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Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers!

Happy Monday everyone,
Well, the southern part of Georgia got bombarded by rain over the weekend, but, we needed it, and so did our garden. Now, we grow our own fresh herbs, such as rosemary, basil, sage, oregano, and now we have tomatoes and bell-peppers....but, my favorite is our flowers! We have roses and lilies and other varieties, all hand picked by my dear neighbor, Ms. Flo.....we both share the duties of watering.....fertilizing....trimming....well, everything.

So, this weekend, while being cooped up with the rain, I decided to do a painting of some funky, purple flowers. First, I want to share some pics from our garden:

And, now my funky, purple flowers.....

I hope your Monday is a little better today with my flowers!


The View I Wish I Had!

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

I'm Back! I have still been taking care of myself physically and spiritually while recovering from my knee surgery! I do feel better and am back to painting.

So, as I've stated before, Gosh, I love the water! Oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.....water! Even though if you consider my horoscope sign, which is a Leo, I love being close to the water, and, oh, how I love the ocean! I have done some traveling which has taken me close to beautiful waters, from St. Thomas in the Virgin Island to the Keys in Florida, and I love them all! I so wish I could afford to find some little beach cottage....nothing fancy at all, where I could sit and have my java and let my dog play every day, and do my painting, but, unless I win the lottery, I doubt that will ever happen....

Taking an old cabinet door I had found in a dumpster, I painted a scene of looking out a window of an old beach house with white plantation shutters that open to the ocean. You can see the f…