Hello my name is Deborah and I'm a Pinterest Addict!!!

Okay, I admitted it recently, I had never tried Pinterest! Late Bloomer, I  guess...

and, I was told..."be careful it will take over your Life"....."you won't be able to live without about it"......"you will become obsessed with it"......."it will be ALL you think about, night and day"!

Of course, my reply was.....Never, not me! I can handle it.....

But, I have to say....I LOVE USING PINTEREST!!! I'm still learning all how to make boards, pin items, share items....but, I'm loving it. And, no, I'm not making fun of 12 Step Groups, as I have been Clean and Sober for 25 years!

So, please stop by and check me out:http://pinterest.com/threedawglady/



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