jar, and finally did it:

 I had this old jar that I had tried to color with Mod Podge and food color years ago, but didn't like the way it turned out, so, I had put it up for a later day. Since, I was sick, and realized I had no Mod …

NEW! Wire Wrapped Jewelry!

Good Friday Evening Everyone,

Wow, it has already been a rainy and windy Friday afternoon and evening here in Southern Georgia! Wind blowing.....rain hitting the front porch.....and because the soffit on the front porch needs repairing, we have some flooding in our garden, but, we hope it gets repaired soon.

So, back in July, while I was in Florida on vacation, I went into this cute shop that was full of the neatest jewelery. The owner of the store/boutique made all the pieces herself, and a majority of the pieces were wire wrapped. Now, I have seen some absolutely gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry and I have longed for a piece.

Now, I did break down and buy a piece, and was even able to get the price down a bit. After I got the piece home and began looking at it, I thought, well, Deborah, you can make this! So, I put all the painting supplies away and pulled out the jewelry making supplies. I tried my hand at a few pieces, and realized that it was harder than I thought it would be. But, I t…

New Whimsical Art!

Happy Sunday everyone,

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Mine has been a weekend filled with hurting.....fibromyalgia pain and some arthritis crept in there also. I have stayed bundled up on couch, under the blanket, with my four legged baby, Odawg, right beside me. He knows when Mom doesn't feel good!

But, I finished several art pieces at the end of last week and had taken some pictures, but today is the first day i felt like messing with the camera. One of my favorite things to paint on are old wooden windows. Since, I live in a small one bedroom apartment, I don't have the space to store windows, and the ones I do have in here are windows that I have that I don't have any place to

So, when my sister and I went dumpster diving last week and found tons of wood, one of the pieces just drew me to it. I had been playing around with an idea in my head about painting a window that had a beach scene on it and when I started painting on this piece of wood, a few …

Be Thankful!

Happy Wednesday Evening,

I'm happy to announce that my broken toe is so much better, but, it sure did hurt for awhile, and turned a awful purple color! I have picked up the stack of signs I had sitting beside my chair and moved them to a place that is not so dangerous for But, speaking of signs, I had made so many funny signs and Christmas signs for this craft show, that I was getting tired of seeing red and green!

So, I was thinking of something else to paint, when I found out that a woman from the 12 Step Recovery community that I've belonged to for so many years, had lost her battle with cancer. This was an amazing woman. I can't count the number of people that she helped lead them to this way of life and helped them stay on the path of sobriety. I started thinking how thankful I was that I had met her back in 1991 at a meeting. She gave the best hugs ever.

Then my thoughts ran to my children and grandchildren and parents and siblings and friends and, even you m…

NEW! Funny Art!

Happy Saturday Evening Everyone,

This week has been very stressful.....had some bothersome neighbors, painted and drying wood all over the house, deal with a broken heart with one of my children, my precious Daddy hasn't been doing well, and last night broke a toe on a stack of dried signs sitting on the floor by my desk, but, other than that it has been a "purddy good week down here in South Georgia"!!!

As, I had shared before, getting ready for a huge craft show in November and have painted tons of funny signs, which is one of my favorite things to do. So, I wanted to share some of them with you:

 The Santa sign would be perfect as a mantle or shelf sign. The red is on one side, the black, the other side. You wouldn't believe all the signs I have stacked up ready to have the string and wire put on them....but, my broken toe knows! I hope you enjoy them and will post more soon.



Zuchinni and Yellow Squash Fritters!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Last Friday while standing in my kitchen, pondering what I wanted for lunch, I remembered all these great blog post I had been seeing recently about Zucchini Fritters. So, I rushed to the veggie drawer in refrigerator, and what did I find, but one lonely Zucchini and one yellow, I did what my Mom always taught with what you have!

I shredded both the zucchini and yellow squash......added about a teaspoon of salt and tossed that into mixture and let them sit for about 30 minutes. From what I had read, this helps get all the water out of the squash.......and after that, I placed them in paper towels and squeezed water out. I then placed this into a big bowl. I egg.....bread crumbs....corn......a orange bell pepper......chopped onions.....cracked black pepper.....garlic....parsley and to give it an extra kick.....added some feta cheese and mixed well. They turned out fabulous!

 As you can tell, I really don't follow a set re…