Jewelry in Candles! Don't Burn Yourself!

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

I hope where ever you are that you are bundled up and staying warm, because even down here in South Georgia, it is COLD this morning! When I took my dog out this morning...he didn't want to go....had to pull him out the! But, we made it back inside and now with a cup of hot chocolate, I feel so much better.

Now, on the these fancy candles I've been hearing so much about. They go by many names...Diamond Candles, Jewel Scent....Clarity Candles....Marquee Candles....oh, my head aches from researching them all! I've read...I've gone to every reviews....but, to me, asking help from you, my blogging friends...whom I depend on....well, I would rather hear what ya'll have to say.

Have you ever bought one of these candles that claim to have a fancy piece of jewelry in them..or, as most of these sites say...."you can find a piece a jewelry that COULD range from$10.00 to $7500.00!!!! Wow, that is alot! Now, I love candles and have them everywhere all over my apartment. Bathroom, bedroom, living room, and one even in the kitchen. 

Now, if I buy one of these candles, I can see myself now....I will be lighting it...and digging with a spoon to find my treasure! My fingers will be burned from trying to find m! So, my question is, have you ever bought one? Did you get a piece of jewelry? Was it worth the price, which I see ranges from $29 to $39 dollars.

I would really like to hear from you before I buy one. So, thanks!


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