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Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunshine and Flowers! Just For You!

Greetings Everyone,

Wow, it has been a beautiful day here in rural South Georgia. We did have a mild frost this morning, but this afternoon has turned gorgeous....this is the type of day that reminds me of Spring. The glorious Sun is shinning, with a gentle breeze blowing, have a few Azaleas blooming....wow, just a great day t o be alive.

So, as I was sitting outside this morning enjoying the early morning Sun breaking through to let me know He was still there, I decided to pull the camera out. I love Suns!!! I have several in my home. One is a rather huge one that I found at a road side stand years ago....it had been painted an ugly rust color, so, I painted Him a brilliant turquoise blue, cause  you know turquoise if my favorite color!

The other one I have hanging in my home is made out of terra-cotta....and I painted him colors of pink and peach with some glitter thrown in for good measure....he is rather cheery looking. Then, I have one hanging in the beautiful Blooming Pear Tree in the front yard. i found him at a yard sale, and again,  felt that he needed a face lift also....so, he became a bright and jolly yellow with a big red smile, and I see him everyday when I pull up.

While, I was outside, I noticed we had the cutest tangerine colored Azaleas blooming and took a couple shot of those....so, I wanted to share my Suns and my Azaleas with you....I hope you enjoy!

I hope you each have a great and wonderful weekend!



Friday, February 21, 2014

The Keys or Bust!!!

(This post was started on Thursday and finished Friday morning...and the weather isn't so good this morning...don't think we will see the Sun today!)

Good Friday Morning,

Wow, it is a beautiful morning here is South Georgia! The sun is shinning....there is a slight breeze in the air and the temp is 72 degrees! So, after yesterday of mainly staying in the house and in my bed, due to an awful day with my Fibromyalgia....I decided to get up and go work in our communal flower garden in front of my house.

Raked the leaves.....water everything good....drew up a plan for new plants....and, oh, did I tell you how wonderful the huge Rosemary Bush smelled when the water hit it! So, while I was working in the garden, it reminded me of one of my all time favorite places I've ever been....The Florida Keys, specifically, Key Largo! In 2007, I took 2 of my children to the Keys for a week. We stayed in this neat little old motel right on US1 on the Gulf of Mexico side....just loved it! We, of course drove all up and down US1 all the way to Key West, and one of the things we saw everywhere were cute, bright, and funky directional signs.

I remember one in particular down in Key West I just loved.....and I painted one for our old house we use to live in and I wanted to share pics of them with you. The first will be the one from Key West and the second will be the one I painted:

I just love these....and I have seen on Pinterest a way to make these using yard sticks and paint stirrers.....so, I think this Summer I will make some......and oh, how I wish I was sitting in the Keys right now!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Was Featured! Doggone Dirty Craftin!

Wow, my cute little Valentines wreath made from Dollar Tree purchases was featured:

Rhinestone Beagle

Monday, February 17, 2014

It Is What It Is Sunday#3

Good Sunday Evening Everyone....

Well, today IS something special to me...today is my only son's 23rd birthday! My baby...I can't believe he is now 23 years old....a wonderful grown young man with a family of his own. Although, his father and I divorced when he was young, we made a conscious decision that we would raise our son together....teaching him love...respect...compassion....and I think he has turned out pretty good.

He was a special child from the beginning....my husband had been married before and had never had children, and well, he thought it was his fault. I had two daughters already from a previous relationship and was 35 years old and never dreamed of having another child. So, think of the surprise when the Doctor said...."you are pregnant"!!

We, both were surprised, but excited at the same time. Then about 3 months in my midwife called me to tell me that my latest blood work suggested that my child might have Down's Syndrome. If, this had been true, it wouldn't have mattered, but felt that we needed to know, so if we needed to prepare anything special. So, I was sent to Savannah, Georgia for a amniocentesis...and about 8 days later....received a call saying that I was having a healthy baby boy!

All, these years later....he is still my little boy, although he towers over my 5' 2" frame at 6' tall.....beautiful blue eyes and a compassionate heart. He made me a Grandmother first....beating his two older sisters....but, he stepped up to the plate like a champ and took responsibility for his family. So, today, I'm sharing my favorite picture of my son and I made the day that his daughter was born:

My baby boy is now a man, but, he will always be my baby!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Coffee Mug and Jewelry! What More Could I Want!

Happy Valentines and Good Friday Evening,

I hope everyone is getting the chance to spend some time today with someone they love, because that is what it is all about. I spent some time today with my oldest daughter and grandson....then got to visit with my middle daughter and her family today....and hopefully, will get to see my son on his birthday which is Sunday....

So, this morning while having my first, and most important cup of coffee for the day, I thought, wow, this old beautiful yellow mug would make a great prop for some pics of some new polymer jewelry pieces that I had finished just lat night!

After drinking my regular pot of coffee, and of course, rinsing the mug out, I turned it into a photo prop:

I thought the yellow mugged was just perfect with the bronze color on the two pairs of earrings, the turquoise cheetah pendant.....and well, the cute Mama Tried pendant stood by itself...lol! As I've said before, I'm really enjoying making the clay pieces....I like possibilities of all the pieces I can make with the clay. And, hopefully, this weekend I will be getting some cute turquoise nugget necklaces ready for all my cute pendants.

I hope that you each have a wonderful time with your loved ones.....



