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Going to Swim the Manatees!

Good Friday Morning,
I'm so excited! In a few hours I will be leaving South Georgia and traveling with my Mom and my two sisters to Crystal River, Florida to SWIM WITH THE MANATEES! OMG!
 As, most of you know, my precious Daddy died on December 21 of last year. My Mom had been his constant companion and care giver along with one of my sisters for the past five years. We were fortunate enough to not have to place Daddy in a nursing home. He was provided a wonderful aide and all the equipment that my Mom needed.
Mom loved Daddy, but I saw her sacrifice so much and give up so much to make sure Daddy had whatever he, now, and knowing Daddy would love that Mom is venturing out....the excitement is overwhelming.

I can't wait to see my Mom in a wet suit and swimming with us and the manatees.....

Can't wait to start this adventure and to share it with you!


Veggies for Lunch!

Good Sunday Morning,
So, I couldn't sleep this morning, so, I'm up and sharing....
This past week here in Southern Georgia has been a cold one! Now, I know it isn't anything like the rest of the country has been experiencing, but for us, it has been cold! On Thursday, I decided I did not want soup, instead, it was veggies!
The first in the oven was one of my favorite combos....mixed potatoes and onions. Simply prepared....sliced red potatoes mixed with peeled and diced sweet potatoes mixed with onions! Yum! I added diced onions and a generous amount of olive oil and seasoned with some of my favorite spices then placed into oven on 350 and cooked until tender:

 Second, was Fried Eggplant! This was so good....and, again, so simple to prepare. Washed and peeled eggplant that I sliced into thick pieces, since this was going to be my main course. I used garlic seasoned bread crumbs and added some Italian seasoning and creole spices! Good...right! I dredged each piece into milk then…

More Funny and Whimsical Women!

Happy Monday Everyone,

The last week I have been in a painting mood! I love bringing all my whimsical women to life! They bring me much joy, and they even sometimes! I plan on going to a big festival in May, in Palatka Florida, called The Blue Crab Festival! Yes, they do have tons of blue crab there and they are delicious!

So, mindset is into bright and colorful and fun signs....paintings of my funny women....and lots and lots of my Bohemian bracelets, but, let me share these newest paintings with you:

 Now this "little lady" has her fancy hat with a big feather in it....her feather boa.....and her brightest purple dress and I think she is ready to go make some history!

Now. of course, we all know It's Best to be Queen.....even if it is for just a day or even if it is in our!

This perky lady right here lives her life to the fullest exuding every color in the rainbow.....she laughs....she loves......and a big hug for everyone she meets!

So, more whimsic…

Parmesean Zuchinni Sticks! Yummy!

Happy Thursday everyone!
I have been working on new paintings and signs and jewelry and am not really ready to share pics of those, but, decided to share a recipe that I tried the other night.
I love veggies! I can't really think of any veggies I do not like, so that makes cooking for me easy. So, when my neighbor gave me a couple of huge zucchini, I decided to try some baked Parmesan zucchini sticks.

After washing them, I cut off each end, then cut them into halves. I then cut each half into strips, as many as I could from each half. I then took my old and scorched 9" glad baking dish. I sprinkled a small amount of olive oil into bottom of dish. I laid the strips in one layer in dish and then added a small amount of olive oil across top of them. Then using a small amount of McCormack's Italian seasoning just to help bring the flavor out in them I sprinkled across the top.

I had pre-heated the oven to 350 and placed dish into oven. I let them bake until I could tell with a fo…