"A Southern Mom, Daughter, Sister, Granny, Dog Lover, Crafter, Painter , Java Junkie Queen, and Friend".

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Love of Being a Grandmother!

Happy Hump Day everyone.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day....I know I did. Yes, still no crafting and or painting or making jewelry....still in Jacksonville Florida enjoying my new grandson, Alan...or Bean, as I call him.

I was watching my daughter today as she still continues to recuperate from her c section and adjust to being a Mother. I so remember the day I brought her home from the hospital almost 34 years ago...wow, how time flies! She is going to be an awesome mom....and her husband is doing great!  And, me, well, I'm in love again!. I sat this morning feeding, burping, and holding Alan, and my heart just melts every time. I swat there looking at him thinking that my blood, my fathers blood, my ancestors blood flows in his veins....and we are such a proud family. The love  I have for this little boy whose mother is my oldest and first child...well, it is amazing.

So, there will be no crafts or other things like that until after the first...but, oh boy, how much fun I'm having!

Blessings to all,

Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet my New Grandson!!!

Good Friday Morning Everyone,

I'm a Grandmother again! Alan Evan Badis was born on December 20, 2012, at 8:32 AM...he weighed in at 8lbs 12 ozs....and was 19 1/2 inches long. My daughter had to have a c=section, and she did wonderful,,,and my son in law also. I'm elated about him and that my daughter..."my punkin" is doing just fine...

So, I wanted to share a few pics with all of my Blogging Family......

I want to thank each of you that offered prayers and good thoughts and good "juju" sent our way during this time....So, for the nest few weeks I will be in Jacksonville, Florida and will be doing NO crafts, paintings...just enjoying being "Granny Deb"....
So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , Happy Kwanzaa....and Blessed Yule to each of you....

Blessings with much love, Deborah

Monday, December 17, 2012


Happy Monday everyone...

Well, I'm in Jacksonville, and my daughter hasn't ad my grandson yet......we thought they were going to do c-section tomorrow....but they have put it off til Thursday.....my daughter is in so much distress, due to health issues....and the docs have told me to make her comfortable......so I will keep everyone posted the best that I can.
Please continue to pray for Brooke and her husband and the healthy delivery of Alan.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heading to Florida...Grandson Coming Soon!

Good Saturday Morning everyone,
While my sleep was restless thinking of all the families affected by the tragedy in Connecticut....I'm excited as I finish packing to go to Jacksonville Florida, to be with my daughter and husband, as we get ready to welcome my grandson.

As, I've posted this week....Anna Brooke, has had some major complications, and the doctor feels the need to do a c-section for her health. I think it will be schedule for Tuesday morning.....so, tomorrow, I will not be choosing my Spotlight of the Week......

I'm going to try and keep everyone posted with pictures and updates as I can. I ask all of you to continue to pray for Brooke during this time for her health and the babies health.....and for me also....this is my first born having her first born...and my Heart is happy but scared at the same time.

May each of you hold your family close and dear to you today....tell them you love them.....


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Happy Thursday Everyone,

Have ya'll met Ms. Lucy? Ms. Lucy is my alter ego.....she can get into trouble and I don't have to!!!

I brought her to Life several years ago, and LOVE painting her on old vintage windows. She has been sold and gone home with several "southern belles" down here in South Georgia. But, she let me know that she needed a Christmas outfit so she could "spread the Holiday Cheer".  So, she donned her finest "red velvet dress, trimmed with black mink" and her ever present pearls...got her hair done with her highlights....and she is ready!

And, yes she is built like me...."she has some junk in her trunk"....but that's just more to love!!

I hope ya'll enjoy meeting Ms. Lucy!


I Was Featured at:

TWO YELLOWS BIRD DECOR!!!! OMG....ask me if I'm excited? Yes mam, I certainly am! My snowmen, were the most viewed link last week.

Wow, I was so surprised, but, oh so happy.

