Beads, Beads, and more Beads!

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Happy Hump Day Everyone....okay, maybe that sounds lame, but, I just love the commercial with the camel walking through the office! So, as the title of my post says...BEADS! As, I've shared with ya'll over these almost two years of blogging, I'm disabled. I live off of a nice, but have to make it stretch income. Every dime and nickel and penny counts when I'm buying craft supplies. I utilize every store, suggestions, junk pile, that I can get my hands on. I started this journey making earrings from vintage beads that I had collected from the years going to estate sales. 

I live almost 65 miles from the nearest town with a Michael's where I can buy good beads and where there is a great selection. Wal-mart does have beads but they all look the same. So, with making the polymer clay pieces of jewelry in a style that some folks call "chunky cowgirl style"that I have been making I had been looking for a source online that sold turquoise and magnesite nuggets in bright colors. I had found a site where I could buy in small quantities of seed bead necklaces, but, still needed the nuggets.

So, one day last week while searching through site after site I stumbled upon and was I surprised! Wow, a dollar! All the beads? They looked awesome! But, what about quality? So, I picked about 12 different 16 inch strands....all for a DOLLAR!! They even had some of what is called "slabs" and they came in packs of 3 to 4...all for a DOLLAR!

Anyway, I placed the order....shipping was soooooo reasonable and they came in 4 days which was fast for me because I paid for just regular ole postal delivery. Well, I could go on and on about how happy I am  with what I received, but how about me just posting some pics?

Don't that just look scrumptious? I'm so pleased with the they look....the depth of color.....the service I received.....I assure you I will be ordering from this company again. So, if you need any beads for any jewelry making projects, and they have tons of different kinds, check out.!



  1. Now I am going to check them out. They look lovely especially those pink beads, just gorgeous!


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