Diva Gramma Painted Beach Hat!!!

Good Saturday Everyone....

Wow, I'm so excited! In the morning I'm heading to Sandestin Golf and Beach resort for a WHOLE WEEK! Whoop Whoop! One of my younger sisters, Katherine, is a Nurse Practitioner and she is attending a medical conference there.....and guess who she asked to go with her???? Me!!!!

I've never been to that area of the West Coast/Gulf Side of Florida and I love the beach. Bags are all packed and ready to go.....except, I had no cap. She has a convertible and I just knew I had to have a cap to wear with the top down. i searched everywhere for just a plain ladies ball cap....couldn't find one anywhere....until.....this morning I ran down to a local dollar store and found a plain white one....


Nothing fancy...just simple and special to me.....I will be posting daily updates on my personal Facebook page and would love for you to follow me:https://www.facebook.com/deborah.m.owen

So, I just can't wait to leave in the morning.....Blessings to all,



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