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DIY Barrel Swivel Bracelets! Fishing Equipment, Oh My!!!

Good Tuesday Evening Everyone,
Well, first let me say, I did it again! I forgot my It Is What It Is Sunday...gosh darn it! So, I can honestly say, I was home, with my bad leg still propped up. It is still giving me a hard time and I'm waiting on a referral from my primary doctor to an orthopedic doctor....have a feeling there might be some more surgery in my future.

But, let me get on with telling you about this totally awesome DIY easy peazy bracelet. First, let me say, that although I was the 1st of my parents children and my Daddy loved seeing me dressed up all so pretty in my beautiful dresses....he didn't mind loading me up, putting a pair of jeans on me, and off we would go "to the fishing hole", which was down at the Satilla River here in South Georgia. Needless to say, I did love fishing and still do, and some crabbing, shrimping...heck, anything to do with water, and if I could get my hands on Daddy's tackle box, I loved all the shiny things in there...of …

Día de Muertos Inspired Shoes

While I have been basically at home trying to take care of my leg....I was crafting away! First, I have to say if you have never visited or know of Kathy Cano-Murillo of, well, then you do not know what you are missing. She is a very talented woman who has inspired me so many times.

Her love of Mexican culture and how she incorporates it into so many of her amazing designs is, well amazing. Some of you may remember that last summer, I painted a pair of plain white canvas slip-on's I purchased from Wal-Mart to look like watermelons:

So, I decided to put my love of the Mexican holiday of The Day of the Dead or as it is known in Mexico, Día de Muertos into painting myself a new pair of shoes! I went back to Wally World, much to my chagrin, but, I knew I could find an inexpensive pair of black canvas slip-ons...and I did.

I wasn't sure what my design was going to be, so, I just went with the flow....what ever my hands started painting, well, that is what got painted. …

It Is What It Is Sunday#5(Really Monday Morning)...Whoops!

Well, guess what I did it again...I forgot to post on Sunday! Does it count that I had been rather under the weather this past week? Will you please give me a pass....okay, now that we have that dealt with.....

Yes, it seems, that although I'm 57, and most days feel 37....this past week a few things caught up with me....and my bad leg decided to get worse. Spent all day Tuesday in the ER, and basically found out that the tendons behind my left knee just wanted a vacation! Had to pull my cane out which I haven't used for years now, as I just walk with a know....("walk this way"....okay, if you aren't a Young Frankenstein fan you will not understand)!

So, after getting neighbors to walk my dog for me....and having them bring me meals....and making myself take it easy...well, I just simply forgot......I hope this week brings you lots of happiness and love.


Tendnitis and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome....WOW!

Did I say Wow? Why yes I did......I spent the morning at the emergency room because my regular physician couldn't fit me into her schedule today....sooooo,

starting last Thursday afternoon, I started feeling a painful sensation behind my left knee area. Well, that is the bad leg that is full of metal in my lower leg.....and it hurts all the time. I do walk with a slight limp and on certain days, like when it is cold or when the rain is on it's way, I feel every darn screw and pin and plate! So, when the pain started I just said, oh well, something new to live with.

I had planned on spending the weekend with my son and granddaughter, and didn't feel like anything tooooooo bad was, i spend a wonderful weekend in Brunswick Georgia and lovely St. Simon's Island.....I played with my granddaughter on the playground...went walking on the pier, and had a wonderful Sunday morning with a friend.

But, my the time Sunday night rolled around and I was back home.…

Spending the Weekend With my Granddaughter!

Happy Friday everyone....

Wow, so excited. I'm going to Brunswick/St. Simons Island, Georgia to spend the weekend with my son and his family, which means spending time with my adorable granddaughter, Kenzley. In February, I shared my favorite picture of my son. So, today I wanted to share a couple pics of my beautiful granddaughter that my daughter-in-law had made right before Christmas.....

I can't wait to share all the pictures I'm going to take this weekend....spending time with her, my son/daughter-in-law.....and visiting some old friends.....I will not be posting anything this, I hope you all have a blessed weekend!


FINALLY.....Turquoise Necklaces!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Wow, are you glad to see I finally made some necklaces with that turquoise I've been telling ya'll about? Well, I'm glad I actually get to share a few turquoise necklaces I was able to get made this weekend. I had hope to make more, but my arthritis in my hands has been made the last couple days.

Three, cute and colorful necklaces in white, pink, and fuschia turquoise which I paired for these pics with a few of my cute polymer clay pendants I recently made. So, let me show them off:

I paired the white turquoise with chunks of blue turquoise and some really art-deco looking beads that I had bought down in St. Augustine, Florida....I knew they would come in handy one day.

I just love these pink chunks paired with one off-set, gorgeous blue piece that I just love. Also, in between the pink pieces are pale, pink, pearls! Feminine but,oh so cool!

FABULOUS , fuchsia chunks with an off-set lime green larger piece.....and on the two beads on either side of the li…

It Is What It Is Sunday #3&4

You guessed it....I forgot last, it has been a week for me! Recently, we have had a new neighbor move into our building. It did not take us, the other 4 women that live in my building to realize that this young, 32 year old woman had severe emotional problems. The police have been called on her 4 times in a month! After befriending her Mom, she shared with us that her daughter suffers from Psychoaffective Disorder.

Psychoaffective Disorder is similar to Bi-Polar, but has horrible auditory and visual hallucinations. She sings or yells at the top of her lungs....she is constantly talking to people that are not there. And, yesterday two incidents happened that should have and could have been the help she needs if the police had been called.

She tried to break into a neighbors car, because her boyfriend(which doesn't exist) told her she could crawl inside and be safe from the blizzard. It was 75 degress yesterday here in South Georgia. We, also, learned that she had been c…