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Grandbaby all week

Howdy everyone, just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I had not dropped off the planet...but I have my beautiful grand daughter Kenzley with me all week long.....having lots of fun.......forgotten how much energy a 17 month old But, I will have my Spotlight of the Week and new updates next week.
I hope everyone has a great week. Blessings, Deborah

SPOTLIGHT of the WEEK!! Everyday Inspired

This week I want to Spotlight  Valerie over at Everyday Inspired. I love going to Valerie's blog almost daily, to see what beautiful creation she has been "inspired to create". I love her talented.

Valerie can be found at:

So, take the time to stop by and check her out, and tell her Deborah from Three Dawg Lady Designs sent  ya. Blessings and have a great day.

Dahhhhling.....A New Whimsical Painting!

Something fun......I envision her smiling, knowing she looks GREAT!!! But doesn't do so well in the kitchen!!!
She is on a mission to find someone to cook for her!!! Had fun painting her! Enjoy! Blessings, Deborah

SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK:The Pink Flamingo (Trash to Treasure) By, Miss Thang

Good Sunday Morning to Everyone!! It's Sunday and you know what that means??? Spotlight of the Week!!! Every week I pick a blog that has helped me, made suggestions or craft ideas that I've done, or reaaaaally want to do....or just plain LIKE EM!!!
And this week, my Spotlight is Staci at
The Pink Flamingo (Trash to Treasure) By, Miss Thang!!!!!That is why everything is PINK this morning....that woman loves her "sum pank" as we say down here in the South!! When I entered this world of crafting last year and started my Facebook page, she was the FIRST person that reached out to me. She welcomed me with open arms and advice and more important, Friendship. She has always encouraged me to dream...and to be matter what! And what  is so awesome about our friendship, is we have NEVER MET!! Yep, we have only communicated through the Internet...isn't that awesome??!!She is a very talented person, who can draw, paint, refurbish, well, s…

Liebster Blog Award! So excited!!! My First!!

Liebster Blog Award! My first ever... My first ever Award! Yay Me!
I would like to give thanks to for nominating me for this award.
" The Liebster Blog award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, nominated and by fellow bloggers." 
Here's how it works... 1.Post about your WIN on your Blog.
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Facts about Me!1. Funny2. Love's my family3. Loves my 3 three dogs4.Very Much in love with my gra…

It's Football Seaon!! Look at my Georgia Bulldog Duct Tape Purse!!

Folks, I LUV ME SUM COLLEGE FOOTBALL....yes, I do! It started way back when I was in junior high and had my first "puppy love"! His name was Marc Fisher, and the only way my parents would let us "date" would be for him to come to our house on Saturday and spend the day. That would include my Mom cooking a red velvet cake, because that was mine and Marc's FAV, and watching college football all day. In our house my Daddy was a hunter, so every weekend he would be gone the "da woods" was his way of relaxing after practicing law all week....and my Mom was the Football Fan!
So, I grew up watching football with my Mom, and those Saturday's with Marc and my Mom, were so special. Can you imagine a teenager now wanting to stay home with their parents and watching football with their boyfriends??!! If this happens in your life now..cherish it every time it happens. So of course, being from Georgia, I'm a Dawg Fan...yep, as in Georgia Bulldogs…

Dreaming of John!

Okay, you made me tell you...I'm 56 years you know what that makes me? An "old hippie"! Yep, that right...bell bottoms, granny glasses, love beads....the whole nine yards...and of course I LOVED the Beatles. Especially John Lennon. Oh, I know...he may have said some things that made folks mad all those years ago...but he was a musical genius.

His music, his words, could reach inside of me and touch a place about life, and dreaming, and imagining a time when war was no longer here, and Peace reigned supreme. So, as I was sitting in my craft room the other day and wanted to paint something...and just didn't have any ideas...Imagine came on the radio.

I thought to myself....ok....a flashback tot he 70's, and here is what I like to cal Dreaming of John. Hope you like her.

I hope you like her as much as I do. Blessings to each of you, Deborah

It's that time of year....Planning for Halloween! PICS!!

Yes, I admit it...our entire family...Mom and Daddy...brothers, sisters, cousins, grandchildren...WE LOVE HALLOWEEN! So, I wanted to share with you about our Annual Minchew Halloween Extravaganza! Several years ago , about two months before Halloween, and as our father started getting sicker with his condition, we started talking about doing a huge Halloween decoration in our parents front yard. So, we 3 sisters.....can you hear the cackling???? We got busy....decoupaging heads....making scarecrows...building picket fences.....everything to make a HUGE Haunted House in my parents front yard.

By the time Halloween rolled around, it seemed everyone in town knew about it! The front yard was covered....So, we had a "test run" the night before, and gave out candy that night also. Well, when Halloween came around, it was awesome! But, before the night was out...the police set a patrol car to sit at the end of the street, because it seemed everyone in town was on our parent street.

Followers..Please help me

Get more Followers. I'm trying so hard to get more followers....I post on every linky party I can find....I want to build up so I maybe can't get sponsors.....being disabled, and doing my crafts...can get expensive, so having a sponsor would be great.

If you could share my blog with your friends and followers....that would be wonderful. Thanks to everyone. Blessings to you this day, Deborah


Wow, it's Sunday again and time for me to do my Spotlight of the week. And this week is MamaJB! Wow, is she a talented lady or what. She became a follower of mine recently, and I became a follower of hers. She is such a talented lady, and I love the pictures of her and her beautiful family. She has some really great ideas, and one that I'm working on as we speak...right now...will post pics when done. But, please take a moment and check out her blog here:

Tell her Deborah from Three Dawg Lady Designs sent ya. I hope everyone has a great and glorious week ahead. Blessings, Deborah