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Yule Blessings from the Mother...In Honor of my Mother

Greetings to everyone on this chilly day down here in South Georgia....Well, I finally have gotten " my rhythm" back after my move and started painting again.
I had been wanting to do some type of Yule/Christmas/Holiday painting, and I realized that all I could do was think about my Mother. She loves holidays! It means that all of us children and grand children will be home and surrounding her and day and acting like kids again. All talking at once, eating out of the pots while she is cooking, and just enjoying our family together.
And now there are even Great Grandchildren....and another one due on Christmas Day. WOW!! So, I started painting and She came alive....I hope you enjoy her....

Our Friends Up North

Good Morning everyone....I have been up since 5am watching all the news coverage of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. I have relatives in the McClain Virginia area and so far, they are ok. I so hope all my blogging friends and those I don't know yet, are all safe and sound.
Please know you have prayers coming your way from South Georgia. Blessings to you all, Deborah

My Granddaughters First Pumpkin Carving

Hello again, I just had to share these cute pictures of my darling granddaughter Kenzley with everyone. Last year she was just to little to really have any fun with Halloween, but this year she is having a blast...


Please Remember Our Blogging Friends Up North!

Good Monday Morning everyone. When I started this blog back in April, I decided I wasn't going to blog about Politics and Religion. That's just not me folks.....oh, I'm active in both....but just decided that really wasn't what I wanted to talk about. But this morning, while sitting outside having my coffee and my meditation, all bundled up as the cold weather has finally reached down into the rural southern area of South Georgia where I live...I started think about this Hurricane Sandy and how it will effect so many people.

So, I ask all my followers, and everyone out there, to please pray, light candles, go outside and howl at the moon....but, please lets' remember our fellow Americans up north in the path of Mother Natures destruction. May all of you be wrapped in the love and light of us all and know that we are praying for you.

Blessings to each of you, Deborah


Hi Ya'll....first it has been an amazing weekend. Some of ya'll know...yes, I said ya'll, so that means I'm from way down South, as in Georgia....and I love the University of Georgia Bulldogs!! Now, and of you that are Florida Fans...well,, don't be mad...but the Dawgs Beat the Gators!!! Yes, we did....I was a hooping and hollering all over the living room last night.
Enough of that though, and onto my Spotlight. I recently discovered Tracy at Craft Junkie Too. As we all do, I was visiting other blogs and stumbled upon her. Well, I was amazed. She is one talented woman. So many neat many crafts...I spent about 30 minutes going through her blog.
And one of great ideas under her Holiday section, I just can't wait to try and make for gifts is her Hot Chocolate Goodie Bag gift. It is precious and I know my grand daughter will  love helping me. Tracy can be found at

So please stroll on over and check her out...and tell her …

A Few Halloween Goodies

Hi everybody....been getting settled in my new place.......and most of my craft supplies....well, Im still getting organized. But, I did take the time to make a few little cute creations for my adopted grandson.....he is the son of my daughters closet friend, and I claim him as
So, look what we have here.......

I lost my only camera!! Boo Hoo!!!!

I'm so sad and upset. I have misplaced or lost the ONLY camera I had that I used to photograph my crafts with!! Unfortunately due to my financial situation, I did not have an actual camera but had been using a camera phone that a friend had given me. It had been her old phone and it made GREAT pictures and she knew I needed something to use to make pictures of my crafts, so she had given the phone to me.

At the first of October, after moving into my sister's home, since she is getting married....and I love this little house....has the GREATEST little patio , which is just right for me to sit in the morning and meditate.....I have either misplace or lost the camera/phone.

I've looked everywhere! pockets in my clothes....nowhere to be found!  And, financially I just can't afford another camera right now.....getting ready for the new grand baby in December.....I can't even take pictures of the new baby!!!

So, I decided today instead of drivi…

SPOTLIGHT of the WEEK: Seven Thirty Three

WOW, Good Sunday Morning to everyone......have you ever checked Kim from Seven Thirty Three out before? She is amazing.....She ALWAYS has some new, cute, easy craft or idea posted. She hares so much from other crafters and herself.

She has to several wonderful blogs......Sugar and Spice for girls, and Frogs, and Snails, and Puppy Dogs Tails for boys...with neat ideas shared my fellow bloggers all the time.

And the recipes she post....well....mouth watering.

So, take some time this week and check her out at :

And tell her Deborah from sent ya. Blessings to all, Deborah


Ok, so you know by now, that I love working with duct, this weekend I made a cute, girl, pink, with zebra stripped clutch purse.

I made it big enough that you could put several things into it, if you were going out for the evening or just making a quick run to the store. So, what do you think? It has a vintage button glued down over the Velcro closure....I think that sets it off.

Enjoy, Blessings to you all, Deborah

Morning Love....the Love of my Java

Good morning to everyone from here in South Georgia. It was wonderful to sit outside this morning and enjoy my coffee. I love coffee!!! I even use to own a couple coffee shops years ago and I miss that, wish I could open another one. But, as way back as I can remember, even when a little girl I would sneak sips of my Mom's coffee, so it was only natural tat I did a whimsical painting of my love for coffee. Hope you enjoy it. Blessings, Deborah


Hello everyone, I have been away for a couple weeks....had my beautiful 17 month old grand daughter with me for a week....whew...survived that!! It was alot of fun.
But now, I'm back on track. So, as you know, every Sunday I pick a Blog to Spotlight, and this week is Jen Larsen from Craft-o-Maniac. If you have never been to her blog, you are missing something from your crafting lifestyle.
Her blog ALWAYS has something wonderful and creative for everyone to do. So, please take the time to go check her out, and tell her Deborah from Three Dawg Lady Designs sent you. She can be found at:

Blessings, Deborah

Oh My, Bless her Heart, Honey!

Hi everyone...I'm back! Okay, any "true southerners" out there? Well, for me, I'm "purddy fer south" as we say down here. Waycross, Georgia is home to the Okefenokee Swamp Park....if you have never heard of it before, check it out. But, as my title states....Oh my, bless her heart. If you are from the South, then you have heard this, or even, oh my, have probably said it! Let's see, we have, bless her or his heart.....bless yer heart.....oh dear....honey, or darling, or hey ya'll, or so many others. And that is just the way we talk down here. It is in our blood, who we are. I can't count the times, that I heard Duffy, that was my mom's mom, say Bless her heart! And now, we all say it in our family. Sometimes I hear myself, well, bless their heart. What am I blessing? Their actual heart that beats inside their chest....oh heck no...I'm talking about "their spirit, their life". Oh, there is my daddy's favorite, well, I dec…

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