My Whimsical and Humble Christmas!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Gosh, I've been bad again....I haven't posted in over a week!  I did go out of town to visit my son and granddaughter, and have been under the weather a smidgen, but did get my Christmas decorations done and up!
I made my wreath out of garland I got On Sale at Big Lots, just wrapped in a circle and wired together and adorned with colorful and sparkly flowers! My front door is also guarded by two large toy soldiers that had been my Mom's......and with a Merry Christmas door mat, well, Come on in!
Last year I made a Merry Mail sign, which has ribbons hanging below to hang your holiday cards on and I use plain white clothes pins. I have a table beside my desk which has all my favorite candles, so on it, I placed one of my favorite large Elves.....isn't he a cutie? Then into my kitchen, let me introduce you to The Duffie Tree! My maternal grandmother, Zonia McDuffie, whom we referred to as Duffie, had this silver aluminum revolving Christmas tree when I was growing up.....with a multi-colored wheel that spun around at the base which made the tree change colors! Do you remember those? So, here is my tree in honor of Duffie, right beside a root of her Christmas Cactus, which I just love! In my kitchen window I have my lights and some more of my nutcrackers.
This year, I downsized on my tree, got a small one, and covered it with the bright and whimsical colors that I love....surrounded by more of my Santas and whimsical elves......a new television from my son and more Santas and gingerbread men:

They aren't the fanciest......priciest......biggest......I've had all those before......this is all about my family.....and to tell you the truth.....I'm happy with my humble life now.....Life is good!



  1. Looks like we had the same ideas for Christmas: Whimsical! Love your tree! My tree is so much like yours, only mine is a black tree with red and white ornaments, none of which are particularly "serious". Found you at Snickerdoodle Sunday :)

    1. Oh, I would love to see your tree....those are some of my favorite colors also!


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