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Key West Bungalow-Folk Art

Greetings on this Tuesday morning,

I hope every one's week has started out great, and where ever you are, I hope it isn't too hot! So, as you might have guessed, I love the ocean! I especially love the Florida Keys, and my visit there a month ago has made it more clear I need to live in the Keys! My sister and I are making concrete plans to start this journey of "island living on island time" starting next year! Yes, next year!

This got me thinking of what my "dream Key West bungalow" would look like, and decided to paint it, in my own unique folk art style...blending colors of turquoise and pinks and purples....and working on abstract blending of paints to resemble plants and other parts of the whole painting. This is what I came up with:

Don't you just love it! I doubt very seriously if I will ever be lucky enough to design and own my little pink bungalow, but it doesn't hurt to DREAM!


Rosemary and Sea Salt Scrub

Happy Tuesday evening,

When my sister, Katherine, and I were in the Keys several weeks ago, we had the awesome experience of using the resorts spa. It was a beautiful and emotionally pleasing place, and the massage I received was wonderful....helped my fibromylagia tremendously! In the ladies changing and shower area, they had all of the spa products for your own personal use, but, they also had a locally made Himalayan pink salt hand and foot scrub. It was a beautiful light pink color and the texture on your hands and feet was very pleasant.

We had seen in several  shops many versions of locally made salt and sugar scrubs....and yes, we sampled every one! So, that got me thinking today. I wear flip flops almost every day.....I have many different pairs.....lots of colors....I love them, but, they are not always the best support for my bad ankle, nor are they best protection for my feet. I decided to try and make myself a scrub with what I had on hand in my home. I used 1 1/2 cups of Me…

dk's Style Hut and my bracelets!!

Good Friday Morning,

So, do you remember those cute, bohemian bracelets I made months back? Well, if not, here is a pic:

Aren't they so cute? Well, anyway, I had given my sister, Kathy, several of them for her birthday right before we left to go to the Keys! She just loved them! So, while packing for my trip, and gathering all jewelry together that I thought I might like to wear while down there....that "little voice in my head said that I needed to take all the rest of the bohemian bracelets I had left", and , well, I packed them up!

Even though, while in the Keys, we did a lot of swimming and exciting water sports, we did some shopping, of course! We found every little consignment shop and neat little boutiques that we could find. In Marathon, we went into this adorable boutique called dk's Style Hut. I didn't realize at the time that my sister had the bracelets on that I had given her, and one of the owners noticed them and told her how cute they were and asked w…

Vacation in the Florida Keys!

As we say down South, Hey Y'all!
I have been away for quiet a while....took time off for myself......spent some much needed time with my family.......and just got back from a wonderful week long vacay with my sister to the Keys!
I have been to the keys several times in my life and I love it....the color of that water down there is totally amazing. My sister, Katherine, who invited me to accompany her,  had only been one other time and that was when we were small children. She was so excited about us going together and sharing this experience! She chose this beautiful place for us to stay....Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key which is located right before Marathon. I can't express how beautiful and charming this resort was. There is an family pool, which simply means no children....a beautiful lagoon to swim in.....let me share some pics with you:

I swam in the lagoon every day and of course the "adult pool"!

The resort also has two outside "beach gril…