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DIY Cuff Bracelets from Old Belts!

Hi Ya'll,

Okay, we, my wonderful sister Katherine and her husband Charles have been helping move alot of heavy stuff today, and boy are we pooped! But, there have been alot of laughs...we always laugh when we are together.....and it made the moving process easier on me.

So, having almost everything packed and only a little left to do tonight, I thought I would post one more handcrafted item that I completed this week. I have been seeing for weeks all these gorgeous leather cuffs bracelets everywhere. There are fancy lacy cuffs.....leather cuffs with studs....beautiful cowgirl blingy cuffs, and well, every kind of cuff you could want. Also, since I've owned several businesses and have had my wholesale tax id for years, I knew I could order some....but, I thought, heck I can make some.

You know when you pack or move you find things you forgot you had or break down and get rid of things you haven't used for awhile and that is what I did. I found a couple of old belts that I h…

The Moving Process Begins Today!

Greetings to everyone,

Up early here in South Georgia getting ready to begin my moving process today! As, some of you may know who read my blog know about my moving plans...

Have one sister and a brother in law coming this morning to start moving things....Planned first night in new place will be Monday night....not sure if I will have my internet on by then, so if not I will not be on for about a week. I will miss seeing and reading about all the wonderful and amazing crafts and creations and stories shared by all of you....but, will be back as soon as I can.

Thanks for going on this journey with me.


I Made It Over 100.....and Painted a Chair Today!

Hi Ya'll.....This is me doing a Big Ole Happy Dance because not only did I make it to 100 Followers thanks to Beth Baumgartner, but.....I made it to 101 Followers thanks to Holly Parper!!!

I can't thank everyone enough for Following Three Dawg Lady Designs as I take this journey everyday with you into the "blogging world", but everyday, I wake wanting to see what my online friends have been up to each day.

Also, today was my last day to paint furniture that needed painting before my move next week. So,   I had this old wing back chair that was in "bad need" of a face, I painted it today. Two coats of paint mixed with a fabric medium....will have to wait til in the morning to see if it needs one more coat....then I will be taking pics and posting. But, my fibromyalgia has kicked in and I think I need to go and "chillax" for awhile before my favorite program....Elementary...comes on.



OMG....that is all I have to say.....I'm only 3 away from reaching 100 Followers.....Thanks to everyone that has helped get this far.

Love ya bunches!


So, okay, I got Mugged!

Soooo, on Saturday I had a huge moving/yard sale. As most of you, my dear friends know, I was able to get approved to move into a special apartment complex for disabled folks. I'm very excited about the move, but was really excited after the yard sale. I did great....I mean really good!

I was so looking forward to being able to buy some things for my new little place....maybe a new table to paint and decorate.....some new "shabby chic" bedroom accessories...hey, maybe even new bathroom stuff...cause I don't know about you folks....but, I like having a pretty place to

So, Sunday afternoon, I went to was crazy for me to go there. You see, in my very small hometown of Waycross, Georgia....there are only 2 things folks do on a Sunday in Waycross.....go to church or go to Wal-Mart....well, maybe 3 if there is a big game on.
So, I go in and I wander around looking at all the housewares and home goods...thinking of what I might buy, then finally g…

Dolls, Dolls, and more Dolls! Oh My!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Wow, I didn't post anything over the weekend.....had a huge yard sale and other things going on...but, I finished several more of my Sacred Spirit Dolls and I wanted to share them with you. I just love making these dolls, and hope to continue making them and hopefully get them to "new homes".

Again, let me say thank you to my sister, Becca, for awesome shots of the "girls". So, without further are the new pictures of the Sacred Spirit Dolls by Three Dawg Lady....

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.....Blessings, Deborah

Have You Painted Upholstered Furniture?

Good Sunday Evening everyone....

Wow, what a weekend.....had a great yard sale.....had a lot of fun....and with the extra cash, I was able to purchase some new items for my new apartment.  Yeaaaa!

But, I have a question  to all the "crafters, painters, and talented" folks out there. I have a plain old fashioned wing back type is covered in a chintzy type of flowered pattern.....don't really like the pattern....but, gosh darn....the thing is so comfortable. It "fits my butt" just we say down here in Southern Georgia.  I have seen on other sites, how people can and will paint their cloth covered furniture. And, they always look beautiful, my question to you all is...has anyone ever done this? And how hard is it or does it have to be? I have see where you have to use a certain type of paint....then I have see others that mixed fabric softener with water that they sprayed onto fabric, then used regular paint!!!

