Coffee Mug and Jewelry! What More Could I Want!

Happy Valentines and Good Friday Evening,

I hope everyone is getting the chance to spend some time today with someone they love, because that is what it is all about. I spent some time today with my oldest daughter and grandson....then got to visit with my middle daughter and her family today....and hopefully, will get to see my son on his birthday which is Sunday....

So, this morning while having my first, and most important cup of coffee for the day, I thought, wow, this old beautiful yellow mug would make a great prop for some pics of some new polymer jewelry pieces that I had finished just lat night!

After drinking my regular pot of coffee, and of course, rinsing the mug out, I turned it into a photo prop:

I thought the yellow mugged was just perfect with the bronze color on the two pairs of earrings, the turquoise cheetah pendant.....and well, the cute Mama Tried pendant stood by! As I've said before, I'm really enjoying making the clay pieces....I like possibilities of all the pieces I can make with the clay. And, hopefully, this weekend I will be getting some cute turquoise nugget necklaces ready for all my cute pendants.

I hope that you each have a wonderful time with your loved ones.....




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