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To each of you that have made me feel worth while as a "small time" blogger this past year....and to each of you, I wish you:

Blessings to each of you,



So dang excited to be Featured on the LAST Feature Friday for this AWESOME blog party! Please take a chance to stop by and wish them luck while they take some time off and spend with family:



Signs, Signs, Holiday Signs Everywhere!

Gosh, it is almost Thanksgiving and wonderful food and great family time! I can't wait! But, while waiting I've been working on holiday signs to sell at a very large holiday craft show coming up December 6th and 7th.....

So, without further adieu, I'm spreading the Christmas Spirit and humor:

These have been sprayed with their sealant spray, but I haven't put their bows and strings on yet,but, I think they turned out great! Working on more, as I type, can't wait to share them with ya'll! 

Happy Hump Day and Be Blessed,



 Greetings Everyone,

Last week I didn't really blog or post anything....I had the awesomeness of having my 2 year old grand daughter for the week! Lot's of fun, but, I forgot how tiring it was to have a toddler around!

But, this weekend, I had the chance to finish several projects I had been working of which are my wooden snowmen. I made several snowmen families last year and had enough wood left to make 2 sets. I had seen them on Pinterest last year and my brother in law had given me a box of scrap wood and they were just perfect.

Assembling them was easy....I first decided which blocks would make the bodies....then sanded down all the rough edges. Second, I glued them together......let them dry completely so they would be easy to paint and work with. Then painted them and used buttons on some....material...beads, whatever I could find to accent them with. The ideas are endless. They turned out great and I hope you like them.

Fall is in the air....Finally!

Good Monday Morning Everyone,

There was a little "crispness" in the air this morning when I went outside with that first cup of coffee this morning..and it felt wonderful! It felt so good that I had to stop on the sidewalk and do my "little happy dance" that I do...although, if one of my neighbors looked out at that particular time, it probably looked more like a shuffle because that is about all my left leg("Franken Ankle") with the metal in it can do! Hey, when you get my age and in my shape, you have to get your happiness when you!

So, with the coming of Fall to South Georgia, I completed two new burlap purses in my Squared Line, and I think they turned out fabulous. They both have all the colors of Fall....burnt orange...fiery red' with a little creamer brown.... some leafy green and blue sea turquoise because their still hanging on!

I will be designing a few more this week and will share those when completed, but here are the tw…

The Great Pumpkin Arrived Charlie Brown!!

Greetings Everyone this day after All Hallow's Eve,

Wow, did we ever have a BLAST last night at our Gobbler Hollow Yard Haunt! We estimate that we had close to 300 children and families stop by! It was so much fun seeing all the children in their costumes and the excitement of seeing all we had: from the amazing  Headless Horseman to the Pumpkin King sitting on his throne to Ula his broken hearted the cemetery filled with ghouls and finally to 7 foot tall Horace the Happy Harvest Pumpkin! Now, bear in mind that most of our display's were made from paper mache, wood, and by hand! Alot of work goes into our annual Minchew Halloween festival....takes about 2 weeks to set it up, but it is so worth it!

We even made the front page of our local newspaper! This year we did something different and asked those that could to bring a non-perishable food item that we are donating to one of our local food banks. Our parents always taught us to GIVE BACK to our community, and we st…