I just had to share.....and if you have never checked Jill out and her blog....go visit her at:http://twoyellowbirdsdecor.blogspot.com/



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brass Plant Chain Necklace!

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

So, I'm still awaiting a phone call from my daughter in Florida to tell me if my grandson is ready to be born......jumping every time the phone rings.....running around here like a crazy person.....
I needed something to do.

So, I pulled out my tool box where I keep all things jewelry, and thought...hummmmmm.....what can I make. As, i sat there, I noticed a plastic box of "brass chain" I had gotten for another project that I had never done, and thought, Wow....that is so pretty!

So, I pulled it out and started working on it....i think it turned out great....it is bright and shiny, and looks "kinda like real gold", and think it will look wonderful with all my sweaters.

Hope you like it!

Blessings, Deborah
I love it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prayers for my Daughter

This is something I would not normally do, but I'm asking all my friends and followers to please say a prayer for my daughter, Anna Brooke. She is 33 years old and expecting my second grandchild any day, any second....I have one grand daughter by my son, but this is Anna's first child. She has been very sick through her pregnancy suffering with her diabetes. She was just diagnosed with Severe Edema, and I think the doctor is going to go ahead and pull her from work.

This is the best thing to do, but it will cause an extreme financial problem for her and her husband. As, the way her maternity leave pay works the pay will not kick in until Alan, the baby, is born. The plans for now are for her to stop work tomorrow and be induced next Tuesday, but that will leave almost a week of pay she will not be getting and she needs that.

I told her today, that I knew things would work out for her....I had Faith in my Higher Power to watch over her and help her when she needed it. I will probably be leaving Saturday to go ahead on down there and be with her through the weekend....I will be keeping everyone updated.....but, even though she is my oldest she is still "my punkin"....so, please take a moment and say a little prayer for her...

Anna Brooke and I this Summer on her Wedding Day

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Video Message from Santa for your Loved One

EVERYONE, you have to try this....A friend showed me this today and I went right away and made a video
for my darling grand daughter, Kenzley.....this is AMAZING, and I can't wait for her to see this.

All you have to do is go to www.portablenorthpolecom......and get started!

You will have so much fun!




It is Sunday again, and you know what that means....it is my Sunday Spotlight of the Week, where I pick a blog that I follow and that I like....and this week is:

Linda from South Africa and her blog.....With a Blast! First, Linda is a very talented woman and makes and creates the cutest things! And this week, her post about her Christmas tree table topper that she made from twigs is soooooo cute.

So, please take the time today to drop by and visit her and tell her Three Dawg Lady Designs sent ya. She can be found at : www.withablast.blogspot.com



Okay, I know, everyone is probably tired of my Snowmen.....but, I can't help....they are so cute and so much fun to make and bring to Life!

I've made several sets and sold them to various family and friends, and I get so excited when I put the finishing touches on them and FINALLY wrap their little scarves around their necks.....and then...THERE THEY ARE!!! Looking so cute and waiting to go to their new home.

I wanted to share with you a couple sets that I had finished....
Mr. and Mrs. with two little ones

A Mrs. and a Mr. Snowman

I just love them......Blessings, Deborah

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Didn't I think of this Earlier????

Over 35 years ago...a man by the name of Paul Tang came to my hometown of Waycross, Georgia and opened   a small Chinese restaurant called Wong's Palace.  To say that it has thrived is an understatement!! It has grown into one of the BEST and NICEST places in Waycross.
Food has always been spectacular...and service superb! I ate there, my entire family always ate there....I took my children there....heck, my father who was a local attorney ate there almost DAILY!!1 Loved the shrimp with lobster sauce!

But, more importantly, Mr. Paul and his family became an integral part of our community...when ANYONE needs equipment for a school....Mr. Paul was there. When a family was in crisis....Mr. Paul was there. When South Georgia had the horribles fires back in 2007 that were on the nightly news...Mr. Paul and his staff  were at the fire check in point for the volunteers DAILY! With water....food for the firefighters....buying batteries for the flashlights that they needed....ANYTHING!!! Mr. Paul and his staff were always there.

