It Is What It Is Sunday#3

Good Sunday Evening Everyone....

Well, today IS something special to is my only son's 23rd birthday! My baby...I can't believe he is now 23 years old....a wonderful grown young man with a family of his own. Although, his father and I divorced when he was young, we made a conscious decision that we would raise our son together....teaching him love...respect...compassion....and I think he has turned out pretty good.

He was a special child from the husband had been married before and had never had children, and well, he thought it was his fault. I had two daughters already from a previous relationship and was 35 years old and never dreamed of having another child. So, think of the surprise when the Doctor said...."you are pregnant"!!

We, both were surprised, but excited at the same time. Then about 3 months in my midwife called me to tell me that my latest blood work suggested that my child might have Down's Syndrome. If, this had been true, it wouldn't have mattered, but felt that we needed to know, so if we needed to prepare anything special. So, I was sent to Savannah, Georgia for a amniocentesis...and about 8 days later....received a call saying that I was having a healthy baby boy!

All, these years later....he is still my little boy, although he towers over my 5' 2" frame at 6' tall.....beautiful blue eyes and a compassionate heart. He made me a Grandmother first....beating his two older sisters....but, he stepped up to the plate like a champ and took responsibility for his family. So, today, I'm sharing my favorite picture of my son and I made the day that his daughter was born:

My baby boy is now a man, but, he will always be my baby!



  1. Stopping by via the Happy Kids, Inc: Bloglovin' Blog Hop! Have given your blog a follow and look forward to reading along in the future! Would love if you'd visit my blog and perhaps return the follow.
    Bel xx

  2. Happy birthday to your big little man! :D


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