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Friday, September 27, 2013

My Moment of Zen!

Good Friday Morning My Friends,

Wow, I awoke to a slight chill in the air....had to put the big bathrobe on to sit outside and drink my java....is Fall really in the air? But, while sitting outside I was just gazing at our community flower garden that myself and the other ladies in my building take care of....and much to my surprise, there was a beautiful Spider Lilly that had bloomed! None of us even knew there was a Spider Lilly planted there. I just sat and stared....as I was amazed, not just by the beauty of the flower, but, that I had forgotten after the past two weeks of "emotional BS" that I have been through...to "stop and smell the roses"....I had forgotten to "just stop and enjoy the beauty around me".

Some of you know that I had NOT my Heart broken,but, more so, my PRIDE...after realizing that I had been in an "intense friendship"for over two months with someone that had not been truthful with his intentions...(and if any of his friends are lurking...as they have been reporting back to him everything I say and do...well, Good Morning to you")....so high schoolish....but,anyway...I realized that I'm so much better than the lies that were told....and that I have so much to be thankful for in my Life....

And,if my Higher Power has someone again for me...then it will work out....if not, then my Life is so full of love and thankfulness that I have nothing to worry about...so, with that said I want to share pics of this awesome Spider Lilly that appeared in our garden and a beautiful Canna Lilly...

Thank you to you,my blogging family....you are always there for me to share my crafts,paintings, and just be there for me.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy First Day of Fall

Wow, I can't believe that September 22 has arrived! Yes, it is finally here and you know what that means...right? Well, Silly. it is the first day of Fall!! That's right.....Falling leaves......pumpkins at your local Farmer's Markets and grocery stores......sitting outside in the evening with a cool breeze wafting through your hair....and yes, my fav.....stocking up on Halloween Candy!

Just yesterday, while coming out of Kroger....the big pile of pumpkins just seemed to be staring at me....

Kinda silly...right? But, anyway...Happy First Day of Fall......can't wait to see all the exciting projects I know that will be coming out daily!



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NEW! More Exclusive SQUARED totes by Three Dawg Lady!

Wow, it has been an "topsy-turvy" week for me after realizing that the man I was building a relationship with wanted to "build one" with another neighbor.....but, I handled it fine....realizing that it just wasn't to be.....C'est la vie!

So,I pored myself into finishing two more purse/totes in my SQUARED live.....that is what they are....simple, squared totes than can used as a purse...totes....grocery bag....whatever....let, me see what you think...

Olive burlap with blue quilted pocket and bright red button

Made from an old worn out quilt

great colors for Fall.

Just love these 2 myself,,,,hope you enjoyed them....


Monday, September 16, 2013

Being Single and Dating in Your 50's....Oh, the Pitfalls!

When I became single in March of 2006, after ending a 10 year relationship with the man I thought was my "soul mate", dating again was the last thing on my mind! Those 10 years had not been all bad, but a major portion of them had been horrible as I watched a person I loved go through the "throes of drug addiction", and if anyone has experienced a loved one go through addiction, well, then you know how it can also eat away at the spirit and soul of the sober partner.

So, I have spent the last 7 years getting to know who Deborah(me) is.....and let me tell you something right here....boy, did I have a lot of learning to do. I had lived for so long all consumed trying to do what ever it took to "help him" that I had forgotten how to help myself! Do you remember the movie with Julia Roberts...The Runaway Bride.....where towards the end of the movie she has a whole counter of eggs:

And, she is tasting all the different ways to make eggs...JUST to find out what is truly HER favorite! Well, that was me!

Flash forward to 2013, and I have been single all these years....yes,no dating what so ever. Have had wonderful children, siblings, and many friends who have helped me live happily through these years, and of course, myself. And, then about 2 months or so ago, while all of us neighbors were sitting outside under our beautiful Oak tree, it dawned on me and that of the men and I were making eye contact....needless to say, the flirtation was mutual. We have been fast friends...enjoying each others company.....non-intimate, because I had told him i wanted to take it slow, and that seemed fine with him. 

Then this past weekend, due to some some serendipitous moments, I found out that in the past 4 days, he had landed another neighbor of mine...and was planning on stringing us both along! Well, after a couple hours...my anger was gone...yes, there was still alittle left...but the,majority was gone...I realized I was better off. But, it made me think about this whole dating thing late in Life....I survived....and just hope that IF the next time dating comes along I will make the better decision, because one thing about getting older....did I just not "see" the few warning signs...or did I just refuse.....I hope that I will truly SEE the next time around...