Then, about a month ago....Wong's Palace  suffered a horrible fire and shut them down! The structure survived, but inside was gutted. Mr. Paul is doing everything per his insurance to rebuild, but, alas, his wonderful employees have no income at this time....and with the holidays upon us...well, it breaks my heart.

So, finally today, I chatted with a local coffee shop owner and we decided to reach out to the community..we put out the word to get gifts and gift cards to help the employees. I so wish I had thought sooner to reach out to all my friends in the blogging community, but that is okay....it is just so important to me that WE ALWAYS REMEMBER that there is always someone worse off then ourselves....I just wanted to share this with all my friends here in "bloggin land".


Friday, December 7, 2012

NEW Vintage Red Christmas Purse! Oh My!

Happy Friday everyone...I hope everyone is doing great! Well, I've been working on making more of my precious snowman families.....and I'm loving it and them....bringing them to life....seeing what type of personality they will have....and I'm making a set for my parents....can't wait to finish them.

Sooooo, I took a much needed break this morning and drove out to our new Goodwill store and thought I would just scout around to see what I might find....love me some Goodwill! So, I'm walking and looking, and I turn an isle and there "she" was...right there waiting on me.

A beautiful, RED, real leather purse with working clasp.....from at least the mid to late 50's! I was so excited...I looked around to make sure no one else was looking at her, and I grabbed her!!! Mine, mine, mine! I have been looking for a red vintage purse to use for the holidays. I love vintage purses...heck, I love PURSES! I think that is what caused my divorce years ago....he said "if you bring one more purse in the house I'm leaving"....well he has been long gone and I LOVE MY PURSES!!!! LOL...not really.

So, I brought her home and cleaned her up...and take a look....
She is a BEAUT!!!

So, I'm now sporting her around on my arm.....looking so GLAM!!!

Have a nice evening everyone.....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

All the Give A Ways!! I'm turning into MY GRANNY DUFFY!

I have a confession to make to all of you...my dear followers.....I'm an ADDICT! Yep....it is hard for me to admit...but I'm ADDICTED to all the FABULOUS Give a Ways that are out there right now. There are books, kitchen items, makeup, clothes, GIFT CARDS, and yes, even CASH!! So this morning after getting up, walking the dog, and grabbing that first cup of Java, I quickly ran to the computer to check my email quickly.....I just knew I had won SOMETHING!!! But when I realized that I wouldn't be seeing this:

I realized that I had turned into my Granny Duffy!  She was an absolutely marvelous and wonderful Grandmother. A little, tiny woman with beautiful red hair, and the kinda of laugh that made you laugh with her...and the BEST cook ever. She lived in a beautiful home that always had smells of her baking when you walked inside. She did everything....cooked, baked, gardened, and even went fishing by herself after my Granddaddy passed away....and she couldn't even swim.

In 1985 after suffering her first stroke, my Mom had to move her out of her beautiful home and sell it, Mom moved her into a small cottage behind my parents home. She still could take care of herself...and still cooked...and still spoiled the grandchildren and the great grandchildren....but during this time she became OBSESSED with prize package letters that would come in the mail to her...you know the ones from Readers Digest and Publishers Clearing house....every day Duffy would walk to the mail box...just  KNOWING in her Heart that she had WON that day. 

She would call my Mom at the office( my Mom managed my Daddy's law offices) and she would say..."Katy you have to come now...it's the BIG ONE".....or "I think I won this one"......She NEVER gave up hope that ONE DAY she would Win Big!

