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Hairline Fracture in Knee!

Greetings Everyone.....

It has been way to long since I posted anything, but, it seems that the knee I told you about several weeks ago was hurt worse than I thought. After many sleepless nights and days, due to pain, doctor's appointments, more x-rays and an MRI, I have a hairline fracture in the top of inside of my Tibia!

Yikes! That's what I said.....I didn't hit the leg there....didn't have a fall.....I did step wrong about two months ago, and evidently that is when it happened. I do have arthritic changes going on in there, and my doc said, it must have "just happened"! He also said that the only way for it to heal is to just stay off of right! So, my "rear-end" has been in bed or couch and it is driving me crazy. Now, I have to take my dog out, but, have wonderful neighbors who are helping me with that duty.....and some taking my trash out.

It is going to take about 6 months to heal.....maybe longer since I do have to walk....bu…