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All She Needed Was a "little facelift"

My sister had given me a very old mirror several months is surrounded by
vintage" needlepoint work.   Just beautiful work. So I painted the frame with bright colors, and used my Cricut machine to apply some curly designs.....and she is so Bright and Cheery now.
I just love the way she turned out. She is for sale, and if interested, please let me know and I will send you all the details. AND, remember......I'm doing a Give A soon as my Facebook Page reaches 100 Likes. Have a great day....Blessings, Deborah

Just a little something.....

I worked on and finished this weekend. I had a small plain wooden table my sister had given me. So I painted it black.....decoupaged the top in a pretty black and white scrap paper print I had. Decoupaged a pretty pink paper on the bottom....painted some designs on the sides.

It is nothing fancy, but I had fun doing it.  I hope to post some more later today, but have some errands to do this morning. See ya'll later. Blessings, Deborah

Saturday...with my Daddy

Good Saturday morning is "right chilly" here in rural South Georgia.....I keep forgetting it is Winter. These beautiful warm days we have been having has FOOLED everyone. But, today, I get to do something I love....spend time with my Daddy. He is suffering from a horrible brain disease called Pic's Disease. He still knows who we all are, but that strong, smart, brilliant lawyer of my youth is fading. So, to give my mother and my other sister time to get out and breath, my other sister and I are taking care of Daddy this morning.
So, no crafting today....just nothing but Lot's of Love and Smiles with my Daddy. Blessings to each of you and DON'T FORGET MY GIVEAWAY.....check out my Facebook Page.   Deborah


Good Friday Morning everyone! I've decided to do give away!! Here's how it will work. Go to my Facebook page and like the page. As soon as I reach 100 Likes, then I will announce give away. AT that time you will post a comment...and it will run for 24 hours. Then my sisters and myself will randomnly choose the winner. I will then custom paint a wine glass for you...especially!! You can either send me a photo of yourself so I can get "gander of what you look like to paint". Here are a few examples of the "babes and gals".

Yea!! 101 Views!! But I still need followers...

Wow, my little blog has been viewed 101 times......that is sooooo exciting...but I still need more followers.    Come on Yall!!!    Blessings, Deborah


Hello All You Diva's out there! You all know I paint wine glasses...usually with women faces on them. So, I wanted to try something new.....painting funny sayings on them. So, I sat down  and wrote down some of my favorite sayings. I have made several, and they are okay. I still have alot to learn, and actually painting the words on them is harder for me because of the nerve damage in my neck. And trying to keep my hands from shaking is harder when doing broader strokes doing the faces. So, with that said... I present the first in the line I call " DIVA GLASSES". Sorry about the photo...thought I had gotten all of the glass in the picture. Will try and get a better one later this afternoon.  All wine glassess are handwash only, and have been sprayed with special glass sealant. Hope you enjoy....Blessings, Deborah


Good morning again ladies....ok, I've showed y'all a couple pictures of the "green eyed gals"....but, I wanted to share a picture of my very first attempt at painting the wine glasses...and the "Blue eyed Babes"...who are Ms. Lucy's "sassy cousins". If you haven't met Ms. Lucy...scroll down a meet her....she LOVES FELLOW SASSY WOMEN!!!
So, here are the first two babes...the blond was inspired by my sister Kathy and the red head is ME, of course. Hopefully will have more pics this afternoon. Blessings, Deborah

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Good morning everyone. I hope your day has started off right....mine started off with a "bout of IBS"...but doing better now....was that to much info? Sorry....but feel like you are my family and friends out there. So wanted to post a few pics from my weekend with my sister....first we visited with my son and his wife and my beautiful Grand baby, Kenzley. Here is a pic of her with me..Granny Deb.
She is such a sweetie....she couldn't stop chewing on my necklace I had made the night before.
My sister Kathy enjoying her cup of coffee while enjoying the sunrise over the bay in St. Augustine, Florida. We watched the sunrise Sunday morning together.
And me, being goofy saying Goodbye to St. Augustine. We had a great weekend...lots of dancing, laughing and smiles!!!! Blessings, Deborah

Thanks to my New Followers!!

Wow...I'm up to 7 followers....Thanks so much everyone. This blog means alot to me...something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I love to tell stories. I have 2 books that I've been writing on for a couple years....I love my crafting...just wish I had more money to buy more things to "fix up"!!  I love my family....and I can a "yarn" as we say down in South Georgia. So, for me this blog is about the "crafting in my Life"...all aspects. So, as you can tell, I'm working on the appearance of the blog. I just keep finding great and wonderful and cute....and oh well, sooooo many things to add and do to the blog. So, you never know what you will find here. As I said over the weekend was a "road trip" with my sister. And we had a blast...."what happens in St. Augustine...stays in St. Augustine" I do hope to post pics later in the day....but I have to go make more JAVA....the Nectar of the Gods.....Love that stuff.  …

Don't forget Universal Craft Blog Directory!!!

This site is wonderful!!! Scroll tot he bottom of my blog and grab the button. List your site, and then "take a gander" at all the great sites listed...including yours!!!! And, I need more followers!!!! Blessings, Deborah

FUN WITH MY SISTER....always is!!