And, this morning after realizing I hadn't won over night the big gift card, or the Kitchen Aid mixer...and felt kinda let down...I realized I had already won the most important thing...the wonderful and unique love from a Grandmother a child could ever hope to have. So, I will keep entering all the give a ways....if for no other reason than....Granny Duffy would want me to.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


When I started my blog back at the first of the year...heck, I didn't even really know what a blog was. I just went to Google and set up a blog! And, the day was so hectic that day. Our beautiful pitt bull...Sapphire...was giving birth to her first litter of puppies....IN MY CLOSET!!! Yep...we tried very hard to get her to her spot, but she wanted to be in her "Granny's closet"!

So, I was running back and forth to the office and then back to my bedroom...it was a HOOT! But, anyway, here I go telling another story...as my children would say..Get to the point Mom. So, that night after birthing puppies all day...not me, but Sapphire.....lol....I spent almost the whole night on my blog. I found out how to Follow a blog.....Share my blog....take and share pics....and read some of the most amazing blogs out there. One of my Favs from the beginning was Lisa over at Creative Raisins! She is a mother of 3 and lives in Canada. She is such a talented lady.

Well, the other day while reading her 12 Days of Christmas posts...she had the cutest idea and I couldn't wait to try it....so without further Ade , I present my version of her wooden snowmen family....
The Family




Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blog Event Give A Way....Wow Check this out!

Last Minute Money FREE Blogger Event!

Last Minute Money is sponsored by TheGiveawayGals.com, TheNightOwlMama.com, InTheKitchenWithKP.com and StuckAtHomeMom.com

Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash. Date: Friday Dec 7th 6pm - Friday Dec 21st at 11:59

For More Details - Bloggers Wanted: Last Minute Money

Monday, December 3, 2012

More Senorita Sunrise Collection!!

I LOVE TURQUOISE!! I do...I can't help it. Ever since I went to Mexico for the first time in my teens on family vacation and saw that beautiful colored rock for the first time...it has always spoken to me. I have so many pieces...rings....earrings....necklaces.....I even had a toe ring once with turquoise in it! Yep, I did.

So, I have been busy adding to my Senorita Sunrise Collection of jewelry pieces. I use allot of vintage beads and stones...I also collect vintage jewelry and have some nice pieces. But, when I find a piece that I don't really like but the stones are nice, well, then I take it apart and redo it! Hey, isn't that allot of us do? Re Do It!!

So, I finished 3 pieces today....they are a mixture of vintage turquoise and faux....some beautiful red cabochons and some vintage turquoise pearls....Hope you like them.

Blessings, Deborah
Turquoise pearls, nuggets, and red cabochons

Turquoise round beads, and large red cabochons

My Favorite...turquoise squares and red coral nuggets

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simple, but Elegant Table Top

Good Sunday evening everyone....Wow, it was a beautiful day here in South Georgia! I painted on some new holiday signs....I raked in my front yard.....I visited with some friends....and I cut some flowers from my yard.
I have two large camellia bushes...one red...one white. This year the red, so far, has not come in that good. But, the white camellias are gorgeous. In the front yard, I have a whole trellis of beautiful tea roses....
so, I went and found one of my old decanters, cleaned it up real good, and Voila ....I had a beautiful and simple, bu, elegant table top decoration. It looks so nice sitting next to my Santa's.

I hope you enjoy this, this evening. Blessings,


Good Sunday morning everyone....I'm up early as usual.....loving a great cup of Java and sitting outside with Odawg, one of Three Dawg Lady's dogs....anyway....

The Spotlight of the Week this week is Stacey over at Glued to my Crafts! Wow, she is something else. She is a young wife and mother and has time to make some really nice crafts and great recipes. I don't see how she nor any other young Moms do it....when I was her age, I guess I wasn't doing something right....Crafts...oh my...I didn't even think of it. But, go check her out....she can be found at http://gluedtomycrafts.blogspot.com/

And she is sponsoring a GREAT Christmas Link Party today.....so, go visit Stacey, brose her blog, share in her Linky party, and tell her Deborah from Three Dawg Lady Designs sent ya.


