Mermaid in Purple!

I love MERMAIDS! I love everything about them....always have. Their mystical and magical and fun!!!

So, while I was down in Florida last week, I sought out every little nook and cranny that sold whimsical, bright, fun, folk art......I saw so much neat art work while I was down there. But, the mermaid paintings and art I saw was amazing!

As, most of you know, I love to paint whimsical folk art, and, I haven't painted in awhile....I think most of the reason why I hadn't painted anything in a long time, was I felt my art wasn't any good. But, then I realized that it didn't matter whether I never sold a piece of my art, that I loved doing it and it brought me great happiness. So, I've started back on my paintings and making some really cute funny signs.

This painting of "the mermaid in purple" was inspired by a purple figurine of a mermaid I saw in a thrift store my sister and I went into:

I saw so many pieces of art, handcrafted jewelry, crafts, that I want to try my hand at, but, I have had to learn that I get way overwhelmed if I try to many things at once, so, I'm going to work on painting right now. Enjoy!




  1. Cute mermaid. You did an awesome job on painting that mermaid. Have a great week. :)

  2. I really enjoy your paintings and reading your site keep doing what makes you happy ......


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