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The Lady with Blue Eyes...New Folk Art Painting

Good Friday Evening Everyone,

Wow, it has been an absolutely beautiful day down here in rural South Georgia in my hometown of Waycross. The Sun has been shinning most of the day.....a soft, gentle breeze has been whispering through the pines.....just an all around great day.....

and what better time for me to premiere my newest, and I think my best, folk art painting. I had this idea in my head for along time....I wanted her to be a little whimsy.....slightly "hippieish"....
magical....secretive.....and special.

I used both acrylic and oil painting....I had an old frame in my craft closet....and decided to glue the frame to the mat. I really love her....and proudly have her hanging in my bedroom....hope you enjoy her:

I had said many months ago, when I started this journey of sharing my crafts, my paintings, my jewelry that I didn't feel like I was an artist. But, my sister said to me..."sissy you are an artist" are a artist in your own right and way. And, …

Three Dawg Lady has a New Cursor!!! Odawg!

Yes, I have 3 dogs.....and I love them all.....

but, Odawg, my beloved Schnauzer my "ole man"....and has been my constant companion for over 10 years.....

and after noticing so many cute cursors on blogs, I found one that absolutely looks like Odawg!!

So excited about my Odawg cursor!
Blessings, Deborah

Hello my name is Deborah and I'm a Pinterest Addict!!!

Okay, I admitted it recently, I had never tried Pinterest! Late Bloomer, I  guess...

and, I was told..."be careful it will take over your Life"....."you won't be able to live without about it"......"you will become obsessed with it"......."it will be ALL you think about, night and day"!

Of course, my reply was.....Never, not me! I can handle it.....

But, I have to say....I LOVE USING PINTEREST!!! I'm still learning all how to make boards, pin items, share items....but, I'm loving it. And, no, I'm not making fun of 12 Step Groups, as I have been Clean and Sober for 25 years!

So, please stop by and check me out:


Now On Pinterest!!!

Okay, so I'm a late bloomer....and I'm just now getting on the "Pinterest Bandwagon", but I'm now on and so excited to  learn from all of you.

Three Dawg Lady can now be found on Pinterest at:

So, I'm going to try and learn as quickly as possible, and I will take advice from everyone.




Good Friday Evening Everyone....

Wow, we have had strong winds, and rain tonight. But, the weatherman says we have more on the way tomorrow. But, it has given me the chance to finish some projects today.

So,  I wanted to share a few of the new fun...tropical signs I finished today:

I always enjoy sharing my creations, no matter how humble they may be, with you, my Blog Friends.....
I hope you enjoyed them....
Blessings, Deborah

Have You Ever Painted on Glass?

Good Thursday Morning,

I hope every one's day has started off "just right"....mine has! I have been painting some new really cute tropical, colorful, wooden signs. Working a couple more Bird's Nest, excited to be back in the mood of crafting!

But, I have a question for everyone. Okay, I have painted wine glasses for awhile, but I have always painted the entire outside of the glass....then baked it....then sprayed a sealant on. BUT, I have never just painted a design on it and not covered the entire glass. So, my question is how do I get my sealant onto just the design and not cover the entire glass with the sealant, as it will give the glass a funny "smearing" look if I do.

So, how can I do that?



You Can Now Follow me on BlogLovin!!!

Good Tuesday Morning....

First, let me say to anyone who had family of friends of anyone running in the Boston Marathon that I said a prayer for you last night, and will continue to remember you daily.

Now, since, I had taken a "craft reprieve" and hadn't posted anything for awhile...I had totally forgotten about the "demise" of Google Reader....approaching very quickly. So, I had to go "claim my blog" on Blog lovin....and I now have an icon on the right side of my blog. I ask all of my followers as they update their blogs, that you will take the time to follow me either on Blog Lovin or Google Plus.

And, again, a BIG THANKS to all my followers as you are who have kept me going this past year.



Trying to Claim My Blog

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

I'm soooooo gonna miss Google Reader!!!!


Bird's Nest Pendants

Good Sunday Evening....

Finally, I'm back doing my crafts and painting! Do you ever just have to take a break? Do you ever just need space to be "just you"? Well, that is where I have been, besides being very sick for awhile.....having problems with my Fibromylagia......getting settled in my new place......helping my daughter move into her new home.....and spending much needed time with my grandchildren!!!

So, I have been wanting to make some Bird's Nest Pendants. I knew it would be hard for me with the Fibro, because when the numbness and tingling hits in my arms, it can be intense. But, I knew I could do it. So, for the last couple days, I have made several and have started on a series of tropical signs for the upcoming summer.

Let me share a few pics of the few I've made so far. I did all the twisting of the wire and made the necklace chains to go with them. I'm kinda proud of myself. The pics are not the best, but, they will do for now:

The pink pearls didn&#…

Have Been So Sick....But, I'm Back!!!!!!

Hi Ya'll....

I have missed everyone so much. For the past several weeks, I have been very sick.....pneumonia, bronchitis.....fibromyalgia.......ugggggggg!

But, I'm so much better....and working on some gorgeous, handcrafted Bird's Nest Pendants!!! Hopefully, will have pics to show everyone later in the day....

And, I can't wait to Party at all the Wonderful Blog Hops!