My poor brain is…

I Wish Everyone Could Be Here for my Yard Sale!

Oh how I wish all you, my friends, could be here tomorrow for my HUGE moving/yard sale. Wow, my driveway and carport is jammed packed with wicker furniture for sale.......books upon
crafts and stuff........clothes.....and so much more.

It is going to be chilly here in South Georgia in the morning, but I will have a huge pot of coffee going in the morning outside for all "lookers and buyers" to sip on while shopping, and it would be so much fun to have all my friends here.

So, off to bed for me....getting up early to get things set up.... Wish me Luck!!!



Versatile Blogger Award!!! OH MY!!l

WOW, Kim from nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I am I continue on this journey every day in the "life of a blogger"I'm still so amazed that anyone reads my, so a BIG THANK YOU to Kim.

Here are the rules: 1. Thank the person who gave you the award (of course). 2. Include a link to their blog. 3. Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve discovered recently or follow regularly. 4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award (include a link back to your post!) 5. Finally tell the people you nominated (&other blog readers) 7 things about yourself Here are 7 things about me!!I've colored my hair so many times I can't count!I have 3 dogs....Odawg, my beloved mutt who is 10 this year, Pacino, as in "Al Pacino" a gorgeous golden retriever.....and Saphire, my blue eyed, white albino blue pitt.My childrens 3 nicknames in order are: Punkin, KK, and Bodie!My stomach grows so loud it i…


OMG....I just realized that I'm only 8 away from having 100 Followers! Do you know how happy that makes me? I remember when I got my 1st Follower....I was ecstatic! Wow, thank everyone of you that takes the time to follow and read and like what I write! It means more than you know....I only wish I was already moved into my new place and I could do a give a way or something!!!

Maybe for the 200th Follower I can do that!

Thanks and Blessings,


Happy Tuesday evening everyone,

Wow, I have been busy the last couple days....packing to get ready to my new place......going through things to get ready for a massive yard sale on Saturday, and putting the finishing touches on NEW hand painted wine glasses.

I hope to get more done in the next couple days for the shop where I already have my crafts selling, but for now I wanted to share the new ones I have completed. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Blessings, Deborah


Greetings Everyone on this Monday Evening,

When I started this blog early last year, I made a conscious decision that I would not discuss or write about politics or religion. I did this because, for me, these are two very personal and emotional subjects to me and my family, although I was raised in a very political family, and some of my earliest memories are of going "politicing with my daddy", whom was our county's prosecutor for almost 25 years.

I wanted Three Dawg Lady Designs to be about my love for my family, my crafting, and of course, my "3 dogs", and I feel I've done a "purddy good job of that" as we say down south. Yes, I have mentioned things during the course of this past year, that lightly touched on those issues, but not expounding on them, as this is the way I wanted it. I wanted to meet lots of wonderful people across the blogging world, learn from each of you, and maybe along the way, make a couple friends.

But, this weekend, after r…

Good Morning Morning...A New Start

First let me say thank to the responses I received on the status of my new move and housing....your kind words meant so much to me. But, I wanted to share something exciting that this whole process will allow.
Because of the way financially I will be better set, this will allow me to set up the little shop I have been wanting to do. It will be inside of another shop...but different.

So, I'm excited that this will allow be to further along the uniqueness of Three Dawg Lady and add so much more....I hope over the next couple weeks I will be able to really get this in motion. AND, I know I count on you, my blogging family and friends for all the much needed encouragement and support that you all give so freely.

Have a great day and Blessings,

Good Sunday Morning

Hil Ya'll, as we say down here in the Deep Southern Georgia woods.....

I hope everyone has had a good week so far, I know I have. I'm so blessed as you already know to have found affordable housing for myself. This has taken such an emotional burden off myself. I look forward over the next couple weeks of moving in and getting the place all fixed up, just like I like it. I've been painting most of the week trying to finish a few small pieces I had been keeping just for this anticipated move.

I hope I can get pics posted soon of the things I've been working on. But, I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to say thank you to each of you that shared your good wishes with me after I shared my story of my new place, and, didn't think less of me after reading it. So, to you, I say a Big Thank You.

