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Two of my Favorite Christmas Signs!


I have been suffering from my Fibromyalgia and haven't posted or really worked on anything since my Pine Cone Christmas tree table toppers. As, I was going through my craft closet the other night looking for something, I ran across two signs from last year and decided to re-do them and spruce them up. One is my favorite Christmas and actually have a framed print of this one:

This has been one of my faves for along time! So, true also!

The other one is something we strive to do in our home during the holidays:

I just love the fun and silliness of both, and they make me smile!


Pine Cone Table Top Christmas Trees!

Greetings Everyone....

I hope this first week in December has been a good one for you so far....I have been suffering horribly with my Fibromyalgia, but, today is much better. I, did however, work on one of my favorite holiday crafts this week. Here in South Georgia with have Pine trees everywhere! Of course, we all remember making Thanksgiving hand print turkeys when we were younger, but, several year ago, after looking at the hundreds of pine cones all over the yard, I did something different.

After, researching the correct way to prepare the pine cones for being inside, I made Pine Cone Christmas Trees! Collect the pine cones and place them in a metal pan in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your oven. Then, grab a pair of glove and your glue gun and start forming the trees. Now, I do use a pair of cutters and trim off the sharp needles on the pine cones:

Now, comes the fun part....painting and decorating! I did not have any acrylic spray paint, so, using…

New Jewelry and Purses!


Well, on this Tuesday evening here in South Georgia, it is getting kinda chilly! I actually pulled out the Uggs this morning to wear....with all the metal in my lower legs, having them on feels wonderful!

So, with the holidays coming...sooner than I thought....I decided to make some jewelry.....hand wrapped wire pendants and earrings. All the females in my family know they can expect handmade jewelry or some other craft as gifts. I'm still learning wire wrapping and it does take a toll on my hands, but, I think I'm getting the hang of it:

Yes, I love turquoise, so, when I can find any good pieces of any color, I usually try and purchase them. I just adore the little Buddha pendants!

Turquoise Peace cabochons.....cute little Buddhas.....and natural stones in the mix! Now, I also finished 2 purse which are made from these gorgeous turquoise place mats. I embellished one with hand rolled cloth rosettes and the other with a beautiful cloisonne pendant:

I'm a…

Imagine.....A World with No Hate!

Happy Wednesday everyone,

So, yes, another vintage painted window....sometimes I get on a kick and just can't stop myself. With all of the horrible new items there have been lately, I started thinking about all the children that are affected by all of these atrocious incidents. As humans, when we are born, we are not born hating. Hate is a taught behavior, that we learn by watching the adults around us. I just felt compelled to paint a painting from a child's perspective of love and acceptance of everyone, and this is what I came up with:

The wording around the edges of the painting is....Imagine if you can...Love and respect....Feel with a child's heart....believe with a child's brain...Imagine, if you can!

I still have to add the screws and chain to this piece, so it can be hung, and still not sure whether I want to sell it or gift it....but, I hope you enjoy it.


Snowman on old window.

Happy Thursday,
I love old windows and I love painting on them when I get a chance to score some at a good price, and what better price than FREE, right! A month or so ago, my Mom, found a couple at a yard sale and got two of them for a great price....and, then being the Best Mom that she is, brought them to me! Yippee!
They have both been sitting there since she brought them to me, as I had just to much planning for my trip to, I finally pulled on out. I decided on a snowman motif and it turned out really cute, and, am happy to say, that it has already sold:

I added two eye hooks and a chain across the top for easy hanging. I also sprayed the front and back with acrylic sealant so it could be hung inside or out. My friend that bought it seemed very please with the results. What do y'all think?
Blessings, Deborah

Easy and Delish Chicken pot Pie!

Happy Tuesday!

Hey Y'all, as we say down in South has been a while since I posted! Well, let me catch you up...first, there was a sinus infection....then after that subsided, I was planning hectically for my trip to Virginia to attend my nephew's wedding....and, FLYING for the first time in 40 years...yes, I did say, 40 years!!! Then back home, finishing a painting, after, you know, washing all the clothes for the trip!! Whew.....finally, I am able to settle back down and get into the mood of making crafts for the upcoming holidays!

So, today, even though it has been hot...muggy....and, "they" say we are finally getting some of that rain that is coming up from Texas, i wanted something warm and comfy to eat. After, opening and closing the freezer and fridge and cabinets many times thinking that each time, something that wasn't there before, will be you ever do that? I decided to make a quick and easy chicken pot pie....taking already …

Cute Painted Halloween Decorations!

Happy Saturday,

There is a chill in the air here in south Georgia and I love, I had painted a few Halloween decorations for two of my children's home....the first was 2 2x4's that I had, that I painted into Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein:

Aren't they cute? 

The 2nd was a sign I painted for my oldest daughters house:

I just really loved this one!

The next one, I did last year, but, is still one of my favorite's:

And, finally, one for my kitchen window:

Enjoy and blessings,

EASY Pumpkin Muffins are Back!

Happy Monday everyone....

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted, but, as I had written on my Google+ profile...I have been sick! This weekend was the first time in weeks where I felt half way decent, so, I decided to make one of my favorite Fall snacks!

I first found out about these easy delicious muffins last ear and made them several times during the holidays, and, did a blog post about, here they are again....

Take 1 box of yellow cake mix....I happened to buy mine at the local Dollar Tree, where I also found cans of pumpkin. Empty cake mix into bowl...then open and dump can of pumpkin and mix thoroughly. Spray your muffin pans with spray of choice....bake per the cake mix instructions.....and, BAM, you have the BEST Fall snack ever. I chose to top mine off with powdered sugar and they were delish!

EASY PEASY....1, 2, 3.....there you go....these are wonderful with coffee in the morning.....tea in the afternoon....or a glass of milk before bedtime...anytime! Of course, you co…

NEW Whimsical Women on small canvas!

Happy Wednesday everyone....

Well, after calming down from all the fun I had at my 40th, yes, 40th class reunion, I have been able to get back to blogging. I had received a gift on some canvases from my sister for my birthday and had decided to paint a series of faces on them.

They are simple and cute faces, which I really like....hope you enjoy....

I've been told this one looks like Dana Bash from CNN.......

Now, this one was totally inspired by one of my baby sister's, Kathy, who is just a tad Sassy...

My daughter's girlfriend, Rebecca Marie, can always be seen with a huge pair of sunglasses and as the young girls say, Y'all keep on

And, of course, everyone knows I love my coffee......

Finally, something, just for fun....

I love painting, it brings me much joy and fun. I hope you enjoy them.