Lady in Top Hat #1

Happy Sunday everyone,

I've been painting again and it has been making me feel so good! My other favorite past time is my love of books...reading, reading, reading! I love to read!  My sister, Kathy, gave me a Nook for Christmas and I have been a "reading fool". Also, what I love about my Nook is through Barnes and Noble, I can download ton's of FREE NOOK BOOKS....and, Who doesn't LOVE FREE!

Now, usually my favorite genre of books is occasional Nora Roberts romance thrown in for good measure. So, when I started downloading tons of free Nook books, I discovered an author by the name of Alex Albrink. Alex writes predominately Sci-Fi novels, but, the 1st one was Free, so, I thought what the Heck! The name of the 1st book of his I read is A Question of Will....which is the 1st book in his Alomenti Saga. I, have now finished all 6 of the books in this series, and I loved them! 

In the books, there is a character called Athos and he wears a top hat.....and, that got me thinking of my love of hats! Then, I remembered the Queen of Rock....Stevie Nicks, and how at one time she use to wear top hats when she performed......and, thus, my idea for this next of what I hope to be several paintings of women in top hats:

I have so many ideas of colors of, I so hope to begin working on them soon, and I so hope you enjoy Lady in Top Hat #1.



  1. Love your blog post Deborah and the cool paintings. I'm a lady of many hats and enjoy picking out and wearing ones that match my outfit. Visiting the Tues. with a Twist No Rules Blog Linkup and wanted to stop by to say your blog looks so fine! Nancy A. @ and


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