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DIY Fabric Wrapped Bracelets!

Good Tuesday morning,

First, "It is going to SNOW in South Georgia"...that is me slightly! I do not believe it has snowed here since middle daughter was just a little over 1 and she is now 25! I have to admit, I'm little afraid if we do get any accumulation of snow that the folks that live down here who have never driven in this type of weather will try and get out and sight see!!

But, as to these fabulous bracelets...first, I have to give a huge shout out to Natalie at I first saw these on a blog party and I'm sorry to say, I have forgotten which one, as there are so many wonderful blog parties out there.  But, these were so easy to make.

Basically, I didn't have to buy anything to do this project, as I already had everything that I needed. Here is what I did...I took floral wire I had bought at Dollar Tree...I cut a piece that would fit around my wrist with a little extra, as you take your needle nose pliers and twist…

It Is What It Is Sunday! #1

Happy Sunday everyone,

Welcome to the 1st It Is What It is Sunday! I've been thinking for along time that I just wanted to write to everyone sometimes instead of trying to come up with a new craft to share. As, Ive stated before, being on disability and living on a fixed income, can be a strain at times on what I can procure to make into something crafty and unique. 

So, every Sunday I'm going to just let you know what is going on with my life. It may be something I'm working on, it might be one of the many funny and maybe poignant about my family...and there are many! It even just be me sharing with you my feelings on a certain subject. You might be asking why I chose the name It Is What It Is as the title of my little chat sessions? Well, that is a story all about my Mother, Katy. First, she is an amazing woman...she raised us 4 children, which wasn't easy, and worked and managed my Daddy's law offices....which could be rough at times.

You see, my Daddy was one of t…

Jewelry in Candles! Don't Burn Yourself!

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

I hope where ever you are that you are bundled up and staying warm, because even down here in South Georgia, it is COLD this morning! When I took my dog out this morning...he didn't want to go....had to pull him out the! But, we made it back inside and now with a cup of hot chocolate, I feel so much better.

Now, on the these fancy candles I've been hearing so much about. They go by many names...Diamond Candles, Jewel Scent....Clarity Candles....Marquee Candles....oh, my head aches from researching them all! I've read...I've gone to every reviews....but, to me, asking help from you, my blogging friends...whom I depend on....well, I would rather hear what ya'll have to say.

Have you ever bought one of these candles that claim to have a fancy piece of jewelry in them..or, as most of these sites say...."you can find a piece a jewelry that COULD range from$10.00 to $7500.00!!!! Wow, that is alot! Now, I love candle…

Heart Pendants!

Greetings Everyone,

Well, I have been "up to my, well, you know what" in polymer clay! I have been working very hard learning how to best, for me, to work with this medium.  I've order and purchased a new supply of everything I can find on the net and looked at every pic of polymer clay jewelry trying to learn from others.

Let me tell you right now, there are a lot of talented folks out there working with, much more talented than me. But, I'm having fun....and I think for "my neck of the woods" since there is no one else out there that is doing anything like this, that I might have some good luck at the next big craft show coming up in March. I plan on the first of February ordering some great multi-colored turquoise nuggets and making necklaces for the pendants. I'm so excited! I love all the bright, bold and beautiful colors of turquoise out there.

So, with that said, Valentines is coming up, and what better way of showing your Lo…

I Just Love Working With Clay!

Well, it is a rainy morning here in South Georgia! Which, for me is a good thing....I have recently started working with polymer clay making jewelry, and guess what? I love it! I was worried a little when I first began as to I have horrible Fibromyalgia and my hands are affected, but, amazingly to me, the "kneading" of the clay or "working it" has actually helped me!

I'm still sketching out designs I want to I said before I just love the bright colorful pieces you see with what is called "Cowgirl jewelry".....and I love turquoise! So, I hope to post more pieces soon!

I have to say my favorite is my "Junkin Queen" truck, and I will be making it also in red and turquoise is so much fun and I do love a good day of "Going Junkin":

Let's hit the road!!!


NEW! Polymer Clay Pendants!

Greetings Everyone,
As, I have posted on my Facebook and on Google+, I have fallen in love with polymer clay jewelry. To be specific, I love all the bright, bold, chunky, "cowgirl jewelry".....chunks of bright turquoise mixed with handmade pendants.......and, when I was younger, at one time our family had 28 registered quarter horses! One of my sisters, still has a beautiful Arabian gelding....and I love to watch her ride. I can still ride at a very slow herniated disc it isn't recommended to take off in a fast gallop!
I also love turquoise....I have so many pieces I can't, after seeing all these other talented artisans crafting polymer clay pendants, I the clay....and well, started! The first couple pieces got thrown in the trash....but, I tried again....many times! I now have to find a good places to order some turquoise beads from and make some great necklaces to wear these pendants on....but, I'm pretty happy with …

The Crone...."she embraced the Twilight"

The Crone.....most folks think of a crone as an old, ugly, woman with gnarled hands, and long gray hair....which has nothing better to do than scare little children! But, to me, She is way more than that. She is a woman who has LIVED....her life to the fullest....she is knowledgeable in the ways of Life, as She, has learned from her mistakes.... lived with all of her Heart and Soul!

She, still, loves to sneak out at night when the Moon is full and dance under the moon.....she still loves her big, shiny, earrings and necklaces and bangles galore.....She still likes to smile and flirt with the cute bag boy at the grocery store, just to see him blush! Plastic surgery for Her, Never, as the wrinkles upon her face and neck...well, She earned them all!

I've had several crones in my life that have influenced me and loved me, just the way I was. Granny Minchew....Duffie.....and even,my beautiful Mom....they all aged and are aging to be the wisest women I've ever known. And, as I enter m…

A New Year....What to do, What to do?

Wow, the new year has come in with a blustery wind and low temps down here in rural South Georgia! I finally overcame the awful "crud" what ever it was that grabbed a hold of me on Christmas Eve and wouldn't let go....but, it gave me "one heck of a ride"!

So, I got around to cleaning off my craft space/desk, and just sat and "pondered" as we say down south, of what I really wanted to work on this year. Whew, all that "pondering" gave me a headache....but, I decided I needed to get back to doing what started me down this whole blogging thing, and that is my whimsical folk jewelry purse making...see, what a dilemma I'm in? I love doing these things, but, then I read or see something that one of you have shared and I leave a project and run to do that!

But, it dawned on me while scrolling through Bloglovin yesterday, that I will NEVER be as talented as some of you, and truthfully, I don't have the budget to buy and …