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Telling It Your Way!

I've always been a storyteller and I learned from the best, my Daddy! Daddy could spin a story into a tall tale and make you believe it. We grew up always asking Daddy to tell us stories.....whether they were the wondrous stories of his childhood growing up on a farm in rural southern Georgia.....or stories of his cases he tried in the courtroom.....or him retelling stories from our many family vacations! And, we loved them, and that tradition is somethingthat us four children have carried with us each day of our lives. I love nothing more than being with my friends or family and all of us sitting around sharing memories and making new ones for the stories to continue.
I never thought I would meet anyone that loved to "spin a yarn", or talk and laugh til you can't laugh anymore.....or who had more stories to tell than me, than my precious neighbor and friend, Ms. Flo. As you know, if you follow my blog, Ms. Flo celebrated her 80th birthday in October and I just love h…

Today, I Am Me! Newest Folk Art Painting!

Good evening folks,
This last month has been a month full of emotions. With the death of my Daddy and the ensuing grieving process, well, it has made me think of so many things about myself. As children, we always strive to make our parents proud, and thankfully mine have always been of my siblings and I. Now, that doesn't mean that we might not have disappointed, but, that is part of the whole parent/child relationship.
One of the biggest emotional issues I have had in the past ten years of my life, has been my battle with weight. I gain...I loose.......I gain.....well, you know what I mean. The feelings of "not being goo0d enough".....or, "I can't wear that".......or, "OMG, these pants are to tight", have been something I've lived with along time. So, I started thinking of the horrible pressure, we, as a society place on our young women and men with all the "famous people" that are always in ads....everywhere, or, as I ca…

Being Single and my TV Men!

Okay, I'm putting it out there....I've been single since 2006, after ending a 10 year relationship, and guess what? I'm okay being single! I had put so much of myself, sometimes, too much of myself, into that relationship, that I had forgotten what Deborah really liked! So, I knew that no matter what, I had to get to know ME again....and I did and I have. Even after my accident in 2008, which made me disabled and I began this journey again of learning how to craft...paint...I still maintained being me.

Now, I have been I miss having a companion...someone to talk to....someone to snuggle with...and yes, is my answer. But, I also have to say, I'm not looking....searching....pining away....nope...not, I'm happy with my Life, just like it is. Yet, I have to admit, that I have found that the television programs I like are full of good looking men.....and I religiously watch them!  I thought I would share some of these gorgeous men with you....

 Do you …

Gold Wire Wrapped Pendant

Good Friday Evening Everyone....
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week! Several weeks ago, I shared that i was trying to teach myself how to wire wrap stones, especially turquoise. I've done several pieces and think I'm getting better. My Fibromyalgia has been giving me a hard time, but, I'm dealing with it.

I had purchased a bad a turquoise months bag, not sure what i was going to do with it, but, this week, went to work I chose the biggest stone out of the pile and decided to make it my own. I had some gold wire which I thought would set the stone off just perfect. I also made the chain to go with it:

I played with editing to show the beautiful colors within the stone. I am really please with the way this turned out, but, still have a lot to learn.


DIY Zip Tie Bohemian Bracelets! VaVoom!

Good Sunday Evening Everyone,

Well, if you have ever visited my Pinterest boards, you know that I love Bohemian ANYTHING! The colors.....the clothes.....the furniture.....I'm an "ole hippie", what do you expect! I have seen so many things online, from clothes to jewelry, that have touched my bohemian soul, but, of course, for the most part, I can not afford to buy what I like. So, I resort to learning how to make it instead, and recently, I had seen these zip tie bracelets and just didn't think they would turn out like the pictures, but they did! Easy Peazy!
You will need the large zip ties, your jewelry making tools, strips of cloth, jewelry wire and scotch tape. Yes, scotch tape!
I took a zip tie and made a circle to measure the size of my wrist, but then just added a "smidgen"and then cut off the end of the zip tie and taped the circle together. I then took about a 24 inch strip of fabric and made a knot with one end around the zip tie circle and started wr…

DIY NO SEW Fleece Shawl and Scarf!

Another day of you've read my previous blog post, I decided not to make any resolutions(because I never keep them) and decided to try and create something everyday....I have made so much jewelry this week.....enough for several days of this month......and decided to do something different.

We have all seen the DIY No Sew Fleece shawls, ponchos and have probably made a few. I had purchased this HUGE piece of red fleece at our local Goodwill before Christmas and had planned on making something from the material, but with Daddy dying, it got put on the back burner. So, here is what I did today. I borrowed my neighbors quilt cutting mat and cutting tool. This was so much easier on my hands than using scissors. I spread the large piece on my bed, and first, cut off a length of about 12 inches wide from the side to use for the scarf. I cut a slit up the front of what is the front of the shawl. I will be adding pockets on the front with contrastin…

No Resolutions...Just Creativity!

I do not make resolutions.....oh, I have tried, many many times! I found, that when I set those "resolutions", that I set myself up to fail. Why? I don't know. But, I do feel that I want to set "goals" for myself in my creative side. First, I do make my crafts and paintings to sell....but, this has become my "therapy" way, where I can put myself into something whole-hardheartedly and a piece of me is left in the project.

So, this year, my goal is to try and create something everyday. Not, necessarily making something, it can be that makes me feel good. We are 4 days into this new year and I have written two days worth in my writing journal....and made two pieces of jewelry which I would like to share with you. The first is a necklace made from a pale rose quartz pendant I purchased at Micheal's. I didn't make the pendant, but did make the chain. The second is a pair of earrings using lavender agate squares…