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Lap Top Crashed and Burned Again!

Well, I think the laptop has finally kicked the bucket. I have my genius brother in law working on it....but, it may need a new hard drive and that isn't in the budget til the 1st of the month. 

And, I have a new android phone which I can post with but I hate the touch pad because of my fat fingers....

So, I will try and post and update as I can.....



Mermaid in Purple!

I love MERMAIDS! I love everything about them....always have. Their mystical and magical and fun!!!

So, while I was down in Florida last week, I sought out every little nook and cranny that sold whimsical, bright, fun, folk art......I saw so much neat art work while I was down there. But, the mermaid paintings and art I saw was amazing!

As, most of you know, I love to paint whimsical folk art, and, I haven't painted in awhile....I think most of the reason why I hadn't painted anything in a long time, was I felt my art wasn't any good. But, then I realized that it didn't matter whether I never sold a piece of my art, that I loved doing it and it brought me great happiness. So, I've started back on my paintings and making some really cute funny signs.

This painting of "the mermaid in purple" was inspired by a purple figurine of a mermaid I saw in a thrift store my sister and I went into:

I saw so many pieces of art, handcrafted jewelry, crafts, that I want to t…

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort! Wonderful Vacation!

Happy Sunday everyone,

I hope this post finds everyone doing wonderful and enjoying Life! I just had to share with you the awesome week I had with my sister down on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

My sister, Katherine, is a Nurse Practitioner, and had to attend a conference in Destin Florida, and asked me to go with her! Needless, to say, I was ex, I had never been to that area of Florida and second, all i had to pay for was my food! Win, Win....right? Also, when we were children growing up, our Daddy was fortunate enough to be able to give us wonderful summer vacations....but, his fixation was the mid-west and western parts of the country. So, we never went to the New England States or went to Florida's Gulf Coast other than when we went to the Keys. Kathy and I were so excited to be able to go someplace that we had never been before.

Can you say FABULOUS? The resort the conference was held is Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Destin, Florida. An amazing 2500 acre propert…

Diva Gramma Painted Beach Hat!!!

Good Saturday Everyone....

Wow, I'm so excited! In the morning I'm heading to Sandestin Golf and Beach resort for a WHOLE WEEK! Whoop Whoop! One of my younger sisters, Katherine, is a Nurse Practitioner and she is attending a medical conference there.....and guess who she asked to go with her???? Me!!!!

I've never been to that area of the West Coast/Gulf Side of Florida and I love the beach. Bags are all packed and ready to go.....except, I had no cap. She has a convertible and I just knew I had to have a cap to wear with the top down. i searched everywhere for just a plain ladies ball cap....couldn't find one anywhere....until.....this morning I ran down to a local dollar store and found a plain white one....


Nothing fancy...just simple and special to me.....I will be posting daily updates on my personal Facebook page and would love for you to follow me:

So, I just can't wait to leave in the morning…

My Laptop is Fixed! I'm So Excited!

Wow, it has been way over two weeks since my laptop crashed and burned! But, thanks to my wonderful, awesome, geek-genius brother-in-law, Lee, I'm back on line and I'm so excited!

So, I will be updating my blog very soon, but, I'm getting ready for an awesome trip to Florida with one of my baby, while, I'm packing.....making sure I have everything I need for this trip......I'm hoping to post a craft.....

so, enjoy your evening and I will see ya soon!