Saturday, December 1, 2012


Wow, thanks everyone,I made it to 60 Followers....and I'm almost to 200 Likes on my Facebook page.

Thanks so much to all the fellow bloggers out there that chose to Follow Three Dawg Lady Designs.



Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Jewelry Creations!!! Senorita Sunrise!

Good Friday evening everyone....well, today has just been wonderful. I've stayed in my pj's all day, and I still am. I had nothing pressing to do today...so, I have crafted and painted and made things all day.

When I started this crafting journey back in early 2009 after my accident and became "disabled". I started with making jewelry, and I loved it. I made my own earrings, and necklaces, but, then I discovered all the other wonderful crafting things out there.....so it has been a while since I made jewelry, but, I thought this would be a beautiful holiday set to wear with your "cutest little black dress".

I call this collection...Senorita Sunrise
Faux white turquoise and coral

close up

Matching earrings

I hope you like this set....and hope to make more over the weekend....Blessings, Deborah

I WAS FEATURED!!! On Violet Imperfection

OMG!!!! Can you say EXCITED!!! I feel LOVED, VALIDATED....okay...maybe I already felt that way....but for some other blogger to pick one of my creations and Feature it...well, I'm speechless!!!

Please go check out http://www.violetimperfection.com


Thursday, November 29, 2012

OH WOW!!! 2 and 9

OMG...I'm so excited...I'm ONLY 2 away from having 60 Followers here at Three Dawg Lady blogspot....and over on my Facebook...I'm 9 away from having 200 Likes...which is what I wanted for Christmas......Thank you all so much....it means more to me than you know.

Ya'll all have a Blessed day....


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Fairy Merry Christmas...New Folk Art

Greetings everyone....

Well,I finally got back to my painting after such a wonderful and "tummy filled" Thanksgiving....and I had seen a holiday card in a shop with little fairies on it.....and I got this idea to paint a cute little fairy flying around getting ready for Christmas. So here she is....
She is flying around bringing Christmas Stars to everyone

Isn't she cute

I hope she brings each of you some Christmas delight.
Blessings, Deborah

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Happy Humble Holiday Home

HO, HO,HO.....I think I here Santa getting ready for the big night kids! Can you hear him? He survived Black Friday with all it's "hussle and bussle and pushing and shoving", and now he is in the home stretch!!

I LOVE LOVE  Christmas...can you tell? It was....other than Halloween....the BEST time in our family. We had so many things that we did leading up to the big night when I was a little girl and my siblings and I would make "mile long" list for Mom and Dad to give to Santa. After Thanksgiving we would always go pick out our tree....sometimes that was from the "woods". As my Daddy was raised in the "woods of rural South Georgia", and their Christmas trees were always just cut down from "behind the house"...sometimes Daddy would get nostalgic and he would take us all "out to the farm" and we would cut down a tree......sometimes we would just "go buy a tree" which Daddy never likes. And, then we would all gather and decorate as a family....BUT, my Mom was the only one who could precisely place each and every piece of tinsel as we children tended to just throw a hand full on the tree. As the "big night" crept closer, we would be full of anticipation and excitement as to what Santa would bring.

Usually the weekend before or a couple days before Christmas, depending on when Christmas fell, we would drive to Jesup, Georgia where my Moms parents lived and celebrate Christmas with them and "all the cousins". My Grandmother Duffy was just a "hoot"....her Christmas tree was one of those "silver tinsel" trees....do ya'll remember those? And it had a "colored wheel that revolved and shone on it changing the colors as it twirled! OMG.....how I loved that tree! Then usually Christmas day we would drive to "the country" and celebrate with my Daddy's parents with "their walked in the woods and chopped down a pine tree" tree.....Oh, I was so blessed with both set of grandparents. Then, on the BIG NIGHT we would go eat at a local restaurant here in Waycross called The Steak House owned my a friend of my Daddy's. Mr. Jimmy's place was awesome...he made homemade potato chips for us as we waited on food...all the time us 4 children "just knowing" that Santa would come while we were gone. I cherish those memories every day of my life.

