FINALLY.....Turquoise Necklaces!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Wow, are you glad to see I finally made some necklaces with that turquoise I've been telling ya'll about? Well, I'm glad I actually get to share a few turquoise necklaces I was able to get made this weekend. I had hope to make more, but my arthritis in my hands has been made the last couple days.

Three, cute and colorful necklaces in white, pink, and fuschia turquoise which I paired for these pics with a few of my cute polymer clay pendants I recently made. So, let me show them off:

I paired the white turquoise with chunks of blue turquoise and some really art-deco looking beads that I had bought down in St. Augustine, Florida....I knew they would come in handy one day.

I just love these pink chunks paired with one off-set, gorgeous blue piece that I just love. Also, in between the pink pieces are pale, pink, pearls! Feminine but,oh so cool!

FABULOUS , fuchsia chunks with an off-set lime green larger piece.....and on the two beads on either side of the lime piece are cute butterflies!
And, now for all the cute pendants which could be worn with each piece:

I'm really pleased with the way the necklaces turned out, and hope to make some more this week. I hope every ones week will be wonderful.....



  1. Turquoise! I love the color. You made this yourself? You're so creative. You should make a video on how to make this. :)

    Visiting from #FF

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like the necklaces....yes, I made them....still working on designs. But, thanks again for the like!


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