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My Brother's Special Gift!

Good Friday Morning Everyone,

I have taken some time off from crafting and painting to take care of some health issues I've been having and still have some ahead of me, but I took the time to make a special gift for my "only" brother's 55th birthday January 13th.

At, almost 5 years of age, I was blessed with my only brother...Jacob Richard Minchew...or as our Daddy called him "The Pattern" because he was One of a Kind....or as my sisters and I called him, Dickie. Even though our Dad was a lawyer, he was also a consummate outdoors man! He had been raised on a rural family farm in south Georgia, so, he instilled in each of us a love of the outdoors, and none of us took to that more than Dickie. By the time he was a young man, his knowledge of hunting, tracking, plants, woods was just amazing! Dickie could tell you almost anything you needed to know about the outdoors and this knowledge only grew into his adult life even more.

Also, like our Daddy, he has never l…