So, I finally decorated over the weekend, and since I moved and am living by myself, I downsized, but still wanted to share pictures with you. So, from Three Dawg Lady's house to yours...
My little tree

My tree and mantle

My mantle with collectible Santa's

More Collectible Santa's

My "Duffy" tree in honor of my Grandmother Duffy

Nutcrackers guarding my front walk

My Happy Humble Holiday Home

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Old Mason Jar Collectors...HELP!!

Hello again....
Late yesterday afternoon I ran to the store for a Coke...yes, I was craving one in that little glass bottle I love.
Anyway, there were some folks in a parking lot having a yard sale. They were packing up and were basically just giving stuff away.

Had a couple boxes that they had marked Free on them....so, while plundering I found what I think is a very old Mason Jar...one of the old blue ones. I've researched all morning...but I still need some help. It is so old that it DOESN'T have the word perfect on it.

Also, has the original zinc lid with porcelain insert....has bubbles in it as if it was hand blown. But, I haven't been able to find anything else about it...or a really good site....so, I'm reaching out to all my finds here....can anyone help.

Blessings, Deborah

Spotlight of the Week: Goodwillista

Good Sunday Morning everyone....I hope that you survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and all the wonderful leftovers in the house....I know I did. We had a wonderful time at my Mom's and Dad's....my mom's great cooking....a visit with a cousin we hadn't seen in years.....and lots' of great memories made.

Now let me introduce you all to my Spotlight of the Week....Danielle from Goodwillista! She is guest posting on Blissful and Domestic this morning and she is a doll. I read her post and went and followed her blog....she is a "kindred spirit"! Her blog is totally set up showing us all how we can dress, decorate, and craft all from using items found at thrift store.

She has some beautiful things and she can be checked out at: www.goodwillista.blogspot.com. So check her out and look at all her wonderful ideas.

And, by the way, do you like Three Dawg Ladys Chrsitmas Blog?

Blessings, Deborah

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks Everyone....Keep Joining In!!!!

OMG, I have 51 Followers now. Thanks everyone so much....I have tried to make my blog special and unique....I'm not as advanced in my talent or computer skills to have and make everything as some of you do. But, I put alot of love and thought into each piece that I may paint or craft that I may do.

So, I want to thank you all again for your support....and I will keep painting and crafting...and sharing with you, my blogging family.


Friday, November 23, 2012


OMG!!! I'm so excited....and I just can't hide it...oh wait.....anyway, I'm almost to 50 Followers! And I'm almost to 200 Likes on my Facebook!

Thanks so much everyone for Supporting me on the journey!

I love you guys....


Me and my Daddy...My Hero

Wow, I ate way to much, laughed til my sides ached, and cried when I had to leave. Thanksgiving was wonderful. Every time I'm able to walk into my parents home and smell the wonderful smells of my Mother's cooking and realize that I have been so Blessed to have them both another year, well, my heart swells more than the Grinch! As I've shared with ya'll, my friends in the "blog world that I so love", my Daddy has a brain disease called Pic's....and it will one day take him away from our family, he leaves us slowly each day. But, yesterday, he still had that twinkle in his eyes as we all invaded home again...he still knew whom I was as I chatted and laughed with him. So, I wanted to share a picture of my wonderful Daddy, who is and has always been my True Hero....I look horrible in the pic, but my Daddy was wonderful. I hope each of you had the privilege of spending this special day with someone you love and that loves you. Blessings, Deborah
Daddy, Gdaddy, Big Daddy, and Big D....My Hero!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours

I wanted to take the time to thank all the "bloggin" friends out there that have become my friends and helped me along this journey.

Tomorrow will be a very special day in our family, as my father has a brain disease that takes a piece of him away every day. Each day that he still knows who we are and can still enjoy being with us is a blessings. My siblings and spouses and most of the grandchildren will be there tomorrow and I will cherish every minute of it.

