It's that time of year....Planning for Halloween! PICS!!

Yes, I admit it...our entire family...Mom and Daddy...brothers, sisters, cousins, grandchildren...WE LOVE HALLOWEEN! So, I wanted to share with you about our Annual Minchew Halloween Extravaganza! Several years ago , about two months before Halloween, and as our father started getting sicker with his condition, we started talking about doing a huge Halloween decoration in our parents front yard. So, we 3 sisters.....can you hear the cackling???? We got busy....decoupaging heads....making scarecrows...building picket fences.....everything to make a HUGE Haunted House in my parents front yard.

By the time Halloween rolled around, it seemed everyone in town knew about it! The front yard was covered....So, we had a "test run" the night before, and gave out candy that night also. Well, when Halloween came around, it was awesome! But, before the night was out...the police set a patrol car to sit at the end of the street, because it seemed everyone in town was on our parent street.

So, I wanted to share some pics from that wonderful night, and I even changed my profile pic for the occasion....hope you enjoy.

This is a picture of my sister and I dressed as Fester and Gomez...this was several years before our BIG Halloween. ENJOY!!!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love the Fester costume! Great idea!

  2. You look fabulous! Really great makeup. I also love Halloween and can't wait for things to get started!


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