So, okay, I got Mugged!

Soooo, on Saturday I had a huge moving/yard sale. As most of you, my dear friends know, I was able to get approved to move into a special apartment complex for disabled folks. I'm very excited about the move, but was really excited after the yard sale. I did great....I mean really good!

I was so looking forward to being able to buy some things for my new little place....maybe a new table to paint and decorate.....some new "shabby chic" bedroom accessories...hey, maybe even new bathroom stuff...cause I don't know about you folks....but, I like having a pretty place to

So, Sunday afternoon, I went to was crazy for me to go there. You see, in my very small hometown of Waycross, Georgia....there are only 2 things folks do on a Sunday in Waycross.....go to church or go to Wal-Mart....well, maybe 3 if there is a big game on. 
So, I go in and I wander around looking at all the housewares and home goods...thinking of what I might buy, then finally go over to groceries and pick up the few things I need. While going up and down the isles, I notice two young men pushing a buggy. I don't think anything about it until I get to check out, and notice that they are at another checkout right beside me....and all  of a sudden I think, where is the buggy they had been pushing? So, I check out and head to my car which is parked at the very end of an isle....way in the boondocks. 

As I turn to cross over to get to my car, they approach me, and say something...but, since I don't speak Spanish I don't pushes me down...other grabs my purse...and run!!! ANYWAY.....a witness sees me, comes over calls 911...another runs into store....police come....I'm I had my phone, and keys in my vest pockets. So, after all the crying and talking to the police....I started laughing out loud......the officer looks at me like I'm crazy....I finally stop laughing and tell him.....they might have got all my cash from yard sale...but I have no credit cards..only a credit score is as low as you can go after losing everything after my accident which caused my disability....and I said...they didn't get much!!!!

Anyway, it was an experience...but, I'm fine and still going to fix up my little place...but will just take a little longer...



  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that, Deborah :-( but very glad that you are okay. I've been mugged, hi-jacked, had a gun to my head, been shot at ...{and the list goes on} in the past couple of years and every time, I am just glad to be alive. It is a pity about your money, though. I am impressed that the police actually were on the scene, ours would not even have shown up!

    1. Thanks Linda so much....I'm fine....and I believe that "Karma is a ...well, you know".

  2. That is the scariest thing EVER. I'm glad you're ok and have such a positive outlook. I had a similar situation happen to me at Kmart one time, where a guy kept following me around and giving me creepy looks. As I was at the check-out counter, I asked a married couple to walk out with me and I explained the situation to them. Luckly they did because the man was waiting in his van in the fire lane just staring at me. When he saw I didn't walk out alone, he left. But I cried about the situation because it could have ended really badly!

    1. Yes, it was scary.......but thankful that WE are both okay. I've reached a point in my life that NO Matter What....I will "keep on keeping on".

  3. that is so scary. Glad you are safe. I always carry my phone and keys in pocket too just in case.

  4. Oh Deborha, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Money might be important to live but better that than your life. It still sucks, BIG TIME! I wish there was something else I could say but at the end of the day you lived to tell the tale, good luck in your new home

  5. Oh, my, I'm so sorry about this. I am a new visitor to your blog and was excited to see that you are from Waycross. I spent a few years there back in the mid to late '90's--before I eventually moved to New Zealand!


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