Fall is in the air....Finally!

Good Monday Morning Everyone,

There was a little "crispness" in the air this morning when I went outside with that first cup of coffee this morning..and it felt wonderful! It felt so good that I had to stop on the sidewalk and do my "little happy dance" that I do...although, if one of my neighbors looked out at that particular time, it probably looked more like a shuffle because that is about all my left leg("Franken Ankle") with the metal in it can do! Hey, when you get my age and in my shape, you have to get your happiness when you can...lol!

So, with the coming of Fall to South Georgia, I completed two new burlap purses in my Squared Line, and I think they turned out fabulous. They both have all the colors of Fall....burnt orange...fiery red's....coffee with a little creamer brown.... some leafy green and blue sea turquoise because their still hanging on!

I will be designing a few more this week and will share those when completed, but here are the two new ones I finished this weekend:
Sunrise Surprise....this purse has a blue and brown cloth strap.

Back of Sunrise Surprise.

Sunset Surprise has a pink strap.



  1. Cute! I really like the elephant one. Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!


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