Now, onto another subject....I'm still having trouble getting my blog fixed. As I had stated before, I'm doing something wrong and I can't "figure it out&…

Miracles still Happen!!

Good Thursday Morning my Friends,

I say Friends....and yes, you all have become my friends over this "almost a year since I started Three Dawg Lady Designs"....every morning after walking Odawg...and getting that wonderful, delicious first cup of Java...I run to the computer to see what all my friends have to say in the blogging world.

I've stated several times before, that I became disabled in October 2008, and this was after several accidents and then my horrible fall in October. I lost my home, and everything I had worked for as I had no insurance when I fell. I had to move back to my hometown of Waycross, Georgia and be close to family that could help me rehab and get back on my feet...albeit, one leg is full of metal now. My parents who are elderly and retired lawyers helped me financially until my disability was approved....and paid all my expenses during this time. 

After, receiving my disability and back pay I was able to move myself and my daughter whom lived with …

INTRODUCING: My Sacred Spirit Dolls

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone,

Wow, I'm so very excited to tell you about my newest creations....I've wanted for along time now to try my hand in making dolls. I knew I couldn't do the molding of clay, or porcelain....not that talented. So, I had searched everywhere for ideas....collecting bits and pieces from everywhere....and coming up with my "own design".

So, I had decided on ordering plain muslin dolls and had researched for the best wholesale prices I could find. WELL, as if Fate wanted to intervene for me, something told me to go to our local Salvation Army store yesterday. And, and, and, there in the back of the store was this HUGE trash bags full of plain, muslin, stuffed dolls and animals. YES....I couldn't believe, and then, when I asked the price and the lady said..... .25cents a piece.....well, I was doing my "happy dance". So, I bought 5 of the dolls and ran home as fast as I could!

I had had this idea in my head for so long of making the…

Vintage Needlepoint Mirror Face Lift!.

Good Sunday Morning Everyone....

I slept wonderful last night....woke up this morning to a light, lazy, Sunday morning drizzle falling outside. Sat out there with Odawg....yes, one of the Three Dawgs..bundled up in my bathrobe and enjoyed an early morning cup of Java....

So, yesterday, while working on "fixing my blog background" and working on a "special project",
I also pulled down a project I had finished months ago and added some things. My sister, Becca, had given me this vintage needlepoint mirror last year, and I had "funked it up" needed a "funky makeover".

So, I had painted it all bright colors and just LOVED IT! But, yesterday, as I was looking at it....I felt like it needed something "extra", I dug out the Cricket machine and cut some "curly q's" and added them on there..... I think it turned out so cute. Took some pics(wish I could adjust my date stamp on camera..but it is broken) and wanted to …

Well, I Improvised....and made some changes

Okay...the Three Dawg Lady Blog is a little different.....and not sure I like it...but, I had to find a way to cover up the Holiday background and this is all I could come up with....

so, back to working on my project.....and see ya'll folks tomorrow.



A New Project in the Works...Still can't change my page

Happy Saturday Evening everyone,

Well, I have started working on a new project today and I can't wait to share it with you.
Something I have never done before....but having alot of fun and learning in the process.

But, I'm still sad because i can't change my page background...I have been doing this for along time...and I can't get rid of the holiday background....have deleted gadgets.....etc....added new ones....nothing makes it change....

So, I might have to totally change the whole page to get anything different on, checking in...
and hope to post pics of the new project soon.



Need Help with Blogspot.....Anybody?

Okay, I was ready to get rid of my Christmas background...and had picked out a very cute one for  I've done this a hundred times...
BUT NOW.....I can't get rid of the Christmas background....I've done everything I know....when I go to view blog I see the new one....but then the old holiday one pops up...
Any ideas anyone????
Blessings, Deborah

Back Home! Back Online! And New Grandson Pics!

Hello, I have missed everyone so much. Reading all the wonderful blogs that I follow....seeing all the wonderful crafts and such.....but, had a wonderful visit with my daughter, son in law, and new grandson. It was so exciting to be waiting outside those surgery doors while a c-section was being performed....and a little worried, as this was MY birth.....but, baby Alan is fine and growing everyday.

So, I got back home to South Georgia and had no Internet!!! Yes, while being in Florida with baby Alan and getting caught up in all the excitement...Guess Who forgot to pay Internet bill?? Yes, you guessed it....ME!!
But, back on line.....trying to get some ideas together for some projects....but had a few pictures to share with you all.....