Greetings Everyone on this Monday Evening,

When I started this blog early last year, I made a conscious decision that I would not discuss or write about politics or religion. I did this because, for me, these are two very personal and emotional subjects to me and my family, although I was raised in a very political family, and some of my earliest memories are of going "politicing with my daddy", whom was our county's prosecutor for almost 25 years.

I wanted Three Dawg Lady Designs to be about my love for my family, my crafting, and of course, my "3 dogs", and I feel I've done a "purddy good job of that" as we say down south. Yes, I have mentioned things during the course of this past year, that lightly touched on those issues, but not expounding on them, as this is the way I wanted it. I wanted to meet lots of wonderful people across the blogging world, learn from each of you, and maybe along the way, make a couple friends.

But, this weekend, after reading several articles and watching several videos on different news sites, and becoming aware of some horrible , horrendous, incomprehensible things being said, I felt I could NO LONGER sit by and NOT say something. Today is the 1 month anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I vividly recall hearing the  bulletin on CNN break into the network that morning with the beginnings of what would be a horrible in this nations history.

And, I remember later that day, how the love and healing prayers for those families were everywhere. Facebook, was lite up with beautiful pictures of candles and sweet prayers. The "blogsphere" was covered just the same. It was amazing as I watched people from all over the world come together in lots of different types of worship and prayers for these families!

But, now......there are people out there that have made videos....given interviews.....even a tenured college professor stating they believe that is was all Faked! "Professional crisis actors were hired"! That the government and news media came together and planned it all. And, folks, there are friends of mine.....good decent , ordinary folks.....that are believing this TRASH!!!

I couldn't sit by any longer.....I HAD TO TAKE A STAND!!!! This is ludicrous....So, I'm Standing and telling "all these fools" to STOP this foolishness! I ask each of you my dear friends, to also take a stand in what ever way you can...through prayer.....writing about it...what ever in your heart....and may we each continue to pray for these families. I hope I haven't offended anyone and Bless each of you for listening.



  1. Wow, unbelievable...I hadn't heard this, probably because I don't watch the news. Glad you said something! Your blog is darling! :)

  2. I really can't believe that. I've not seen any of these spoof videos here in the UK at all - there are always people who do such hateful things I guess. Still not a nice thing though.

    Thanks for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  3. I haven't heard anything about this either!
    How horrible to minimize the heartbreak those families are going through!
    Absolutely SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING..............
    And those that choose to believe such nonsense - well even if they are fine upstanding citizens - SHAME on them too...........
    Big hugs,

  4. Wow! Seriously? I haven't heard this one yet. So sad that this type of theory even has to exist.
    Great post! Good for you for speaking up about this! continuing to pray for these family's.
    Following you On "Linky" from the GYB hop!


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