Me and my Daddy...My Hero

Wow, I ate way to much, laughed til my sides ached, and cried when I had to leave. Thanksgiving was wonderful. Every time I'm able to walk into my parents home and smell the wonderful smells of my Mother's cooking and realize that I have been so Blessed to have them both another year, well, my heart swells more than the Grinch! As I've shared with ya'll, my friends in the "blog world that I so love", my Daddy has a brain disease called Pic's....and it will one day take him away from our family, he leaves us slowly each day. But, yesterday, he still had that twinkle in his eyes as we all invaded home again...he still knew whom I was as I chatted and laughed with him. So, I wanted to share a picture of my wonderful Daddy, who is and has always been my True Hero....I look horrible in the pic, but my Daddy was wonderful. I hope each of you had the privilege of spending this special day with someone you love and that loves you. Blessings, Deborah
Daddy, Gdaddy, Big Daddy, and Big D....My Hero!


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