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Happy New Year! Bring It On 2015!

I would like to thank each of you that follow me on the various social media sites out there...from Facebook(I finally made it over 400), to Bloglovin.....Pinterest.....and just my blog!

I can't thank you enough for your words of encouragement, praise, and suggestions on my crafts, paintings, and other projects! I'm "just a small town gal with a small time blog" with dreams of growing up and being like you!

I wish nothing but great things for each of you.....

Bright Blessings to each of you,

My Most Viewed Post of 2014!

Wow, 2014 is almost over! I can't believe a "small time blogger", I can't thank you "big time gals" for taking the time to stop by my little blogging world. I've learned so much from each of you and can't wait to see what we all do in this coming year!

My most viewed post from 2014 was:

My painting of what I called "a Southern Mermaid" was a huge hit! WHen I realized how much she looked liked Paula Deen, I went and posted her on Paula's site on Facebook....and she saw it and said she loved it! I was so proud. I also appreciated all your beautiful and sweet comments....made me feel proud!

Here are some of my pictures of her:

Thank you again to each of you for helping and teaching me along this road of blogging!


Prime Rib Stromboli! Yes, Prime Rib!

Happy Monday Evening,

Last week was rough! The death of my Daddy last Sunday and the week of preparations took the best out of me, but I was strong for my Mom, siblings, and children. I knew that is what Daddy expected of me as the eldest and I know he would have been proud. But, today, I knew I had to do something....paint something....craft.....or my favorite...cook something. It has been gloomy and dreary and rainy the past day and I awoke this morning to the same thing, so comfort food was on the menu!
I went into kitchen and started opening cabinets and freezers, rummaging around looking, and then eyed the bag in the freezer with the prime rib in it. One of my daughters is a chef at our local country club and she had brought me a container of this delicious and delectable meat one night last week on her way home from work. I had cut a small piece and eaten it but, my appetite just wasn't right last week, so, I froze the rest. So, pulling the bag out and a loaf of frozen bread d…

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas!

It will be a bittersweet Christmas for our family this weekend as we lay my Daddy to rest, but, know that I have a new Angel watching over me, makes things better. Daddy would want and expect our family to celebrate tomorrow as we always have.....lots of good food.....lots of laughter......and with lots of Love!

I thank you all for being here this year for me, and I look forward to all the new and exciting things I will learn from you all in the new year!

Blessed Yule to you and yours!

My Daddy, My Hero Died this morning

This morning at 3:59 am, My Daddy, finally died due to his illness that he had suffered from for so many years. He died, with his 3 daughters, his son-in-law, and my Mama....his love and his wife of 59 years at his side. He suffered not for long....and we let him know that his long and hard fought battle was over. 

It happened quickly and rather peaceful, and I can honestly say, I'm glad for his sake and for my dear Mama, who has been by his side all these years during his illness. I could write more, but, I felt the need to share this with you my friends....and will end by sharing some of my favorite pictures of him.

The first picture is of Daddy and Mama....the second is of Daddy and my oldest daughter on her wedding day......the last two pictures are two of my favorites with Daddy I. So, this holiday season, enjoy and love your family....never take a minute for granted.....and thank you for being here for me.


Semi-Homemade Christmas Bread! Yummy!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Several years ago, when I lived on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, there was a tiny restaurant in village that sold Christmas Kringle and Christmas bread every year at Christmas. They ordered it directly from a German bakery, and to say it was good is an understatement! People would start adding their names to the list in August, and some folks just left their names on the list permanently!

Now, let me tell you, I love bread! All types of know how in the old medieval  movies, they would show prisoners being thrown into the dungeons and, telling them that they could have nothing but bread and water! Well, my saying has always been, "make sure it is good bread" and throw me in! So, thinking of all that wonderful and delicious Christmas bread I use to buy from that restaurant, and researching all types of Kringle, Stollen, and bread recipes, I decided to try and make a semi-homemade version.

I bought frozen bread dough from Kroger. I let it …

Christmas Countdown Clock and Memories!

I just love Christmas and always have! It has always been such a wonderful time with our family! Family gatherings......awesome food.....the surprise of waiting for Santa! I just had to find a Christmas countdown clock to help me know how long I had to wait til the magical time adding a Countdown Clock was just what I did. I just love that cute polar bear! So many memories flood my mind.....such as the year that Santa brought my Daddy a red Schwinn bicycle! We got up that morning and were in awe of all our gifts.....and of course there were goodies in our stockings!

When lo and behold, we saw a note sticking out of Daddy's was a letter from Santa to Daddy.....the letter stated that "Santa had been watching Daddy all these years and knew that he was a good man...husband....and Daddy" and that "Santa wanted him to know that he hadn't forgotten him and all good things come to those that wait" and for him to go look on the f…

DIY Frosted Candle Holders!

Happy Hump Day Everyone,
Okay, go with me down memory lane....back to when you were a small child and Christmas was coming.  The tree would go up with all the lights and tinsel and bows and decorations. The garland was hung all around the porch and candles or lights were put in the windows to light Santa's way.......and there was a chill in the air!
Our Christmas Eve ritual every year was Mom and Daddy loaded us into the car and off we went to The Steak House, a locally owned restaurant that had the best steaks and homemade potato chips! They were awesome and we ate basket fulls! There would be other families and friends and it was always a grand and exciting time. Then it would be back home to get ready for bed and Santa.  I remember when the weather would be really cold and the windows would have ice or frost on them and how they lights in the windows would look.....all frosted over and glinting!
So, yesterday when a friend sent me a picture of a DIY easy frosted candle holder, I k…

My Whimsical and Humble Christmas!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Gosh, I've been bad again....I haven't posted in over a week!  I did go out of town to visit my son and granddaughter, and have been under the weather a smidgen, but did get my Christmas decorations done and up!
I made my wreath out of garland I got On Sale at Big Lots, just wrapped in a circle and wired together and adorned with colorful and sparkly flowers! My front door is also guarded by two large toy soldiers that had been my Mom's......and with a Merry Christmas door mat, well, Come on in!
Last year I made a Merry Mail sign, which has ribbons hanging below to hang your holiday cards on and I use plain white clothes pins. I have a table beside my desk which has all my favorite candles, so on it, I placed one of my favorite large Elves.....isn't he a cutie? Then into my kitchen, let me introduce you to The Duffie Tree! My maternal grandmother, Zonia McDuffie, whom we referred to as Duffie, had this silver aluminum revolving Christmas tree when I…