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beads, Beads, and more Beads!

"Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post. Opinions are all my own."

Happy Hump Day Everyone....okay, maybe that sounds lame, but, I just love the commercial with the camel walking through the office! So, as the title of my post says...BEADS! As, I've shared with ya'll over these almost two years of blogging, I'm disabled. I live off of a nice, but have to make it stretch income. Every dime and nickel and penny counts when I'm buying craft supplies. I utilize every store, suggestions, junk pile, that I can get my hands on. I started this journey making earrings from vintage beads that I had collected from the years going to estate sales. 

I live almost 65 miles from the nearest town with a Michael's where I can buy good beads and where there is a great selection. Wal-mart does have beads but they all look the same. So, with making the polymer clay pieces of jewelry in a style that some folks call "chunky cowgirl style"that I have been making I had been looking for a source online that sold turquoise and magnesite nuggets in bright colors. I had found a site where I could buy in small quantities of seed bead necklaces, but, still needed the nuggets.

So, one day last week while searching through site after site I stumbled upon www.dollarbead.com and was I surprised! Wow, a dollar! All the beads? They looked awesome! But, what about quality? So, I picked about 12 different colors....in 16 inch strands....all for a DOLLAR!! They even had some of what is called "slabs" and they came in packs of 3 to 4...all for a DOLLAR!

Anyway, I placed the order....shipping was soooooo reasonable and they came in 4 days which was fast for me because I paid for just regular ole postal delivery. Well, I could go on and on about how happy I am  with what I received, but how about me just posting some pics?

Don't that just look scrumptious? I'm so pleased with the beads....how they look....the depth of color.....the service I received.....I assure you I will be ordering from this company again. So, if you need any beads for any jewelry making projects, and they have tons of different kinds, check out. www.dollarbead.com!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

It Is What It Is Sunday#2!

Good Sunday evening everyone....

Wow, I almost forgot to post....but, that is what is going on with me this past week. My "sleep clock" has been thrown out the window and run over by the garbage truck!! LOL...I have not been sleeping well at all. I take my night time meds for my Fibromyalgia and a few others, and I get sleepy, and fall asleep, but then on...all bet's are off. I toss and turn until I could pull my hair out.
My hands and arms start tingling....the pain in my neck.....I can't get comfortable! I have a great mattress....but, this is what Fibro does. 

Other than loss of sleep....I have been working on lots of new jewelry....I found a wonderful new place to buy beads....I will be sharing that with you later this week. Basically, it has been a week of realizing that I have to go back to doctor and let's evaluate what is going on with me.

I so hope we all have a great week....


I Was Featured!

So, excited to find out I was Featured by T'onna at USS Crafty!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

DIY Valentine's Wreath....Dollar Tree Style!

Happy Saturday Evening....

That day for romantics....that day where flowers are bought...and chocolate factories work overtime for is fast approaching! 

Okay, I hate to admit it, but Valentine's Day has never been one of those holidays that I ever took the time to decorate for. Nope....it use to be the day that I ran around at the last minute to buy candy for my children...and sneak a little chocolate heart for myself! Oh,now don't get me wrong, I always bought the pretty cards for my ex.......made the goodie bags for the children....made cookies for the children to take to school.....but, that was about it. And, now that the children are grown and I've been single for 8 years now...well, Valentine's hasn't been a high priority.

But, now I'm a grandmother of two adorable grandchildren, and I can't wait! I already have little stuffed animals picked out...cards and candies for both of them...I just have to remember to mail them this week...lol.  So, I decided I would make a little wreath for the front door, but, didn't want to spend tons to do it. A quick trip to Dollar Tree.....items bought, pull the glue gun out....and well, a very simple wreath for the front screen door.

A small green styrofoam wreath form....packages of felt hearts....material I already had on hand and BAM....here is what I got....

It isn't anything fancy, but, it added a dash of color and cuteness to the door.



Saturday, February 1, 2014

Junkin Queen and Gypsy Soul!

Good Saturday Evening Everyone,

Wow, what a week it has been here in South Georgia! We started the week off with freezing temps and weather bulletins every hour on the hour.....we never got the snow as North Georgia and the Atlanta area did, but, we did get a lot of "black ice" on the roads...sleet.....and freezing winds! Then yesterday it was sunny and bright and I had my flip flops on and sat on the front porch with a couple neighbors...just wonderful! Then, today has been gloomy and rainy with a slight coolness in the air....I swear ya'll, feel like I've been riding a yo-yo!

With that said, all this "inside weather" has given me the chance to work on my new passion....making jewelry with polymer clay. I just love what I'm coming up with....it has been a learning process as I've stated before, but, on several levels it has been good. I have horrible Fibromyalgia and lately it has started effecting my hands...so, surprisingly, while I knead and roll the clay, it has been soothing my hands!

So, with my new Olympus Digital camera that my brother in law, Lee, gave me, I took some new pics this afternoon. My plans all along with making these bright and colorful pendants have been to get some colorful, chunky, new beads to add the pendants to. But, I will not have the new beads til sometime next week, so, I took a beautiful turquoise necklace I had made last year, and tied them on so you can see how easily they can be worn on different necklaces. 

I love the bright, bold, colors and can't wait to have the chunky turquoise beads to string for necklaces...I just think these will look awesome! So, I hope you like some of the new designs and I have more to come.