It's Football Seaon!! Look at my Georgia Bulldog Duct Tape Purse!!

Folks, I LUV ME SUM COLLEGE FOOTBALL....yes, I do! It started way back when I was in junior high and had my first "puppy love"! His name was Marc Fisher, and the only way my parents would let us "date" would be for him to come to our house on Saturday and spend the day. That would include my Mom cooking a red velvet cake, because that was mine and Marc's FAV, and watching college football all day. In our house my Daddy was a hunter, so every weekend he would be gone the "da woods" was his way of relaxing after practicing law all week....and my Mom was the Football Fan!
So, I grew up watching football with my Mom, and those Saturday's with Marc and my Mom, were so special. Can you imagine a teenager now wanting to stay home with their parents and watching football with their boyfriends??!! If this happens in your life now..cherish it every time it happens. So of course, being from Georgia, I'm a Dawg Fan...yep, as in Georgia Bulldogs, as we say down south, and as Three Dawg Lady Designs!!
Most of you know I've fallen in love with decorative duct tape. I have made many designs so far, but yesterday I finished my Georgia Bulldog designs....

Are these not the CUTEST?? And of course with other collegiate tape, I can make other college designs. On the large one and the change purse size,  each one has a Velcro closure and I applied a vintage button on each.  Think I might have to keep one for myself!! Happy Friday and Blessings, Deborah



    You have been awarded by me with the Liebster Blog Award... got to the link to get recognized..

  2. My cousin is a GA Dawg soccer player. I am natuarally drawn to all things GA Dawg. I am pretty sure she would love this. Great job!!

    1. Thanks Maridith so much. I just love making these. Tell you cousin or anyone else, these are for sale, and I can do any team. I'm trying to get my Etsy shop up and running, but someone could contact me here through the blog to make arrangements to buy one. GO DAWGS!!! Blessings, Deborah


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