Dreaming of John!

Okay, you made me tell you...I'm 56 years old....do you know what that makes me? An "old hippie"! Yep, that right...bell bottoms, granny glasses, love beads....the whole nine yards...and of course I LOVED the Beatles. Especially John Lennon. Oh, I know...he may have said some things that made folks mad all those years ago...but he was a musical genius.

His music, his words, could reach inside of me and touch a place about life, and dreaming, and imagining a time when war was no longer here, and Peace reigned supreme. So, as I was sitting in my craft room the other day and wanted to paint something...and just didn't have any ideas...Imagine came on the radio.

I thought to myself....ok....a flashback tot he 70's, and here is what I like to cal Dreaming of John. Hope you like her.

I hope you like her as much as I do. Blessings to each of you, Deborah


  1. Like crazy groovy, man! It really trips me out!

    Distressed Donna Down Home


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