Wow! I have a new blog and I'm so excited to be visiting with you today. Please take the time to read my profile and you will find out a little more about me...but, I'm Three Dawg Lady Designs, but you can call me Deborah. Yes...Yes.... I do have 3 dogs, or as we say in Georgia "DAWGS"! I hope to have new pics of them soon so I can introduce them to you.  So, on my profile I wrote that I was a Crafter by Design. Let me explain. For years I was in the medical field as a Registered Medical Assistant, and loved it! Then I started working with people in recovery, and folks in recovery usually drink alot of coffee...Java....the Nectar of the Gods!! I LOVE THE STUFF!!! My
So, in 1996 I had the opportunity to buy a coffee shop on St. Simons Island which is located on the coast of South Georgia. It was called Sugarbabies and was a GREAT PLACE. But atlas, I closed it in 2000 as the rent on the building was just getting to high for me to pay. I missed it terribly as I felt I was a great barista and the wonderful friends I had made over the years was to many to count. SOme of those folks are still my best friends.
So for the next couple years I owned a retail shop in Atlanta, but moved back to my beloved ST. Simons in 2006 when I found myself single at age 50. I started working for Starbucks and did that for several years...and then at another restaurant. Unfortunately over the years, I had a bad wreck, and a bad fall while working. AND THEN, in October 2008, I fell helping a friend have a yard sale, and broke my leg ankle, hurt my back and neck...and well, the rest you can figure out. I moved back home to Waycross, where I could be close to the rest of my family...and well, I had to find a way to "make ends meet"...and so I started crafting. I do alittle bit of everything. I'm not an artist, but I love what I'm doing. I hope to post pics of different things I do...really excited about the new wine glassess I'm doing now...they are called the "blue eyed babes" and the "green eyed gals". You can see them all on my facebook page. So, grab a "cup of java"...I've already got one....and sit a spell with me and browse my crafts.    Blessings, Deborah

"The Anna" inspired by oldest daughter!


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