The Keys or Bust!!!

(This post was started on Thursday and finished Friday morning...and the weather isn't so good this morning...don't think we will see the Sun today!)

Good Friday Morning,

Wow, it is a beautiful morning here is South Georgia! The sun is shinning....there is a slight breeze in the air and the temp is 72 degrees! So, after yesterday of mainly staying in the house and in my bed, due to an awful day with my Fibromyalgia....I decided to get up and go work in our communal flower garden in front of my house.

Raked the leaves.....water everything good....drew up a plan for new plants....and, oh, did I tell you how wonderful the huge Rosemary Bush smelled when the water hit it! So, while I was working in the garden, it reminded me of one of my all time favorite places I've ever been....The Florida Keys, specifically, Key Largo! In 2007, I took 2 of my children to the Keys for a week. We stayed in this neat little old motel right on US1 on the Gulf of Mexico side....just loved it! We, of course drove all up and down US1 all the way to Key West, and one of the things we saw everywhere were cute, bright, and funky directional signs.

I remember one in particular down in Key West I just loved.....and I painted one for our old house we use to live in and I wanted to share pics of them with you. The first will be the one from Key West and the second will be the one I painted:

I just love these....and I have seen on Pinterest a way to make these using yard sticks and paint, I think this Summer I will make some......and oh, how I wish I was sitting in the Keys right now!



  1. Yes, the weather did turn on us here in the South! I like the idea of having directional signs for my garden. They are so bright and colorful.

  2. I could go for some sunshine myself! I love this idea too...they are so bright and cheerful...they make you want to smile! Happy Saturday! Visiting from Serenity Saturday!

  3. It would be so sweet to be in a nice, sunny, warm beach all kicked back and relaxing :)

  4. Your lovely post has me longing for spring! Those signs are fun and being in the midwest, I could have them pointing in all directions. I have never been to Key West, but I want to. I kind of want to drive on one of those really long bridges over the ocean. (I think!) Happy to be following along via GFC.

    1. Yes, I'm sure in the Mid West your signs would be fun also.


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