I wish for each of you a wonderful and glorious day filled with lots of Love and Happiness. Happy Thanksgiving from Three Dawg Lady and me.

Blessings, Deborah

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My First Sock Monkey Attempt....lol

Okay, I really, really LOVE sock monkeys! I always have. So, I started looking on the Internet and you tube, and craft blogs finding video's on how to make them.
Of, course since I don't have a sewing machine that works right now, that was added stress on IF I could make one or not.

So, after reading through many sites, I realized I could hand sew one....even if my carpal tunnel killed me, I wanted to try.

It took some time, as the carpal tunnel did act up, and I had to stop and start more times that I wanted to, but....I made one. I have laughed over how it turned out so much that my sides are aching....I think it looks like a Cheshire Cat....lol.....but had alot of fun making it.

Hope you enjoy my attempt! Blessings, Deborah
Looking okay so far

Cat Ears....lol

Cheshire Cat Grin

Can't  stop laughing!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

SPOTLIGHT of the WEEK: Pinkapotamous

Good Sunday morning every one.....I hope your day is off to a great start. Mine is doing "purddy good"( as we say down south)....have two of my children and their friends and partners with them.....in the process of cooking a huge breakfast that they love.....Fritatta's, bacon,corn beef hash....and Orange Danish Rolls...YUM!!

My Spotlight this week is Amie over at Pinkapotamus!!! First, I started following her, just because I LOVE the name of her blog.......then I really liked her crafts and her blog post.

She is a Jersey Girl and a talented one at that. She can be found at http://pinkaopotamus.blogspot.com/. So stop on over and Follow Her and tell her Deborah at Three Dawg Lady sent ya.

Blessings, Deborah

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Holiday Signs from TDLD!

Just finished some new hand painted holiday signs. Still need to attach ribbons so they can be hung, but wanted to share them with everyone.

I just love making these hand painted sign for gifts for my family and friends. I hope to do more over the weekend.

Blessings, Deborah

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nora Roberts, Chunky Monkey, and the Dawg!

Okay folks, everything has changed.....I gave blog a new streamlined  look.....brighter , simpler. Posts on one side.....badges, about me, blogs I party at....everything else on the right. Why, you may ask did I do that? Well, the thing is I don't craft everyday.....but, I do tell stories every day.....either with my sisters, Mom, daughters, friends!!! I'm a story teller, and well, my life reads like fiction.

So, last night I have to tell you, I had a blast...just me and Odawg...yes, that is one of Three Dawg Lady's dogs. We were both snuggled up on the couch...you see, he really is my best friend. He loves me just the way I am....short, plump, and love able! LOL. So, I have my new Nora Roberts novel, the third installment of her Inn at Boonsboro trilogy. This one is about the "bad boy brother, Ryder"....and OMG...I can just picture him.....you know the type.....hunky, ripped, tousled hair, and a tool belt slung low on his hips!
Well, you get the picture....so I've got my pint of Chunky Monkey from Ben and Jerry's....omg...I love that stuff. And, Odawg is curled at one end of couch...I'm reading a really "heated scene" in book....spoon shoveling Chunky Monkey in....and all of a sudden....I just stop and just start laughing. The dog, the ice cream, the book.....OMG.....I've turned into a old lady that sits around reading romance novels, eating herself into oblivion....

But, then I stop and think....it could be worse.....it could just be me and the book and the ice cream with out my dog.

I hope everyone has a great day and more stories and crafts to come.

Blessings, Deborah

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday Wine Glasses

Good Sunday morning everyone....well, I think I'm finally back into the swing of the things with my crafts....I have been wanting to again make some hand painted wine glasses...so over the weekend...I started. I have made two so far, and hope to have a couple more made my the middle of the week.
Making Spirits Bright

Ms. Santa's Sippy Cup

See ya later folks, Blessings, Deborah