Good Saturday  morning to everyone. I'm so sister, Katherine and I, are going on a small road trip this weekend. We will be leaving this morning to go down to St. Simons Island and spend part of the day with my son, Kristopher, and his family, so I can wish him a Happy Birthday and also get alot of "sugar" from my grand baby...Kenzley!! Then, driving on down to Jacksonville to visit with Katherine's son, she can get some "sugar" from her oldest...and then driving on down to spend the night in our favorite city...St. Augustine, Fl.....which is where my oldest, Anna Brooke lives.
My sisters and I have a wonderful bond and it is always so much fun when we are witht hat said, I thought I would share some crafts I did that were alot of fun to do...and turned out pretty good. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend....Blessings, Deborah


Yes, I'm in Heaven...right now. I have found a blog that list TONS and TONS of CRAFT BLOGS. Please take the time to read my blog....scroll down to the bottom and click on the Universal Craft Blog Directory button and go to the site and add your blog. It is that easy!! And I've already found so many wonderful blogs to read, and learn from. And, Please I need followers!! Blessings, Deborah my son's birthday!!

Today is a very special day to me. 21 years ago, my only son was born. All of you that are parents know how special ALL of our children are...but those of us that have a son, know that bond that exists between a mother and her son. He wasn't planned...he wasn't even on my radar due to health problems..but there he came...21 years ago. All 9lbs 13 ounces of him..22 inches long...and my heart melted again.
And now he is a father himself...yes, way to young...but oh how he loves his daughter....he worships her...and she him. He has brought so much happiness into my life over these years, and been the best son ever.  Will be going to see him and that beautiful grand baby this weekend to celebrate. So, no crafts today...just lots of love. So, to all  you parents out there today...LOVE YOUR CHILDREN. Blessings, Deborah

Something Stunning Blue...for a Blue Winter's Day!

Happy Hump Day started with a Big Hump for me today. I awoke thinking today was tomorrow!! Have you ever done that? That something was supposed to be happening on a certain day, and you either a day late or a day early?? Well, I thought today was the 16th!!! My son's 21st birthday!!! And posted all sort of sweet things about him on my facebook page....cute pics of him...etc. Until he called me just laughing and said are a day early!!!!! We both got a good laugh out it....he always me me smile. So, as I was thinking of him today and his upcoming birthday TOMORROW....I thought of his beautiful blue eyes and a stunning necklace I had made last week. Most of the jewelry I make is made from vintage beads or made with vintage mixed with new. So, here is the necklace...hope you like it as much as I do. Blessings, Deborah

LOVE......such a wonderful thing!!

I've been a "bad, bad' girl..I haven't blogged for several days now. First, on Sunday night I spent the night at one of my "little sisters" houses.....Kathy...and we had a "watch the Grammy's-watch The Walking Dead" season premiere. Yes, I love the ZOMBIES...and Rick and Shane aren't to bad themselves!! And yesterday, I just kinda spent the day doing nothing....reading a good book.
So, today I wanted to talk about Love, since it is Valentines know, there are so many types of love. The love a parent has for a child....the love a spouse has for a spouse.....the love a friend has for a friend.....and the love we get unconditionally from our pets. How IT makes us we feel when we aren't around our many things can be said about LOVE.
But, today I wanted to talk about children and grandchildren. I have three wonderful and oh so different children. Brooke, the oldest is my "child of the fairy folk"...…

Introducing..."Miss Lucy" alter ego!!

Good Sunday Morning to everyone. It is rather cold down here in rural South Georgia with a crisp blue sky above. I have a big, beautiful and warm fire going in the wood stove....yes, I heat my house with an ole fashioned wood stove!! And I love it!!! There is something about going back to how it use to be.
Anyway, I wanted to introduce yall to "Miss Lucy". But, first let me explain her to you. First off, WAY BACK WHEN in the "ole high school days", I weighed 125 pounds!! But, at age 56, 3 children later, and being only 5' 2" tall....Yes, I'm a "little stump" or as we say in our family...A troll!! You see, my ancestors came from least that's what our Daddy always told us!! But, as well all joke...."he just didn't tell us that they were the trolls that  lived under the bridge"!!! (They really did come from Germany...Munich actually)
So, with that said, I realized along time ago, I would NEVER be that 125lbs young …
Good Saturday afternoon everyone!! Wow, I already have to followers...YEA!! And thanks to both of them. Well, I have to confess that yesterday wasn't my best day. On top of everything, my fibromyalgia was "kicking my butt" and I so wanted to start on the blog. Well, I have it started and am going to be working on it some more. I feel much better today and am working on two more NEW wine glass designs. By the way, for all the "non drinkers" out there...the glasses work just fine with "good ole fashioned sweet tea" or any other beverage. So, today after "cooking the glasses" they have to set for awhile, which means I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day. I, again invite you to visit my Face Book page which is listed on my profile and look at my "wares". I'm going to leave you with a pic of  another one of the "green eyed gals". So, Blessings to you all, Deborah
Wow! I have a new blog and I'm so excited to be visiting with you today. Please take the time to read my profile and you will find out a little more about me...but, I'm Three Dawg Lady Designs, but you can call me Deborah. Yes...Yes.... I do have 3 dogs, or as we say in Georgia "DAWGS"! I hope to have new pics of them soon so I can introduce them to you.  So, on my profile I wrote that I was a Crafter by Design. Let me explain. For years I was in the medical field as a Registered Medical Assistant, and loved it! Then I started working with people in recovery, and folks in recovery usually drink alot of coffee...Java....the Nectar of the Gods!! I LOVE THE STUFF!!! My
So, in 1996 I had the opportunity to buy a coffee shop on St. Simons Island which is located on the coast of South Georgia. It was called Sugarbabies and was a GREAT PLACE. But atlas, I closed it in 2000 as the rent on the building was just getting to high for me to pay. I missed it terri…